Elon Musk promises to take Tesla Model S to ‘Plaid’ with new powertrain

Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised a more powerful powertrain option in future Model S, Model X and the next-generation Roadster sports car that will push acceleration and speed beyond the current high bar known as Ludicrous mode. Musk tweeted Wednesday evening “the only thing beyond Ludicrous is Plaid,

Teen hit Yolo raises $8M to let you Snapchat anonymously

It wasn’t a fad. Yolo became the country’s No. 1 app just a week after launch by letting teens ask for anonymous replies to questions they posted on Snapchat. But nine months later, Yolo is still in the top 100 iOS apps and has 10 million active users.

Relativity Space expands its rocket printing operations into an enormous new Long Beach HQ

Building a rocket is a big operation, even when you’re printing them from the ground up, like Relativity Space . The launch startup is graduating from its initial office, which is a bit cramped for assembling rockets,

The world Bob Iger made

There were the times when it seemed like Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger might be the last Hollywood executive standing. Yes,

If virtual worlds are so popular, why don’t we have them yet?

If virtual worlds are so enticing, why haven’t we already shifted to them as our online social hubs? The thought of virtual worlds for socializing evokes Second Life (launched in 2003), where users created unique avatars to socialize, build and trade with each other.

Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. What a week. What an insane, heart-stopping, odd, and stuffed week. I’m utterly exhausted. But, in better news, all of that great fodder for podcast and chat,

Geneva Motor Show canceled over coronavirus fears

The Geneva Motor Show is the latest trade show to cancel over fears of the coronavirus. The Swiss auto show is one of the largest car shows in the world and is usually the venue where high-end and exotic auto makers roll out new models and wild concepts. The show, like most auto shows, is […]

Indian research firm Convergence Catalyst is ready for its second act

A 9-year-old is smashing the shuttle far and wide, and frantically pacing back and forth on the court in Bangalore, India, as her competition refuses to back down. Her rival is not a human. She is playing against a machine that is mimicking the game of badminton legend P.V. Sindhu,

Walmart Grocery is expanding its $98 per year ‘Delivery Unlimited’ subscription across the U.S.

Walmart is expanding its brand-new “Delivery Unlimited” grocery delivery membership program to more stores across the U.S.,with plans to reach over 50% of the country by year-end. The new program allows regular grocery delivery customers to pay either an annual fee of $98 or $12.

WeWork loses its chief communications officer ahead of planned IPO

It could just be a better job offer, but WeWork’s top communications executive, Jennifer Skyler, has announced to her contacts that she is leaving the co-working giant to become the chief corporate affairs officer at American Express later this fall.

How Kobalt is simplifying the killer complexities of the music industry

Backed by over $200 million in VC funding, Kobalt is changing the way the music industry does business and putting more money into musicians’ pockets in the process. In Part I of this series, I walked through the company’s founding story and its overall structure.



[图]Google Maps现开始提供朝鲜导航功能

据外媒报道,谷歌公司又再次“进入”封闭的朝鲜。人们现可以在Google Maps中找到朝鲜的卫星图,这也意味着人们可以在朝鲜境内使用谷歌导航系统。早在去年,谷歌就已经开始在Google Map Maker中添加了对朝鲜的支持。

Indiegogo Campaign Hacked This Weekend, But Wasn’t Part Of A Widespread Attack

A campaign page on Indiegogo was hacked over the weekend, making it appear as if the Indiegogo team itself had taken down the campaign and closed the page. However, the hack does not appear to be indicative of a wider breach of Indiegogo security. Instead,


数据挖掘的目的,就是从数据中找到更多的优质用户。 什么是有指导的数据挖掘方法模型,以及数据挖掘如何构建模型。在构建一个有指导的数据挖掘模型,首先要理解和定义一些模型试图估计的目标变量。

Tim Cook 谈 Apple Watch、电视、iPod 以及 iPhone 的影响力

在早些时候的 WSJD 上,Tim Cook 与华尔街日报总编辑 Gerard Baker 进行了一次对话。期间他除了谈到 Apple Pay...






体育数据和分析领域的领导者扩大业务版图,并通过比赛和运动员表现跟踪完善现有解决方案 芝加哥--(美国商业资讯)--STATS LLC今天宣布该公司已完成对Prozone的收购,后者是运动员跟踪和体育运动表现分析的先驱。


前几天跟老大去拜访了一个做情趣应用的公司,请教了一些关于社区运营的知识,总体来说不是非常满意,特别是他们运营总 ...


量子加速计算出现的速度可能超过我们预期。根据微软量子实验室工作人员预测,可工作的量子器件将在未来10年之内出现。 他们表示,量子系统控制的最新改进,让十年之内最终建立一个可工作的量子计算机变成现实。

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