Google Android vulnerability hands over full access to camera, dialler and more

The Sidewinder Targeted Attack can let an attacker take photos, record videos with audio and make calls from a device without the prior knowledge of the phone owner.Read more:

相关内容: that Android used attacker vulnerability Google ph

China accused over Marriott data breach

The Chinese are denying everything.

Dell set to go public again

Multi-billion dollar deal is expected to pass before 2019 kicks off.

Super Micro says no evidence of malicious hardware in its products

Hardware giant employed third-party investigation firm to look into accusations.

Google CEO denies political bias and plans for China search engine

Project Dragonfly was an 'internal' project, Sundar Pichai says.

Trump says he could intervene in Huawei CFO case

President says he will do 'whatever was good for the country'.

Consolidation, competition, and cloud communications: Creative destruction or creative disruption?

Now is a perfect time to understand why companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are fiercely trying to beat CSPs at their own game.

Survival of the fittest: Are you still plagued by CRM dinosaurs?

New research has established that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year because of problems associated with poor use of CRM systems.

Mini Cooper to soon feature JustPark easy parking app

Frustrated drivers take note: JustPark, an app that identifies free parking spaces, is now to grace the dashboard of the Mini and include commercial car parks in its offering.Read more:

China detains man for false rumuors over instant messenger

A man has been arrested in China for “spreading panic” on mobile messaging app WeChat, according to state media. The arrest came just hours after new rules on instant messaging tools.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Critical USB flaw means PC users ‘can never trust anything anymore’

Security researchers explained the flaw affects chips inside USB devices and can be used to spoof a PC into thinking it is any USB device and steal data in a number of elaborate ways.Read more:

Momentus Big Bang Findings Questioned

sciencehabit writes "The biggest discovery in cosmology in a decade could turn out to be an experimental artifact, according to a report by a physics blogger.

Gillmor Gang Live 06.14.14

Gillmor Gang – John Borthwick, Robert Scoble, Benedict Evans, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session for today has concluded. Click here for the live Friendfeed chat link. Also Find us on Facebook here. Read More

Disrupting a Republic: Chris Hughes on what went wrong

Q: One of the issues surrounding how this has played out is the fact that your vision for the future of The New Republic is still something of a mystery, which former editor Michael Kinsley pointed out in a story in the New York Times. What’s this thing going to look like in a year?A:

Syrian president Assad makes rare public appearance on NYE

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited troops near Damascus on New Year’s Eve in a rare public appearance for the leader. Syrian state-run news agency SANA identified the location as Jobar,


导读:扇动楼市新的“蝴蝶效应”翅膀,就是社区O2O。在房产领域,历史演化的逻辑可分为四步:❶商品房概念;❷社区 […]




背单词对学习英语的人来说是再熟悉不过的了,我以前为了考试把一本厚厚的英语单词书背了五六遍,现在想想也真是艰辛。 ...

Music video shot entirely on 3 iPhones thrills with crazy romantic chase

Siri, please film a music video. A new video, debuting on Mashable, for the band ON AND ON's "It's Not Over" was recorded entirely on three iPhone 6s, using the devices' slow-motion capabilities.See also: Takes On Amazon With The Promise Of Lower Prices

For years, online shoppers have used a number of tools to help them find the best deals, ranging from web browser add-ons that check for available coupon codes to standalone price comparison services. A new website called, launching today,

[视频]SCEA放出PS20周年纪念视频 PS家族的不断进化


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