Sea of Thieves releases latest free content update, “Dark Relics,” the second of planned monthly sch

Rare, the developers of the famous Sea of Thieves game for Xbox One, has released the latest free monthly update to the game, “Dark Relics”.

Amazon joins the crowded field of 1st party game developers, beginning with Crucible

Amazon pitches both Crucible and New World as seemingly stand-alone offerings from a relatively nascent gaming company.

[email protected] Spotlight launches to showcase indie games

The [email protected] team announced yesterday the [email protected] Spotlight, a new initiative to highlight new indie games coming soon to Xbox One.

Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube, according to new quarterly report

Even though the number of unique active channels on Mixer grew during Q1 2020, the service is still struggling to attract an audience according to a new report.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser inches up in popularity, now 2nd most popular browser

NetMarketShare released its monthly report for March 2020 which shows that the new Microsoft Edge browser is now the second most popular desktop browser.

Xbox Spring Savings Sale offers up to 75% savings on more than 500 Xbox games

Microsoft has just kicked off its Xbox Spring Saving Sales, offering up to 75% discounts on more than 500 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Resident Evil 3 review: A thrilling rollercoaster ride that doesn’t last long enough

Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake is out today, launching a year after the critically-acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 2. The latter was a huge best-seller last year, and it’s safe to say that Capcom had a lot of pressure on its hands to not disappoint fans of the survival horror franchise.

Marvel’s Deadpool is finally coming to the Fortnite video game today

Deadpool’s arrival in the popular Fortnite video game has been teased ever since the start of Chapter 2 Season 2 with his appearance in the season trailer, his small in-game presence within the menu, and his mini weekly challenges. After weeks of waiting,

All new Inside Xbox to kick off next week’s gamescom 2019 from Cologne, Germany

Microsoft is planning a big presence at gamescom in Germany, next week, and the Xbox team will kicks things off with a special Inside Xbox episode live from Cologne on Monday which will kick off at 5 p.m. CEST / 11 a.m. ET.

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop service is now “feature complete” and may launch as soon as next

Microsoft is getting ready to release the Windows Virtual Desktop—or WVD for short—to the general public, as the service has become “feature complete,” according to its group manager Scott Manchester.

Office 365 from the Microsoft Store, or Office 365 retail download, which is right for me?

In this guide, we'll explain the differences between installing Office 365 from the Microsoft Store, and from the retail download.

【管理心得之三十三】管理者的“眉头” - 小侯成长记

其实我们有很多方法是可以防止 范围蔓延的,比方说,不一定所有的变更、新需求都要必须立刻对应,可以把项目分为一期、二期、三期。

中国游客全球挑便宜货 催生比价服务新商机




Apple Watch Sounding More Independent In Latest Leak

The Apple Watch will offer a lot more independent features than were previously announced, according to a new leak from the generally accurate 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The wearable is set for an official unveiling Monday,



java异常架构图 和几个面试题 - 京灬小涛

1.java异常架构图粉红色的是受检查的异常(checked exceptions),其必须被 try{}catch语句块所捕获,或者在方法签名里通过throws子句声明.受检查的异常必须在编译时被捕捉处理,命名为 CHecked Exception 是因为Java编译器要进行检查,

Police respond to 911 call, find family watching 'The Walking Dead'

Just turn your TV down, folks. A concerned citizen who heard screaming coming from their neighbor's house called 911, only for police to discover the family was just enjoying the mid-season premiere of AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead.According to the Great Falls Tribune, police in Great Falls,


从今天开始,我将连载对产品经理如何进阶的思考。不敢妄想它们能指引大家迷途,只求哪句话能引起你共鸣,或对你有启发 ...


今天,有网友送出了疑似锤子新品发布会的海报,显示定于10月18日在上海举办,无疑,本次发布会最重磅的主角就是老罗和他的Smartisan T3。上周日,老罗透露,T3已经量产,并且这款手机(型号SM901和SM919)也出现在了国家3C认证库中,充电器最高功率达24W。外形方面,T3据说采用的是正面圆形Home设计,并有光亮黑版本,手机摄像头不会凸起,比iPhone 7还要好看。

这款吊扇能为客厅锦上添花 还支持HomeKit

千万不要以为空调才是客厅中高端上档次的家电,一款高颜值的天花板吊扇其实也能够为你的客厅锦上添花。Hunter Fan 公司近日就推出了一款可以通过 Wi-Fi 连接且支持苹果 HomeKit 的吊扇- Apache,这款 54 英寸的吊扇采用了弯曲的螺旋桨式的扇叶设计,除此之外还使用了青铜和橡木的外观处理。

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