This helpful app turns nonfiction books into 12-minute chunks

TL;DR: Become more well-read, 12 minutes at a time with the 12min reading app: A lifetime subscription is on sale for just $39.Between your demanding workload, an almost endless list of chores, and a hard-to-resist Netflix queue (no judgment here — we can't peel away from Money Heist, either),

Stress test indicates the iPhone 11 Pro is quite durable, but don't expect miracles

During its iPhone 11 launch event earlier in September, Apple has put a lot of emphasis on the devices' increased durability. All three phones — the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max,

Billy Porter's powerful Emmys acceptance speech was a rallying cry for equality

We already know Billy Porter can make an entrance, but did you know he can give a pretty spectacular speech, too?At the 2019 Emmys on Sunday, the Pose star picked up the award for lead actor in a drama series — becoming the first openly gay black man to do so."The category is love, y'all, love,

Simba Hybrid mattress bundle on sale for over £400 off

TL;DR: The comfortable Simba Hybrid bundle is on sale for £785.40, saving you £401.60 on list price.Bundle deals really are great, because you get a bunch of products all at once, and you end up saving way more than if you bought them separately.

The best 4K TV deals in the UK this week: Philips, Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia, and more

TL;DR: The feature-packed LG 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV is on sale for £799, saving you over £600 on list price.It's not easy finding the best deals, especially when you're looking for a product that comes in a massive range of styles and specifications. Take 4K TV deals, for example.

The self-care revolution is finally coming to men

It's tough to practice real self-care when the internet's obsessed with #self-care. Let Mashable help with our new series Me, My Self-Care & I.Genuine question: Why don't we invite more men to become their #bestselves?At the risk of sounding like a men's rights activist Missing The Point Entirely,

Nintendo Switch, Kindle, SanDisk flash storage, AirPods, and more deals for Sept. 23

Are you always on the go and having your phone die on you mid-call due to a flat battery? If so, you are in luck as Amazon is offering this Anker PowerCore 13000mAh portable power bank for $24.99 (listed at $35.99). Giving you enough juice to charge your phone up to 5 times.

Last chance to pre-order 'FIFA 20' for under £40 on GAME

TL;DR: Pre-order FIFA 20 for £39.99 on GAME, after saving £10 from Quidco via cashback. Don't you dare say we didn't warn you. After months of telling you, again and again, that time is running out to pre-order FIFA 20 for discounted price,

15 of the most anticipated movies coming to Netflix this fall

Ready or not, Oscars season is upon us.Heading into fall, Netflix has snatched up the rights to a number of buzzy festival standouts — as well as brought in heavy hitters like Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet, and Robert De Niro to lead a few of their in-house creations.

The maxed-out iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $1,449, and is even pricier in Europe

Last year, Apple shocked the world by launching its most expensive phones ever, with some models' cost extending far beyond the $1,000 mark. So what's the tally this year? The overall pricing for the new set of iPhones, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is just a tiny bit better,

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon's epic 'History Of Music Video Dancing' is pure joy

In case you needed more proof that Jennifer Lopez at 50 is hotter, fitter, and just plain better than you at any age, here's a video of the Hustlers star nailing some of the most iconic dances in music video history without breaking a sweat. (Jimmy Fallon is also there.



There's a huge lack of confidence in public institutions, and that has an impact on digital initiati

As part of a panel discussion on building trust in the digital economy, Konrad Walser, a senior researcher at FH Bern spoke about the need for government to achieve trust in e-government initiatives.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Raytheon's Modular Missile Defense Snaps Together Like Lego Bricks

As the number and variety of air, space, and surface-based threats to our naval fleets continue to proliferate, defending against them all is getting harder and harder. But equipped with this new unified threat detection system from Raytheon,

Should you ban smartphones in your business?

Employees are becoming increasingly distracted by their smartphones in the workplace - so should you ban them in your business?Read more:

Twitter really doesn't want its top users to share Instagram links anymore

Twitter has a message for its top users: Stop sharing Instagram links.The social network sent out prompts Thursday to a batch of its high-profile users, nudging them not to tweet links to Instagram photos, and instead post photos directly through Twitter,

文章: 访谈:当开发者成为技术主管 如何领导团队


Brilliant Aurora Borealis sneaks further south thanks to solar storm

The Northern Lights made a guest appearance over portions of the northern hemisphere not normally treated to its magical colors on Monday night.The brilliant colors of the Aurora Borealis were visible in a large swath of sky, much further south than usual,


【导读】 大家还记得哪些一炮而红的产品么?什么脸萌啊,什么魔漫啊,什么足记啊,这些产品在红了以后为什么会那么快 ...

Microsoft's New Band Looks Much More Wearable

Microsoft’s super huge, Oct. 6 hardware event is quickly approaching, and while Windows enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting new Lumia smartphones and an upgrade to the apparently successful Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft’s black sheep, the Band, could bring with it a few surprises of its own.

微软:大家应该对Windows 10保持耐心

在Windows 10发布之后,Windows系统从常规的软件解决方案转变成了服务(WaaS),这个新概念让微软能够持续地对产品做更新,而且更新的速度也能做到更快。

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