Cowin E7 wireless noise-canceling headphones are less than $50

TL;DR: You can get a pair of the well-reviewed Cowin E7 Active Noise-Cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones for as little as $49.99 using a limited-time Amazon savings coupon.Amazon's been offering a lot of great deals on headphones lately,

Virtual internships and the Zoom skills you don't learn in college

With the spread of the coronavirus, summer internships — once a staple of collegiate and post-grad life — have dried up. Now, like many jobs, they've gone virtual. 

Save 33% on these totally wireless earbuds that mold to fit your ears

TL;DR: Don't start your next workout without a solid pair of earbuds. This pair by Decibullz are on sale for just $98.99, a 33% savings as of June 6.You know what's annoying? When you're trying to knock out your last rep during a workout, or you're going for that KOM on a bike ride,

Is there a magic formula for becoming famous on Instagram?

TL;DR: Learn how to build your brand with The 2020 Ultimate Instagram Influencer and Marketing Bundle for $35, a 97% savings as of June 6.Everyone thinks becoming an Instagram influencer is pure dumb luck. As it turns out, that's not the case at all.

Learn to wrangle big data in Excel with this online course sale

TL;DR: Become a data-driven worker with The 2020 Master Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle for $34.99, a 97% savings as of June 6."Data science" seems to be all the rage these days. The buzzword sounds super fancy, but when you actually break it down,

40 deals on Father's Day gifts that are actually pretty useful and fun

The father figure in your life may seem like the low-maintenance type, but trust us when we say that he's tired of receiving socks and mugs every year. (In 2020, Father's Day falls on June 21. You're welcome.) We know you mean well, but how about giving him something he would actually like and use?

This workout device targets muscles you never even knew you had

TL;DR: Get the six-pack you've been dreaming about with the META 360 Legacy Pack Core-Based Trainer for $79.99, a 38% savings as of June 6.Between strength training, cardio, yoga, and foam rolling, you've probably felt a burn in every muscle in your body at some point.

Save 95% on a lifetime subscription to this language learning app

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the language-learning app Mondly is on sale for £79, saving you 95% on list price.Learning used to be fun when we were kids, right? What changed?Just because we're adults now doesn't mean we can't learn new things,

E-scooter companies should take a cue from Skip's new design

When it comes to recharging rental e-scooters and bicycles, it's a messy process, often involving independent contractors scooping dead scooters off the street, taking them home to charge, and then dropping them off in the early morning. Even worse: During the charging process,

You can track Greta Thunberg's travels as she sails across the high seas

Greta Thunberg is bound for the high seas.On August 14 the teenage climate activist set sail from Britain to New York City aboard the Malizia II, a technologically-advanced racing sailboat that generates electricity using solar panels and underwater turbines. Next month,

Adobe plans to work on AR, mixed reality software

Adobe is giving artists the ability to create 3D and AR worlds without needing to code thanks to three new Apps the company is planning to release in 2019. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Adobe, Vr, Ar, and Mixed Reality

Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

sciencehabit writes "A creationist conference set for a major research campus — Michigan State University (MSU) in East Lansing — is creating unease among some of the school's students and faculty, which includes several prominent evolutionary biologists. The event, called the Origins Summit,


假若虚拟现实没有触感,一定如梦如幻。因此希望VR能再激进一点的开发者们通过声波投影实现了“可触摸全息投影”。据New Scientist消息,这是英国Bristol大学的Ben Long和他的同事们的研发成果。

1. MONGODB启动&关闭 - li0924

【前记】 最近由于公司系统改造;借用内存库来达到快速响应。公司借用mongodb数据库。下面是学习整理的note 从启动&关闭开始;至于安装这个太简单了。

先锋(Pioneer)第二代 CarPlay NEX 设备正式发售

先锋(Pioneer)本周一发布了第二代第三方车载信息娱乐终端,新产品支持 CarPlay 和 Android Auto。这款产品属于 NEX 系列多媒体接收器,首次在拉斯维加斯 CES 2015上展示,也是第一款可以同时支持 CarPlay 和 Android Auto 的接收器。



The NSA Will Finally Kill Its Metadata Snooping Program This Weekend

The National Security Agency is finally shutting down one of its spying programs this weekend. I do not recommend screaming I LOVE ISIS JIHAD into your phone to celebrate. Read more...

7 tech trends that will rule CES 2016

A New Year means a new start, and that goes double for the tech world, since the first week of January is when International CES takes place. The biggest technology show in the world is set to begin Monday, Jan. 4, turning the Las Vegas Strip into a high-tech carnival for nearly a full week.

Windows 10 news recap: New Start Menu, new build, and more

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 news recap, in which we recap the top news stories regarding Windows 10 for the week. Let’s dive straight in. This is what the new Start Menu...The post Windows 10 news recap: New Start Menu, new build, and more appeared first on WinBeta.

Windows 10 Mobile免费升级活动不会在7月29号截止

今年五月的时候,微软正式宣布了为期一年的Windows 10免费升级活动即将于7月29号截止的消息。不过这一政策仅针对PC用户,面向移动平台(Windows 10 Mobile)的免费升级活动仍将持续。当然,在推动Windows Phone 8.1升级这件事上,微软并没有下太大的力气,且用户得实现知道安装一个名叫Upgrade Advisor的app。

时光倒流程序设计-AlloyTicker - 【当耐特】

熵与负熵 熵遵循熵增原理,即无序非热能与热能之间的转换具有方向性。薛定谔说过:生命本质在于负熵。熵代表的是无序,负熵就是熵的对立,而负熵表示的则是有序。汲取负熵(米饭、面包、牛奶、鸡蛋),可以简单的理解为从外界吸收了物质或者能量之后,转化成负熵流,使系统的熵降低,人体变得更加有序。 那么一直吃饭为何

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