Meet the new "MacGyver" robot — Strictly Robots

For the first time, researchers from Georgia Tech have trained robots to build simple tools by combining objects.  Read more...More about Tech, Science, Mashable Video, Strictly Robots, and Tech

The best sports movies and TV shows to stream while there's no sports

Sports are on hold indefinitely, and while some sports channels are airing old games to fill the void, watching a football game from 2012 just doesn’t feel the same as tuning in to see your favorite team compete live.There’s no way to replace live sports. I’m sorry, you have to accept that.

'Paddington' is a truly comforting watch if you’ve ever moved cities

Welcome to Cozy Week, where we'll curl up by the glow of our screens to celebrate all that's soft in entertainment. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and sit by us as we coo over the cutest games, cry over the tenderest movie moments, and drift off to the most comforting shows.

How to live with anxiety disorders — and not develop one — during coronavirus lockdown

It is indescribably strange to hear the mantra that usually spirals through your head during a panic attack become the title of a new government order. But that's exactly what happened when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti initiated "safer-at-home" on March 24,

This editing tool makes graphic design easier, and it's over 50% off

TL;DR: Get a one year subscription to the DesignCap basic plan for just $19.99, a 66% savings as of April 5.There's nothing like an extended period of being homebound to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you've found yourself dabbling in forgotten creative projects.

Kitchen tools on sale to help you live out all your 'Chopped' fantasies

So you have a pantry of mismatched items that's somewhere between a doomsday prepper and an episode of Chopped. But if you don't have the right tools, the entire endeavor gets incredibly more complicated. To make your cooking space more legitimate,

Recruiters say soft skills matter. This training will get yours up to speed.

TL;DR: Impress recruiters with your soft skills after learning from The Ultimate 2020 Soft Skills Career Hacker Bundle for just $39.99, a 99% savings as of April 5.Hard tech skills are impressive and all, but recruiters say that companies look for soft skills, too. In fact,

Learn how to build a nutrition plan, set workout goals with this course

TL;DR: Learn how to stay healthy and fit with the Build Your Custom Home Workout and Nutrition Plan bundle, a much needed online course that'll run you just $29.99 — a 98% savings as of April 5.It's more important than ever for people to stay home, stay active, and stay healthy. Unfortunately,

Twitter suggests following ‘interests’ rather than people

With an Android-only release first, Twitter plans to compile tweets centered around specific topics that its followers will find on their timelines.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Twitter, Mashable Video, Social Media, and Culture

Instagram users can now create their own AR effects on app

The feature, potential competition for Snapchat, is meant for both creatives with AR experience and everyone else.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Instagram, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, and Ar

LGBTQ+ YouTubers accuse the platform of discrimination in federal lawsuit

YouTube has been accused once again of discriminating against LGBTQ+ YouTube content creators. A group of LGBTQ+ YouTubers — including the self-described singing duo and lesbian couple Bria and Chrissy — filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday night against YouTube and its parent company Google,

Exxon Mobile CEO Sues To Stop Fracking Near His Texas Ranch

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "Exxon Mobile's CEO Rex Tillerson's day job is to do all he can to protect and nurture the process of hydraulic fracturing—aka 'fracking'—so that his company can continue to rake in billions via the production and sale of natural gas.


本文作者Bob O’Donnell 是科技咨询和市场研究机构TECHnalysis Research 的创始人和首席分析师。

著名第五大道 Apple Store 获设计专利授权

威锋网讯,在 2010 年 8 月的时候苹果为著名的纽约第五大道 Apple Store 零售店的玻璃立方结构设计申请了商标注册。




係一間同科技息息相關的公司做野,少不免要學返啲科技知識,除左上次講過的串流之外,今次想同大家講下「定位」。 「 …The post 數碼港女週記:邊度有得試用室內外定位? appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.





iOS 9.0.2 发布:继续修复bug和提高稳定性

威锋网讯,在 iOS 9.0.1 发布不久后,苹果刚刚又出人意料地向用户推送了 iOS 9.0.


据悉,在当地时间 10 月 7 日,RoKu 公司正式宣布了将推出第四代智能电视盒子 RoKu4 。而这款新产品又将带来哪些与众不同之处和创新呢?让我们一起来看一下。  与 RoKu3 相比,它的体积要略大一些。


科技和娱乐很多情况下是并行的,双方都可能成为彼此的助力。今天凌晨,《美国队长 3:英雄内战》正式于内地公映。据初步统计,这部被称为 “复仇者联盟 2.5” 的漫威新作在午夜场就拿下 1700 万票房,跃居内地影史第四位。国际市场上,《美队 3》的表现也不逊色,首映一周就在 37 个国际城市狂揽 2.002 亿美元,在所有好莱坞电影开画历史中排行第 14。

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