E-scooter companies should take a cue from Skip's new design

When it comes to recharging rental e-scooters and bicycles, it's a messy process, often involving independent contractors scooping dead scooters off the street, taking them home to charge, and then dropping them off in the early morning. Even worse: During the charging process,

Big Tech drastically reverses course on coronavirus ad policies

When tech companies roll out new policies, it’s usually after long periods of meticulous internal discussion and review. Big reversals aren't the norm. Then Covid-19 hit.As the looming threat of the coronavirus began hitting the U.S. in February,

Jane Fonda joined TikTok and announced the launch of virtual Fire Drill Friday climate rallies

This is not a drill: Jane Fonda has officially joined TikTok.On Thursday night,

Amazon stops selling N95 masks to consumers to prioritize distribution to hospitals

Amazon is no longer selling N95 masks to average consumers, and instead prioritizing the product sales to hospitals and government organizations responding to the coronavirus pandemic. If you attempt to buy N95 masks on Amazon’s website, you’ll see the “add to cart” button is now gone.

Bob Kulhan raps while he paints to Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

Bob Kulhan, author of the bestselling book "Getting to Yes And" and founder of Business Improv, busts out some of his classic rap lyrics while painting along with Bob Ross.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Painting, Hip Hop, Bob Ross, and Improvisation

Disease experts weigh in on crowded White House coronavirus briefings

On April Fools' Day in the White House, inside the infamously cramped James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, reporters sat spaced three seats apart at the day's coronavirus press briefing. Meanwhile, General Mark A.

Here are the best water filter pitchers to cut down on plastic

Water filter pitchers come in different shapes and sizes. These are a few of our favorites. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Quarantine, Water Filter, Coronavirus, and Lifestyle

Zoom was secretly mining and sharing LinkedIn data

The video conferencing app would take callers’ info, and match it up with their LinkedIn profiles. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Zoom, Cyber Security, and Security Breach

You can track Greta Thunberg's travels as she sails across the high seas

Greta Thunberg is bound for the high seas.On August 14 the teenage climate activist set sail from Britain to New York City aboard the Malizia II, a technologically-advanced racing sailboat that generates electricity using solar panels and underwater turbines. Next month,

Adobe plans to work on AR, mixed reality software

Adobe is giving artists the ability to create 3D and AR worlds without needing to code thanks to three new Apps the company is planning to release in 2019. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Adobe, Vr, Ar, and Mixed Reality

Meet the new "MacGyver" robot — Strictly Robots

For the first time, researchers from Georgia Tech have trained robots to build simple tools by combining objects.  Read more...More about Tech, Science, Mashable Video, Strictly Robots, and Tech



Windows Phone 8.1 customisation with the Theme+ app

The newest iteration of Microsoft’s tiled smartphone OS gives users a fair few customisation options, but these can be further expanded with the Theme+ app.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/11/windows-phone-81-customisation-with-the-theme-app/

BMW Shows Off Gesture Controls And Automated Parking

BMW is showing off a bunch of new or new-ish technologies this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On the just-announced side, there are in-development gesture-based controls — so, thanks to an in-car camera,

你好,C++(28)用空间换时间 5.2 内联函数 5.3 重载函数 - 你好,C++

5.2 内联函数通过5.1节的学习我们知道,系统为了实现函数调用会做很多额外的幕后工作:保存现场、对参数进行赋值、恢复现场等等。

微软拼了 Win10或兼容跨平台应用

微软生态圈一直难以建立的最大问题之一是应用软件的太少了,无论是桌面端的Modern UI应用商店,还是移动端WP手机的应用商店,都存在着这个问题。不过,微软想借着更加开放的Windows 10系统来改变这一现状。  

Joe Carter is pumped Drake referenced him on Meek Mill diss 'Back to Back'

Joe Carter is a retired five-time MLB All-Star and two-time World Series champ who hit a walk-off home run to win it all for the Toronto Blue Jays back in 1993In short, the man has accomplished a lot. But even he admits you haven't "made it" until you show up on a Drake trackSee also:


三星今天发布了三款A系列新机——2016版的Galaxy A3、A5和A7,外观依旧延续了其一贯的家族语言,并采用玻璃+金属的材质,整体外观比较帅气。相较上一代Galaxy A系列,这代的边框收窄了不少,单手操控也更为便捷。

看春晚十年变迁:从短信到微信 从红包到虚拟

(原标题:抢红包吐槽春晚的你,还记得那个用短信拜年的2006吗?)看春晚十年变迁:从短信到微信 从红包到虚拟刘学文记忆中的 10 年并不是一个很短的时间段,但是以春节联欢晚会来看,会有一种似曾相识的感觉, ... ...

真係玩得嘅藍牙喇叭 Ye!! PixelBoom 初步評測

繼去年 12 月中旬,本地品牌 Ye!! 推出懸浮球形藍牙喇叭 Hoveric BTSL10 之後,今日宣布繼續擴展旗下的藍牙喇叭產品線,一口氣發布 4 款藍牙喇叭新品,當中包括 主打作 PixelBoom。與艾域在去年 11 月介紹過的 Divoom AuraBox 一樣,Ye!! PixelBoom 亦是集 LED 燈、鬧鐘及喇叭於一身的產品,更在專屬 App 之中加入 4 款小遊戲,讓 PixelBoom 變成遊戲屏幕,算有點新意吧!The post 真係玩得嘅藍牙喇叭 Ye!! PixelBoom 初步評測 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

文章: 焦点:Apple应该构建自己的云吗?

一直以来,这都是最有趣的“自建还是购买”问题之一:Apple应该构建自己的云吗?还是应该专注于自己最擅长的事情,并从诸如Amazon、Microsoft,以及Google等公司处购买云服务? By 大愚若智

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