Cowin E7 wireless noise-canceling headphones are less than $50

TL;DR: You can get a pair of the well-reviewed Cowin E7 Active Noise-Cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones for as little as $49.99 using a limited-time Amazon savings coupon.Amazon's been offering a lot of great deals on headphones lately,

Extreme Arctic melting has a new suspect: The same powerful gases screwing over the ozone

They were once abundant, in our hairsprays, bug sprays, and refrigerators. And then scientists figured out these substances ripped a hole in the ozone layer, leading to a 1987 plan to phase them out that over time would be agreed to by every country in the world.More than three decades later,

'We Are The Dream' trailer spotlights the kids who want to be like Martin Luther King Jr.

The trailer for HBO's documentary about a speech competition honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. dropped on MondayWe Are The Dream: The Kids Of The Martin Luther King Oratorical Festival dives into how the young competitors prepare for their performances. 

'Parasite' director Bong Joon-ho became a proud dad meme

Bong Joon-ho is the dad you've always wanted to make proud. His black comedy Parasite made history on Sunday night when it won the Screen Actors' Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. It's the first non-English film to win the award.

Bernice King makes an important point on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On the holiday honoring her father's legacy, Bernice King reminded Twitter users that the fight for equality doesn't just happen once a year. "Honoring you today and every day," she captioned a photo of her family, more than 50 years after the civil rights leader's death. Martin Luther King Jr.

SpaceX, seeking NASA approval, purposefully blew up a Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX and NASA exploded a Falcon 9 rocket to test a very important safety feature, Crew Dragon's in-flight escape system. It was the final milestone before SpaceX gets NASA's approval to take astronauts to the International Space Station. 

David Lynch interrogates monkey suspect in surprise Netflix murder mystery

It's Monday, which means it's the perfect time for you to watch David Lynch asking a suited monkey if he's ever been a card-carrying member of the communist party.It's a genuine thing that happens in David Lynch's new Netflix short, What Did Jack Do?,

This Samsung 4K TV is made with gamers in mind

TL;DR: The Samsung 55-inch 4K UHD HDR QLED TV is on sale for £899 on Currys PC World, saving you £400 on list price.The gaming market is huge, and it therefore comes as no surprise that brands are designing products to tap into this.Samsung knows the score,

E-scooter companies should take a cue from Skip's new design

When it comes to recharging rental e-scooters and bicycles, it's a messy process, often involving independent contractors scooping dead scooters off the street, taking them home to charge, and then dropping them off in the early morning. Even worse: During the charging process,

You can track Greta Thunberg's travels as she sails across the high seas

Greta Thunberg is bound for the high seas.On August 14 the teenage climate activist set sail from Britain to New York City aboard the Malizia II, a technologically-advanced racing sailboat that generates electricity using solar panels and underwater turbines. Next month,

Adobe plans to work on AR, mixed reality software

Adobe is giving artists the ability to create 3D and AR worlds without needing to code thanks to three new Apps the company is planning to release in 2019. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Adobe, Vr, Ar, and Mixed Reality



上周热点回顾(5.19-5.25) - 博客园团队

热点随笔: · 全球第一本基于Bootstrap V3.x的图书《深入理解Bootstrap》终于上市了,再次免费送书15本(汤姆大叔) · Windows平台分布式架构实践 - 负载均衡(Jesse Liu) · Javascript生成二维码(QR)(Jerry We...



Where the Dollar Sign Comes From

This symbol first showed up in the 1770s, appearing in documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans. However, it wasn't until the very early 1800s that it became popularized, around the same time as the first official U.S. dollars were being minted.

Microsoft CEO Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot On Gender Pay Gap

Today at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hit the skids after Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd — an institution known for its prominence in STEM fields — asked him how young women should ask for a raise.

How to: Rebuilding your search index in Windows 10

Before Windows 10 Build 10122 was released yesterday to the fast ring of the Windows Insiders, Gabriel Aul, Engineering General Manager for Microsoft’s Operating System Group, said that this particular build is “buttery smooth” and a “nice improvement” from Build 10074.



机器学习 (machine learning) 在天文学中有或者将会有什么应用?


Microsoft Store accepting Lumia 950 XL pre-orders now, shipping by November 25

Hot on the heels of AT&T’s Lumia 950 XL release announcement, and shortly after offering up a free Display Dock with the Lumia 950 XL, the Microsoft Store has more news for us. The 950...The post Microsoft Store accepting Lumia 950 XL pre-orders now,


本篇文章是 IT 桔子投资机构盘点的第二篇:活跃天使机构盘点。 该榜单主要是根据 IT 桔子数据库收录的机构投资组合的多少来进行界定,即数量越多,排名越是靠前。同时,在活跃天使机构榜单排名上,我们再进一步,重点关注他们参投公司进入下一轮的情况。这有助于大家更好地对比天使机构间的专业能力,对于想投资 A、B 轮的机构而言,也不失为一种参照。 需要说明的一点是,按照通常的节奏看,天使机构每年投资案子的总数应该会在 20 家上下,IT 桔子记录到的数据多少会有点不足,这也会导致有些活跃的天使机构并未出现在该榜单上,欢迎大家联系我们,提供更多的投资线索。 回到本文,我们先来看一下活跃的天使机构榜单。

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