Google Android vulnerability hands over full access to camera, dialler and more

The Sidewinder Targeted Attack can let an attacker take photos, record videos with audio and make calls from a device without the prior knowledge of the phone owner.Read more:

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Data analytics could be your local council's secret weapon

UK councils find analytics helps improve service provisions as well as reducing costs and allowing better decision-making.

Linus Torvalds returns at the head of Linux

After a month's break, is Linus a changed man?

Mozilla to trial VPN subscriptions within Firefox

Browser will notify users when they're using an unsecured public WiFi.

Best practices for information security and data protection from an outsourcing vendor

In this article, we'll guide you through the most efficient practices and security controls which trusted service providers use to ensure they are adequately prepared to respond to any security-related incidents.

Hardware giants call for chip security story retraction

Amazon and Super Micro claim Bloomberg's story was fake news.

Demystifying recurring revenue: The new norm in subscription

Subscription-based business models have already outpaced traditional businesses in sales and services over the last few years.

How technology is disrupting the property market

Technology is transforming the property market, and change is good.

Mini Cooper to soon feature JustPark easy parking app

Frustrated drivers take note: JustPark, an app that identifies free parking spaces, is now to grace the dashboard of the Mini and include commercial car parks in its offering.Read more:

China detains man for false rumuors over instant messenger

A man has been arrested in China for “spreading panic” on mobile messaging app WeChat, according to state media. The arrest came just hours after new rules on instant messaging tools.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Critical USB flaw means PC users ‘can never trust anything anymore’

Security researchers explained the flaw affects chips inside USB devices and can be used to spoof a PC into thinking it is any USB device and steal data in a number of elaborate ways.Read more:





Last Month's "Planet X" Announcement Was Probably Wrong

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "Last month, astronomers announced the discovery of the most distant body in the Solar System, a dwarf planet called 2012VP113.

GoDaddy Acqui-hires Founders Of Smart Calendaring App Canary

GoDaddy is again expanding its team focused on serving the needs of small business owners with the acquisition of a smart calendaring service called Canary. The deal for Canary is more of an “acqui-hire,” than acquisition,

Shrapnel Damage on Malaysia Plane Consistent With Missile Strike, Experts Say

Images from the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines jetliner show it is pockmarked with holes and tears, consistent with shrapnel damage from a missile strike, an expert tells Mashable.The photographs, taken by reporters and observers at the crash site in eastern Ukraine,


不久前,微软正式宣布,.NET开发框架(包括ASP.NET 5、Common Language Runtime […]


海诺威紫外线消毒技术在京荣获英国商业大奖年度最佳产品奖 上海2014年12月9日电 /美通社/ -- 全球安全、健康和环保科技的领军集团 -- 英国豪迈旗下紫外线消毒行家海诺威很高兴宣布其荣膺2014英国商业大奖年度最佳产品奖。

【原】iOSCoreAnimation动画系列教程(二):CAKeyFrameAnimation【包会】 - 编程小翁

=======================================================转载请注明 编程小翁@博客园,邮件,欢迎各位与我在C/C++/Objective-C/机器视觉等领域展开交流!======================...

科技名人 13 问:马特·罗杰斯

欢迎来到“ 科技名人 13 问 ”,这个栏目旨在展现创业公司、硬件和技术领域名人的真实一面。想知道你最喜欢的设计师是如何爱上技术的吗?对仰慕的风险投资人的遗愿清单感到好奇?想看到发起媒体炒作背后的人?

Greece readies new list of bailout reforms

Caught between its own defiant campaign pledges and pressure from creditors, Greece's left-wing government will deliver a list of reforms Tuesday to debt inspectors for final approval of extended rescue loans, officials said.See also:

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