Audi e-tron becomes the first all-electric vehicle to earn IIHS top safety rating

The 2019 Audi e-tron has become the first battery-electric vehicle to earn a top safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an achievement that Tesla and other electric models like the Chevy Bolt have not been able to capture. Scoring an IIHS top safety award isn’t easy.

As tech layoffs surge, some support emerges for those without a job

The massive surge of COVID-19-related layoffs has put tech in a unique position. While the startup world is facing layoffs itself, it is also trying to help get people back to work. Back at the end of 2019,

Zelos is like a cross-game battle pass, rewarding you for completing challenges in games you already

People seem to love the concept of the battle pass. Largely popularized by Fortnite, battle passes reward players for playing well, and playing often. The better you do, the more XP you earn; the more XP you earn, the more stuff (new looks for your character,

ZmURL customizes Zoom link previews with images & event sites

Sick of sharing those generic Zoom video call invites that all look the same? Wish your Zoom link preview’s headline and image actually described your meeting? Want to protect your Zoom calls from trolls by making attendees RSVP to get your link? has you covered. Launching today,

Google research makes for an effortless robotic dog trot

As capable as robots are, the original animals after which they tend to be designed are always much, much better. That's partly because it's difficult to learn how to walk like a dog directly from a dog — but this research from Google's AI labs make it considerably easier.

Want to survive the downturn? Better build a platform

When you look at the most successful companies in the world, they are almost never just one simple service. Instead, they offer a platform with a range of services and an ability to connect to it to allow external partners and developers to extend the base functionality that the company provides.

Pandemic puts the brakes on micromobility

As of this writing, nearly a million people globally have been infected with the novel coronavirus and 50,322 have died. Healthcare systems are overwhelmed, consumers and profiteers are hoarding supplies and some service workers have launched strikes while many others have been let go.

Zoom will enable waiting rooms by default to stop Zoombombing

Zoom is making some drastic changes to prevent rampant abuse as trolls attack publicly-shared video calls. Starting April 5th, it will require passwords to enter calls via Meeting ID, since these may be guessed or reused. Meanwhile,

Every TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019 ticket includes a free pass to Disrupt SF

Shout out to all the savvy enterprise software startuppers. Here’s a quick, two-part money-saving reminder. Part one: TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019  is right around the corner on September 5, and you have only two days left to buy an early bird ticket and save yourself $100. Part two:

WW launches Kurbo, a hotly debated ‘healthy eating’ app aimed at kids

Kurbo Health, a mobile weight loss solution designed to tackle childhood obesity which was acquired for $3 million by WW (the rebranded Weight Watchers), has now relaunched as Kurbo by WW — and not without some controversy. Pre-acquisition,

Credit Karma glitch exposed users to other people’s accounts

Users of credit monitoring site Credit Karmas have complained that they were served other people’s account information when they logged in. Many took to a Reddit thread and complained on Twitter about the apparent security lapse. “First time logging in it gave me my information,



Win 8.1 Update 1或将于4月8日开放下载

Windows 8.1 Update 1 是微软在操作系统市场中一个非常重要的计划,此前的消息称该版本最早会在微软开发者网站发布,而对公众开放下载的时间则是4月1日,也就是说开发者在 Build 大会前夕才能获得该版本。  

Stormchasing In A 62-Year-Old Plane Provides A Glimpse Into The Future

When Honeywell invited me out to Phoenix this May, one of the many cool things they told us about was their IntuVue 3D radar. They said they fly into thunderstorms to test out their concepts. Being a weather nut, I said, "Take me with you!" This week in Dallas, they fulfilled my request.Read more...

Research finds 70 per cent of consumers will own an in-home IoT device by 2019

Here are some more stats to confirm just how the Internet of Things is set to expand in a big way, both in the smart home and outside of it.Read more:

藝術或破壞?畫家在 Instagram 展示公園內塗鴉作品惹爭議

塗鴉大師的作品,大多都是在城市或者公路上面,不過也有一些是例外的。最近有藝術家在 Instagram 上面展示塗鴉作品,特別的是這些塗鴉作品都是在國家公園內進行,結果就惹來非議。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 藝術或破壞?


来自中国设计师“陈富标”的投稿: 2014最火的当属“智能硬件”,这款陈富标设计的无线充电LED灯,将传统竹编 […]


【导读】一个粗糙的产品原型,和一整套完整的解决方案,加上两个穷小子,怎么就成就了“美国梦”呢? 在我看来,苹果 ...


本文写给刚入门的产品新人们,包含我自己。 毋庸置疑,产品新人和产品老鸟之间普遍有着很大的差距,其中有一点体现在 ...


新闻聚合网站BuzzFeed 以善于挖掘眼球著称,其新闻经常能炮制出很多话题。其中的奥秘在于它是一家以数据为驱动的公司。现在这家网站又利用大数据做出了一篇有关顶级男子网球选手打假球的深度报道。该网站的记者John Templon与BBC通过利用算法,对2009到2015年的26000场ATP与大满贯顶级男子网球赛进行了分析,经过长达15个月的艰苦调查后,他们得出了涉嫌打假球的场次和球员名单。不过文章并未披露具体球员名字,但是一个比较重磅的消息是其中有一位是排名前50的男选手,目前正在澳网打比赛。


每经记者孟庆建王志福  2016 年早春的巴塞罗那生机盎然,华为在这里展示了自己旺盛的生命力。  在今年的 MWC(世界移动通讯大会)上,华为变了:展馆变大,5800 平方米的主展馆加上终端展示区,成为 2016 巴 ... ...

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