Seth Meyers uses hilarious sports mascot fails to explain Trump’s John Bolton mess

Look, nobody seems to really know what happened between Donald Trump and recently-former national security adviser John Bolton — not even the TV hosts who were getting texts from Bolton himself live on air, contradicting Trump's tweets claiming Bolton was fired.

Stress test indicates the iPhone 11 Pro is quite durable, but don't expect miracles

During its iPhone 11 launch event earlier in September, Apple has put a lot of emphasis on the devices' increased durability. All three phones — the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max,

Billy Porter's powerful Emmys acceptance speech was a rallying cry for equality

We already know Billy Porter can make an entrance, but did you know he can give a pretty spectacular speech, too?At the 2019 Emmys on Sunday, the Pose star picked up the award for lead actor in a drama series — becoming the first openly gay black man to do so."The category is love, y'all, love,

Simba Hybrid mattress bundle on sale for over £400 off

TL;DR: The comfortable Simba Hybrid bundle is on sale for £785.40, saving you £401.60 on list price.Bundle deals really are great, because you get a bunch of products all at once, and you end up saving way more than if you bought them separately.

The best 4K TV deals in the UK this week: Philips, Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia, and more

TL;DR: The feature-packed LG 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV is on sale for £799, saving you over £600 on list price.It's not easy finding the best deals, especially when you're looking for a product that comes in a massive range of styles and specifications. Take 4K TV deals, for example.

The self-care revolution is finally coming to men

It's tough to practice real self-care when the internet's obsessed with #self-care. Let Mashable help with our new series Me, My Self-Care & I.Genuine question: Why don't we invite more men to become their #bestselves?At the risk of sounding like a men's rights activist Missing The Point Entirely,

Nintendo Switch, Kindle, SanDisk flash storage, AirPods, and more deals for Sept. 23

Are you always on the go and having your phone die on you mid-call due to a flat battery? If so, you are in luck as Amazon is offering this Anker PowerCore 13000mAh portable power bank for $24.99 (listed at $35.99). Giving you enough juice to charge your phone up to 5 times.

Last chance to pre-order 'FIFA 20' for under £40 on GAME

TL;DR: Pre-order FIFA 20 for £39.99 on GAME, after saving £10 from Quidco via cashback. Don't you dare say we didn't warn you. After months of telling you, again and again, that time is running out to pre-order FIFA 20 for discounted price,

Is the gig economy bill a disaster or triumph for ride-hailing? Depends on who you ask.

Uber and Lyft have been warning drivers about the end of flexible schedules, and passengers about more expensive rides that take longer to arrive, all thanks to a California bill that passed this week. But drivers and other gig workers are celebrating what could be a pathway to fair pay, benefits,

Kobe Bryant dunks on the children he coached because they made fourth place

Kobe Bryant continues to make regrettable life decisions. The NBA star turned youth basketball coach was not happy about his team taking home fourth place two years ago, so he brought it up again on Instagram. The Mamba League doesn't look particularly happy either. 

Apple now lets you extend your iPhone warranty forever

With all the announcements at its big event yesterday, Apple kept one bit of news under wraps, quietly rolling out a new feature. Apple’s extended warranty plan, AppleCare+, will now be offered with a subscription-based payment plan option to customers.



大屏iPhone来了 三星还有什么优势

写在前面:  4.7英寸和5.5英寸的新一代iPhone发布之后,苹果将三星曾经拥有的一大优势也拿过来使用了。之前有不少普通用户表示,不选择iPhone是因为屏幕太小,使用体验不够爽快。

Whoops, Elton John fell out of a chair

Turns out, musical talent does not go hand-in-hand with grace or balanceSir Elton John was attending some fancy tennis competition called the Statoil Masters at London's Royal Albert Hall and could not contain his excitement long enough to stay seated in an upright position in his chairSee also:


从外太空看到的地球美丽无比,这些照片是怎么拍下来的?原来,空间站上有一个最棒的拍照地点:穹顶舱。  不久前NASA公布了一组照片,终于揭开了宇航员们拍照位置的神秘面纱。穹顶舱是一个全自动工作站,允许宇 ... ...



The Northern Lights From The ISS Get Even Better

If the aurora happens in space, you probably can’t call it the Northern Lights. But names aside, this shot of an aurora (and the ISS bathed in moonlight) sure is pretty. Read more...


早上看到一个悲伤的消息,WWDC 2015 时间确定,意味着编辑记者们的红牛咖啡打鸡血熬夜时间确定。还有一个振奋人心的消息,暴雪力作《炉石传说》同时推出了 iOS 和 Android 的手机版,代表了最广大人民群众的游戏利益。

《复仇者联盟 2》的票房有可能超过当年大卖的《复仇者联盟》吗?



开发者 @图拉鼎 开发了第三方iOS微博客户端“奇点”,以及Mac上的快速启动工具Manico。今天中午开始,他通过自己的试验,发现大量用户众多的国内iOS应用成为昨日曝光的Xcode漏洞受害者。



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