This helpful app turns nonfiction books into 12-minute chunks

TL;DR: Become more well-read, 12 minutes at a time with the 12min reading app: A lifetime subscription is on sale for just $39.Between your demanding workload, an almost endless list of chores, and a hard-to-resist Netflix queue (no judgment here — we can't peel away from Money Heist, either),

These self-published authors are actually making a living. Here's how.

If you google the words "self-publishing stigma," you'll find enough material to fill a book.The search results for this phrase are packed with articles and blogs, many of which pose similar questions: Where does the stigma around self-published fiction come from? Is it justified?

'Kidding' showrunner on Ariana Grande and the power of healing

Fans of Showtime's Kidding are used to having our imaginations stretched, but Season 2, episode 5 pulled off a whole new fantasy. We spend the entire time inside an episode of Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time, complete with musical numbers, emotionally volatile puppets, and the fairy of hope (in flats!):

The best dating sites for finding a serious relationship in the UK

Anyone who's been doing the online dating thing for a while knows that there's hookup culture and then there's long-term relationship dating culture. Most dating sites have a mix of both, and after living with online dating as an increasingly ubiquitous option for the past 20 years,

Saudi officials order arrest of rapper over 'Girl from Mecca' YouTube video

Saudi officials have ordered the arrest of rapper Ayasel Slay after she released a music video for her song "Bint Mecca" or "Girl from Mecca" on YouTube. Authorities issued a statement saying the song "offends the customs and traditions" of the city's inhabitants.Islam's holiest city, Mecca,

Disney+ is finally available to pre-order in the UK

TL;DR: An annual subscription of Disney+ is available to pre-order for an introductory price of £49.99, saving you £10 on list price.We finally have some good news for fans of all things Disney in the UK: You can now pre-order an annual subscription of Disney+ for just £49.99.

John Oliver's deep dive on India's prime minister is a real eye-opener

So Trump's off to India this week. And given that he's previously referred to the country's prime minister, Narendra Modi, as "the father of India," John Oliver thought it would be a good time to examine that statement.

Feel the force of this animated Baby Yoda toy

TL;DR: The Star Wars Animatronic Edition Baby Yoda is available to pre-order for £50.54 on Amazon, and will be released on Dec. 1.Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm, and you can now get your hands on all sorts of official merchandise. Whether you're interested in clothing, figures, or toys,

15 of the most anticipated movies coming to Netflix this fall

Ready or not, Oscars season is upon us.Heading into fall, Netflix has snatched up the rights to a number of buzzy festival standouts — as well as brought in heavy hitters like Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, and Robert De Niro to lead a few of their in-house creations.

The maxed-out iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $1,449, and is even pricier in Europe

Last year, Apple shocked the world by launching its most expensive phones ever, with some models' cost extending far beyond the $1,000 mark. So what's the tally this year? The overall pricing for the new set of iPhones, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is just a tiny bit better,

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon's epic 'History Of Music Video Dancing' is pure joy

In case you needed more proof that Jennifer Lopez at 50 is hotter, fitter, and just plain better than you at any age, here's a video of the Hustlers star nailing some of the most iconic dances in music video history without breaking a sweat. (Jimmy Fallon is also there.


博鳌启示录 -- 郑春影:“中国品牌力量”与“东方美学精髓”上海2014年4月30日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年博鳌亚洲论坛上,中国经济发展的“三大动力”成为热点话题:向改革要动力,向调结构要动力,向改善民生要动力。


两家公司合作推出基于A4WP Rezence的消费产品 马萨诸塞州沃特敦和旧金山--(美国商业资讯)--远程无线电能输送行业先锋WiTricity今天宣布,该公司与英特尔公司(Intel Corporation)签署了一份技术授权协议。

iOS 8 Tips Apple’s Health Hand With Homegrown Step And Calorie Counting Features

Apple has a new beta for iOS 8 available to developers, and part of the fun are new built-in features for Health, its centralized health and fitness hub. The Health app is new in iOS 8, and designed to take signals from third-party providers,

Java ConcurrentModificationException异常原因和解决方法 - 海 子

Java ConcurrentModificationException异常原因和解决方法 在前面一篇文章中提到,对Vector、ArrayList在迭代的时候如果同时对其进行修改就会抛出java.util.ConcurrentModificationException异常。下面我们就来讨论以下这....

Air bags that shoot metal prompt demand for nationwide recall

DETROIT — U.S. safety regulators are demanding that automakers and Takata Corp. expand a nationwide a recall of vehicles with certain driver's side air bags equipped with inflators that can erupt and send metal fragments into the passenger compartment.The recall could affect millions of vehicles.


监控宝和告警宝之后,云智慧在今天推出旗下新产品透视宝。透视宝主要为移动应用提供崩溃反馈、分析和性能监测。根据云智慧 CEO 殷晋的描述:小米等互联网企业正在让家电变得智能化,Tesla 让每一部汽车都变成电脑。


极端组织伊斯兰国以擅于利用社交媒体传播宣称视频和照片著称。智库布鲁克林研究院发表报告《ISIS Twitter Census》,估计Twitter上有最多7万个亲伊斯兰国账号,保守估计有大约4.6万个。

Linux之旅:噩梦のubuntu安装 - 西瓜大叔

起因是这样的,前几天买了一块板,cc4-a80,买完发现悲剧了,本意是想找个step -> step 的Linux学习开发板,结果发现除了会开机,还是会开机!

San Andreas Is A Film Where Earthquakes Have A Vendetta Against The Rock

San Andreas is filled with ludicrous, special effects-laden chaos, and it paints its main character’s quest to reunite his family — an all-too-familiar disaster-movie trope — with the broadest possible strokes. But if you can put up with ridiculous science (and cheese), it’s a fun,

19 people who are definitely ready for the weekend

Bad weeks are inevitable.And sometimes, there's just no way you can fix a bad week. It just needs to be over. The weekend looming nearby is the only thing that can make things right; it just can't come soon enough.See also:

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