Elon Musk promises to take Tesla Model S to ‘Plaid’ with new powertrain

Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised a more powerful powertrain option in future Model S, Model X and the next-generation Roadster sports car that will push acceleration and speed beyond the current high bar known as Ludicrous mode. Musk tweeted Wednesday evening “the only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid,

Amazon’s ‘Fleabag’ wins four Emmys, including best comedy series

Amazon must be pretty happy after tonight’s primetime Emmy Awards, where its shows “Fleabag” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” dominated the comedy categories. “Fleabag” did particularly well, winning the big award for Comedy Series,

How Peloton made sweat addictive enough to IPO

It makes lazy people like me work out. That’s the genius of the Peloton bicycle. All you have to do is velcro on the shoes and you’re trapped. You’ve eliminated choice and you will exercise. Through a succession of savvy product design choice I’ll break down here,

100 Thieves’ Nadeshot and Scooter Braun are coming to Disrupt

If you’re at all familiar with esports, chances are you’ve heard of 100 Thieves. The esports org, founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, has grown over the past couple years into an absolute powerhouse of esports and a household name for those who follow gaming.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ is still the most soothing reality show around

“Terrace House” (a co-production between Netflix and Fuji Television) is back, and it hasn’t changed much since we reviewed it last year. As with previous seasons, “Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020” features six cast members (three men and three women,

As Adam Neumann reportedly faces pressure to step down, it’s looking like a fight for life between W

According to a new WSJ report, certain members of WeWork’s seven-person board, which includes cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann, are planning to pressure Neumann to step down and instead become We’s non-executive chairman. The move, says the outlet,

TechCrunch Disrupt offers plenty of options for attendees with an eye on the enterprise

We might have just completed a full-day program devoted completely to enterprise at TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise last week, but it doesn’t mean we plan to sell that subject short at TechCrunch Disrupt next month in San Francisco. In fact,

iPhone 11 Pro teardown reveals smaller logic board, larger battery

iFixit has disassembled Apple’s new iPhone models, which tells us more about the differences with last year’s phones. iFixit shot a live-stream video of the iPhone 11 Pro teardown and wrote a guide for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Walmart Grocery is expanding its $98 per year ‘Delivery Unlimited’ subscription across the U.S.

Walmart is expanding its brand-new “Delivery Unlimited” grocery delivery membership program to more stores across the U.S.,with plans to reach over 50% of the country by year-end. The new program allows regular grocery delivery customers to pay either an annual fee of $98 or $12.

WeWork loses its chief communications officer ahead of planned IPO

It could just be a better job offer, but WeWork’s top communications executive, Jennifer Skyler, has announced to her contacts that she is leaving the co-working giant to become the chief corporate affairs officer at American Express later this fall.

How Kobalt is simplifying the killer complexities of the music industry

Backed by over $200 million in VC funding, Kobalt is changing the way the music industry does business and putting more money into musicians’ pockets in the process. In Part I of this series, I walked through the company’s founding story and its overall structure.

Unity 5 - the new realistic game engine that might power your next Windows Phone game

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is almost upon us and this event is focused on bringing together game developers, designers, professionals, and people that are involved in the development of games. Unity, as we all know, powers quite a few visually stunning games on the mobile front,

5 Organizations to Support on World Water Day

In honor of this year’s World Water Day, a number of organizations are working on forward-looking clean-water initiativesThese initiatives are helping protect our planet's water supply in a variety of ways,

Skip the Nail Holes In Your Wall With This Sticker Clock

Not keen on the idea of creating a nail hole in your drywall just so you can hang a wall clock? Designer Jamie Wolfund's found a better way—kind of—as long as you don't mind repainting when it's time to take it down. Instead of nails or screws,

UN attempts to stave off Skynet-like apocalypse with debate on killer robots

While the technology for autonomous killer robots is still a little way in the future, it appears the idea has some members of the United Nations a little rattled.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/12/un-to-debate-allowing-killer-robots-to-roam-the-earth/


据日本媒体报道,软银已经就收购美国运营商 T-Mobile 美国(T-Mobile US Inc.)与后者母公司德国电信达成初步协议,交易价值超过 1040 亿元人民币。

Hands On With Sprint's Sharp Aquos Crystal Smartphone

Sharp's first U.S. Aquos-brand smartphone entry, available now on the Sprint network, is no spec-buster, but its elegant, edge-to-edge screen does evoke the nothing-but screen phones typically seen in most sci-fi television and film fare.The 5-inch, 4.

[图]谷歌Hangouts服务整合新进展:逐渐抛弃Google Voice

在今年三月谷歌就有计划逐渐放弃Google Voice,把它的功能逐渐整合到Hangouts服务中,尽管依然没有确切的整合完成时间,但最近曝光的截图显示经过几个月的努力该项目已经获得了新的进展,在点击“Turn it on!


上海2015年3月9日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最大的高性能太阳能产品制造商之一晶澳太阳能(纳斯达克:JASO)(以下简称“晶澳”)今天宣布顺利完成应用于1500V最大系统电压光伏组件的开发,并从2015年2月起开展全球发布活动。


早报导语 4月30日,知名匿名社交应用Secret CEO David Byttow宣布将关闭Secret平台 […]


-- 跨省联袂提升本地化服务 上海2015年5月15日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年5月13日,全球领先的厨具产品检测和认证服务提供商德国莱茵TUV,携手TUV莱茵中山燃气实验室,与位于山东省滨州市博兴县兴福镇的山东省厨具产品质量监督检验中心(以下简称“山东省厨具质检中心”)今天正式签订合作协议,共同为促进“中国厨都”厨具产业的发展提供强大的技术支持。

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