Is the gig economy bill a disaster or triumph for ride-hailing? Depends on who you ask.

Uber and Lyft have been warning drivers about the end of flexible schedules, and passengers about more expensive rides that take longer to arrive, all thanks to a California bill that passed this week. But drivers and other gig workers are celebrating what could be a pathway to fair pay, benefits,

This gorgeous 4K TV is basically a work of art — and it's up to $1,250 off

TL;DR: Samsung's gorgeous 55-inch and 65-inch "The Frame" 4K TVs are on sale for up to $1,250 off with the code SAVE300 Feb. 28 through March 1.We've written about Samsung's "The Frame" 4K TV before, and here we are again because it's back on sale for a super low price. We're talking more than $1,

This cute tentacle robot will make you feel like a tiny Cthulhu

Not an Elder God or octopus, but still want to pick up things with tentacles? Look no further than this octopus-inspired soft robotic arm that you can use to manipulate objects. Created by the researchers at the Harvard John A.

Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' loses what made the book great

With an ambitious script, pitch-perfect soundtrack, and heartfelt performances, Netflix's All The Bright Places shows great attention to detail.From the top of Hoosier Hill to the dark waters of the Blue Hole, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch's Indiana-set romance is faithful with every frame.

Greedy snake gobbles entire beach towel, heroic vets extract the whole thing

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This Supreme Court case could criminalize online immigration activism. Here’s why.

When the Trump administration announced plans to phase out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2017 — the federal program which offers renewable legal status to undocumented immigrant children —  Twitter blew up overnight with hashtags like #HereToStay, #HomeIsHere and #DefendDACA.

Save over £200 on the Philips Series 9000 electric shaver

TL;DR: The Philips Series 9000 electric shaver is on sale for £160 on Amazon, saving you 59% on list price.This goes without saying but you should be looking after your face. You've only got one face, and you're stuck with each other for life.Your face deserves to be clean, fresh,

Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are on sale

TL;DR: 12-month subscriptions to Nintendo Switch Online are on sale for £13.99 on CD Keys, saving you 22% on list price.Some gamers are perfectly content with solo play, but most need the rush of competition. Your favourite gaming buddies won't always be on hand for a lengthy session,

Kobe Bryant dunks on the children he coached because they made fourth place

Kobe Bryant continues to make regrettable life decisions. The NBA star turned youth basketball coach was not happy about his team taking home fourth place two years ago, so he brought it up again on Instagram. The Mamba League doesn't look particularly happy either. 

Apple now lets you extend your iPhone warranty forever

With all the announcements at its big event yesterday, Apple kept one bit of news under wraps, quietly rolling out a new feature. Apple’s extended warranty plan, AppleCare+, will now be offered with a subscription-based payment plan option to customers.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey team up for 'The Office' podcast to take you down memory lane

Office frenemies and real-life best friends Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer will unite for Office Ladies, a podcast about the popular NBC sitcom fans still binge religiously to this day.According to CNN,


从英国牛津大学脱颖而出,专注于3D扫描技术商业化的创业公司Fuel3D,已获得来自SBRI Healthcare价值110万美元的3D医疗成像系统开发合同。

A Super Simple Siri Exploit Lets Anyone Text or Call Your Contacts

The iPhone lockscreen has never been completely secure. Past exploits allowed random people to access your photos or to make calls with a few choreographed swipes. The latest, however, can grant access to your full contact list through Siri and let a stranger call, text,



After A Series Of Maintenance Glitches, Bank Simple Rolls Out An Improved, Rebuilt Mobile App

After a particularly painful period of “scheduled maintenance” saw customers at online bank Simple losing access to their funds for a full day when things didn’t go exactly as planned, Simple has this morning rolled out a completely rebuilt version of its mobile application.

A cocktail cloud will let you get tipsy without opening your mouth

LONDON — Move over, powdered alcohol. This is the latest way to get drunk without actually drinkingPlayful food and drink experimentalists Bompas & Parr are creating a cocktail cloud in the UK capital later this month where visitors will able to breathe in their drinks.See also:

iOS 9新手入门——全新备忘录

在 iOS 9 中,苹果经彻底重新设计的备忘录 app,目的是方便每一个人以全新方式捕捉各种灵感。在备忘录已经增强了多项全新功能,包括用手指随意涂鸦,轻松创建核对清单来跟进待办事项,以及在备忘录中直接抓拍照片。



中国 HIV 的主要传播途径,到底是血液传播还是性传播,有没有统计数据做为支撑?





当日本的消费者走进必客家美乐(位于东京中心的一家七层楼的电子产品商城)手机专柜时,映入眼帘的第一幕将会是铺天盖地的 iPhone6s 广告,与位于其旁的夏普 Aquos 液晶电视以及索尼的 Xperia 系列手机大型广告牌相映成趣。然而三星却在这场闪电式营销大战中不见踪影,盖世 S6 蜗居一隅,紧贴着夏普推出的翻盖老人机旁。 全球派送的智能手机中有两成都是三星品牌的,但是在这个世界排名第三名的经济体——日本,你很难发现有谁在用三星手机。三星在日本数目为 3600 万的手机市场里占有率仅占 6%,与此同时,苹果却达到了 50% 的占有率。

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