Google is pulling the plug on YouTube's TV-friendly browser interface

Enjoy YouTube's "leanback" interface while you can. A pop-up message on the streaming video site's TV-friendly landing page says it'll be gone soon.There's no indication of when it will be going away or why, but Mashable reached out to Google for comment.

Spotify's new road trip playlist generator is pretty neat!

I am a begrudging fan of algorithmic playlists. I miss putting together my own "new favorite songs" lists and assembling the perfect order of tunes for a burned CD. But damn if Spotify's Discover Weekly and Your Daily Mix playlists aren't convenient, and generally, really good.

Sam's Club is offering Black Friday deals on TVs, smart home devices, and more

Heads up, Sam's Club members: The warehouse club's Black Friday 2019 ad just hit the web tipping some great deals on laptops, TVs, gaming gear, DSLR cameras, fitness trackers, and moreSam's Club will offer Black Friday deals on its website on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28,

Disney+ will fix 'The Simpsons' aspect ratio fail in 2020

Disney+ launched to great fanfare and plenty of success on Nov. 12, but the hottest streaming service in town wasn't without its warts. Luckily, it looks like its most unforgivable sin will be fixed in the near-ish future.In a statement given to The AV Club,

Céline Dion weighs in on whether Jack could have fit on that 'Titanic' door

It's been 22 years since the world watched Rose survive the Titanic by holing up on a floating door. But our hearts have gone on for Jack, who surely could have lived, too, if Rose had just scooted over.

A rich white guy reclaimed his 'richest person' title, but we all still lose

The two-way race for which white tech man has the most unfathomable amount of money seesawed again on Friday. Jeff Bezos has led the pack for most of 2019 as the richest rich guy, with about $110 billion in the bank. Nipping at his sumptuously adorned heels has been Bill Gates,

Photos of Ford's electric Mustang Mach-E leak ahead of its big reveal

Someone at Ford hit publish a little too early.Ahead of its planned Sunday reveal, the Ford website briefly allowed clever users to see the full webpage for the electric Mustang Mach-E. This was spotted by the enterprising folks at Mach-E Forums,

'Joker' is the first R-rated movie ever to make $1 billion at the box office

It's not even close.Joker's worldwide box office earnings hit a total of of $999.1 million on Thursday. So if it hasn't happened already, it's going to be official by the end of the weekend: Joker will become the first R-rated movie in Hollywood history with a $1 billion box office.

Life-size Lego model honors the great Iron Man

Things may not have ended well for Iron Man in Avengers: Engame, but the beloved hero will live on in fans' hearts and, of course, their Lego recreations.At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, for instance, a team of Lego builders created a stunning life-size model of Iron Man, which stands at 6.

10 free audiobook sites for discovering your next literary obsession

Great literature is closer than you think, and you don't even need to visit a bookstore or pick up your e-reader to find it. If you haven't got time to sit down with a book — or if you just like being read to — check out one of these sites, which allow access to thousands of free audiobooks.

AirPods, Google Pixel 3a XL, Surface Pro 6, iPhone 11, and more deals for Sept. 15

Have you already pre-ordered the iPhone 11? If so, why use the headphones that are included in the box when you can snag yourself the latest AirPods with wireless charging case for $149.99 after coupon code at Rakuten.Need a new laptop or desktop for work?

C# 关于Try/Catch对系统性能影响的总结 - 雲霏霏


Inside The Spotify – Echo Nest Music Skunkworks

Truffle Pig is just one of the new musical inventions dreamed up at the sonic skunkworks born from Spotify’s $100 million acquisition of The Echo Nest. Deep inside Spotify’s New York headquarters, the team gave me a peek how the combined company plans to nail recommendations,

7 tips for creating a functional home workspace

Maybe you’re tired of schlepping into the office every day. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t love your micromanaging boss. In an effort to score some more work-life balance (and never have to set eyes on The Micromanager again),

索尼不自信了?是否推Vita 2掌机还是未知数

索尼电脑娱乐全球工作室(Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios)总裁吉田修平(Shuhei Yoshida)日前在EGX 2015英国游戏展上表示,当前的游戏环境不利于掌机的发展,何时推出新一代Vita掌机还是个未知数。

ASP.NET MVC (Razor)开发 <<周报与绩效考核系统>> 总结与分享 - sheng.chao


Android开发手记(18) 数据存储三 SQLite存储数据 - doodle777

Android为数据存储提供了五种方式:1、SharedPreferences2、文件存储3、SQLite数据库4、ContentProvider5、网络存储 SQLite 是以嵌入式为目的而设计的轻型数据库,运行起来占用的资源非常低,通常只需要几百K的内存就足够了。

坐飞机刷朋友圈不再是梦 空中联网正式走向商用


干货 | 创业初期,如何免费获得天使用户?

天使用户对所有初期产品都是必须的。如果能够拥有量大、质高的天使用户,将会让产品爆发的时间更短。相较于其他产品而 ...

註冊 Uber Travel 專利 叫車公司涉足旅行業務

以「每個人的私人司機」作招徠,提供電召客車服務的 Uber 計仔多多,推出不同形式的宣傳吸客。他們似乎不甘於只當提供電召客車服務,繼早前推出 Uber Food 餐飲快遞服務後,稍後將涉足旅遊業。早前 Uber 取得了一項旅遊相關的專利,Uber Travel 將會提供包括客車在內的旅遊服務。以下有更多資料The post 註冊 Uber Travel 專利 叫車公司涉足旅行業務 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


为丰富Android应用和游戏体验,Google于今天宣布允许用户在应用安装之前有10分钟的犹豫期,在连接WiFi网络下可在搜索结果中拥有最多10分的应用试玩时间来确定是否要下载这款应用程序。该项目名为“Search Trial Run Ads”,目前已经向美国境内的部分广告主提供了测试版本。

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