Walmart Grocery is expanding its $98 per year ‘Delivery Unlimited’ subscription across the U.S.

Walmart is expanding its brand-new “Delivery Unlimited” grocery delivery membership program to more stores across the U.S.,with plans to reach over 50% of the country by year-end. The new program allows regular grocery delivery customers to pay either an annual fee of $98 or $12.

Teen hit Yolo raises $8M to let you Snapchat anonymously

It wasn’t a fad. Yolo became the country’s No. 1 app just a week after launch by letting teens ask for anonymous replies to questions they posted on Snapchat. But nine months later, Yolo is still in the top 100 iOS apps and has 10 million active users.

Relativity Space expands its rocket printing operations into an enormous new Long Beach HQ

Building a rocket is a big operation, even when you’re printing them from the ground up, like Relativity Space . The launch startup is graduating from its initial office, which is a bit cramped for assembling rockets,

The world Bob Iger made

There were the times when it seemed like Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger might be the last Hollywood executive standing. Yes,

If virtual worlds are so popular, why don’t we have them yet?

If virtual worlds are so enticing, why haven’t we already shifted to them as our online social hubs? The thought of virtual worlds for socializing evokes Second Life (launched in 2003), where users created unique avatars to socialize, build and trade with each other.

Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. What a week. What an insane, heart-stopping, odd, and stuffed week. I’m utterly exhausted. But, in better news, all of that great fodder for podcast and chat,

Geneva Motor Show canceled over coronavirus fears

The Geneva Motor Show is the latest trade show to cancel over fears of the coronavirus. The Swiss auto show is one of the largest car shows in the world and is usually the venue where high-end and exotic auto makers roll out new models and wild concepts. The show, like most auto shows, is […]

Indian research firm Convergence Catalyst is ready for its second act

A 9-year-old is smashing the shuttle far and wide, and frantically pacing back and forth on the court in Bangalore, India, as her competition refuses to back down. Her rival is not a human. She is playing against a machine that is mimicking the game of badminton legend P.V. Sindhu,

WeWork loses its chief communications officer ahead of planned IPO

It could just be a better job offer, but WeWork’s top communications executive, Jennifer Skyler, has announced to her contacts that she is leaving the co-working giant to become the chief corporate affairs officer at American Express later this fall.

How Kobalt is simplifying the killer complexities of the music industry

Backed by over $200 million in VC funding, Kobalt is changing the way the music industry does business and putting more money into musicians’ pockets in the process. In Part I of this series, I walked through the company’s founding story and its overall structure.

Mark Hurd, the co-CEO of Oracle, is taking a leave of absence, citing health reasons

Mark Hurd, one two CEOs leading the software giant Oracle, is taking a leave of absence owing to health reasons, he told employees in a letter today. Oracle has not specified what Hurd’s health issue is or how long he is expected to be away. Hurd joined Oracle nine years ago,

PS4's exclusive game 'Rime' was first pitched to Microsoft, only to be rejected

Developed by Tequila Works, an adventure game called 'Rime' (known then as Echoes of Siren) was originally pitched to Microsoft for the Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms as an exclusive title. Microsoft declined the pitch and the developer subsequently took the game to Sony,

Animoto:用手机做个优美的Slide Show

Animoto是一个让用户直接将手机中的照片生成Slide Show的应用,它提供了众多设计精良的模板,让整个作品质量直线上升。


微软上周为目前所支持的所有版本 IE 浏览器发布了一个计划外的安全更新,这个更新破例惠及了 Windows XP。

Microsoft opens 10 new stores in March, offers Surface, Dell Venue 8 Pro deals

Microsoft is spreading its retail stores across the US with March seeing the opening of 10 new specialty stores. Yesterday, four stores opened in Park Place, Tucson, AZ; Jordan Creek Town Center, Des Moines, IA; Ross Park Mall, Pittsburgh, PA; and Fayette Mall, Lexington, KY,

NYC Cans Its Big-Soda Ban

NEW YORK — Big sodas can stay on the menu in the Big Apple after New York state's highest court refused Thursday to reinstate the city's first-of-its-kind size limit on sugary drinks. But city officials suggested they might be willing to revisit the supersize-soda ban.

We Went to Scotland To See How Real Scotch Is Born

Among connoisseurs, scotch whisky is heralded as a complex delicacy. Listen in on a tasting: You'll swear they're describing an entire dinner entree, not a sip of booze. But scotch distillers need only three ingredients—and a barrel-full of technique—to make that magical elixir,






在观看《银河护卫队》之前,想必大部分人都对星爵的扮演者Chris Pratt比较陌生。其实,在美国,由其在系列喜剧《公园与游憩》出演的Andy Dwyer一角非常受人们的喜爱。

Your future kitchen knows when food is spoiling, tells you what to make for dinner

LAS VEGAS — In just a few years, your kitchen surfaces will know what ingredients are sitting in your fridge, alert you when they're about to spoil and tell you what to make for dinner.

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