Making sense of the WeWork S-1 (or trying to)

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Tesla calls claims of unintended acceleration in NHTSA petition “completely false”

Tesla pushed back Monday against claims that its electric vehicles may suddenly accelerate on their own, calling a petition filed with federal safety regulators “completely false.” Tesla also questions the validity of the petition, noting that it was submitted by a Tesla short-seller. Last week,

Court rules Mike Rothenberg must fork over more than $31 million to settle SEC allegations

Mike Rothenberg, the once high-flying VC bent on bringing the party to Silicon Valley, must now pay a whopping $31.4 million to settle a California federal court ruling in favor of Security and Exchange Commission allegations. TechCrunch deemed Rothenberg a ‘virtual gatsby’ back in 2016,

Rocket Lab’s first launch of 2020 is a mission for the National Reconnaissance Office

Rocket Lab has announced its first mission for 2020 – a dedicated rocket launch on behalf of client the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) with a launch window that opens on January 31.

Israel’s cybersecurity startup scene spawned new entrants in 2019

Yoav Leitersdorf Contributor Share on Twitter Yoav Leitersdorf is the Silicon Valley-based Managing Partner at YL Ventures, where he accelerates cybersecurity startups in the U.S. market.

Diligent’s Vivian Chu and Labrador’s Mike Dooley will discuss assistive robotics at TC Sessions: Rob

Too often the world of robotics seems to be a solution in search of a problem. Assistive robotics, on the other hand, are among one of the primary real-world tasks existing technology can seemingly address almost immediately.

Soft Robotics raises $23 million from investors including industrial robot giant FANUC

Robotics startup company Soft Robotics has closed its Series B round of funding, raising $23 million led by Calibrate Ventures and Material Impact, and including participation from exiting investors including Honeywell, Yahama, Hyperplane and more. This round also brings in FANUC,

Decrease user churn by better managing expectations

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of, the growth marketing team that trains startups in advanced growth, helps you hire senior growth marketers, and finds you vetted growth agencies. He also writes at

Inside Voyage’s plan to deliver a driverless future

In two years, Voyage has gone from a tiny self-driving car upstart spun out of Udacity to a company able to operate on 200 miles of roads in retirement communities. Now,

Daily Crunch: Final Oculus co-founder departs Facebook

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Facebook is losing its last Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell,

Ex-NSA chief Mike Rogers and Team8 founder Nadav Zafrir will be at Disrupt SF

What happens when two former spies meet the startup world? We’re about to find out. We’re pleased to announce former National Security Agency director Adm. Mike Rogers will be at Disrupt SF on October 2-4. The former U.S.

Termite-Inspired Robots Build With Bricks

sciencehabit writes "A termite mound is a model of insect engineering. Some are meters high and consist of a complex network of tunnels. Even more impressive, millions of the bugs work together to build the mound, all without a blueprint or foreman telling them what to do. Could robots do the same?



5,000 Ebola health care workers needed in West Africa

More than 5,000 additional health care workers are needed to fight Ebola in the three most affected countries in West Africa, the president of the World Bank said Tuesday.Jim Yong Kim said he is worried about where those health care workers can be found given the Ebola fear factor.


最近我跟很多创业者有深入的沟通,在同他们交流的过程中。我发现关于如何吸引风险投资创业者们有很多的问题,有些人会 […]

移动端间夜占比达55% 艺龙“移动酒店”战略成绩斐然

北京2015年2月6日电 /美通社/ -- 北京时间2015年2月6日,处于中国领先地位的移动和在线旅行公司艺龙旅行网(NASDAQ: LONG)发布了未经审计的2014年第四季度财报。

Leaked Site Reveals More Info On “ShippingPass,” Walmart’s Answer To Amazon Prime

A leaked internal link on accidentally unveiled more details regarding the retailer’s forthcoming three-day shipping service which aims to challenge Amazon Prime. For starters, we now have a name: it’s called ShippingPass. During the brief time the link was live,


子曰,饮食男女,人之大欲存焉。这刚好契合今天的主题,国产情人节,以及我要介绍的一款连接料理人与食客的私厨App —- FANCY。作为食色旗下的新产品,FANCY的UI设计和摄影风格保持了与食色一致的高逼格。

Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS发布

Linus Torvalds在邮件列表上宣布发布Linux Kernel 4.4。4.4是一个长期支持版(LTS)。主要新特性包括:引入了新的系统调用 mlock2(),支持延迟锁定内存页;块层I/O借鉴了一个网络堆栈技术——I/O轮询;用于固态硬盘设备底层控制的LightNVM;虚拟机GPU驱动支持使用主机的GPU加速3D渲染;TCP监听程序处理完全无锁,在测试中一台TCP服务器处理每秒350万个SYN包,仍然能有CPU周期可用,等等。详细可浏览。


照射紫外线将容易患有皮肤癌,并且出现过早衰老现象。  据自然母亲网站报道,2015 年 10 月,国际癌症研究机构(IARC)最新列举了致癌名单,其中包括容易导致癌症的物质和生活方式。以下是最易导致癌症的 11 种生活 ... ...

酷!微软黑科技HoloLens AR第一视角体验

相信很多人都看过微软在发布会现场展示 HoloLens,其增强现实技术十分神奇,令人惊叹,但相信更多人更想知道真正佩戴之后的体验是如何。近日,有老外放出了微软黑科技产品 HoloLens 一部分实际操作视频,从中来看,目前的确已经有了一些有意思的应用场景。  在下面的视频中,启动应用程序会通过一个悬浮在空中的列表界面,称之为“Shell”,看起来非常类似于的 Windows 10 的开始菜单,上面固定有一些磁贴,并提供有连接状态、时间、电量和音量图标。用户可以通过点击“all apps(所有应用程序)”来展开完整的列表,查看所有已经安装的每一个应用程序。

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