Please enjoy Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley dancing to Lizzo's 'Truth Hurts'

The truth is, Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" is the anthem we needed in 2019.The song was released in 2017, but it recently surged in popularity, topping the charts, bringing us laughter and joy in the form of DNA test memes, and even gaining the attention of people like Hillary Clinton. With a catchy beat,

Coronavirus lockdowns mean bad business for drug dealers, too

The fate of your favorite bar or takeout place may have crossed your mind during lockdown, but have you taken a moment to consider how your local drug dealer's been making out during the crisis, too?According to a new report by cybersecurity firm Sixgill,

HBO Max vs. HBO Go and HBO Now: What makes each service different

There are now three streaming services with HBO's name on them. Wednesday marked the official launch of HBO Max, a hyped-up new streaming service that is entirely separate from HBO Go and HBO Now. You may or may not already have a functioning HBO Max account without even knowing it. No,

This endless wave pool is actually a massive LED display — Future Blink

“Wave” is a free outdoor display in the Gangnum-Gu area of South Korea. Read more...More about Tech, Art, Mashable Video, Led Lights, and Future Blink

This fully-rollable VR experience will have your head spinning — Future Blink

eight360's NOVA combines a spherical rotation device with the latest VR technology to create a thrilling experience. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Fun, Vr Experience, and Future Blink

Ben Schwartz picks his dream Space Force team

Ben Schwartz plays F. Tony Scarapiducci in the upcoming Netflix series, "Space Force," so we asked him to put together a dream team of astronauts from his favorite TV shows. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Steve Carell, Ben Schwartz, Tv Show, and Space Force

Samsung Money debit card to launch this summer

Samsung unveiled Wednesday a new partnership with Mastercard and fintech company SoFi to offer a new "mobile-first money management experience" called Samsung Money.The experience consists of a Mastercard debit card managed with the aid of online personal finance company SoFi.

Kellyanne Conway unleashes trolls on Twitter's head of site integrity

Kellyanne Conway is not above a good old-fashioned Twitter harassment campaign. As counselor to President Donald Trump, Conway speaks with the full force of MAGA trolls at her beck and call. On Wednesday, following Twitter's decision to fact-check two of Trump's tweets,

Ash Ketchum is FINALLY a Pokémon League champion and fans are going bonkers

Ash Ketchum is finally a winner.After more than two decades of struggles and near-misses in the Pokémon League, Ash finally scored himself a championship trophy. It happened in the latest episode as the Alolan League came to a close, more than 1,000 episodes into the long-running anime.

Meme declares it's finally fall, now you 'can really start dressin'

Colder weather is coming and you know what that means? Now you can really start dressing.As the Twitter-verse transitions from summer to fall, a familiar meme has returned to celebrate the fashion of the fall season.People are becoming increasingly excited to wear jeans, jackets, tights,

Unpacking Mike Fiers' incredibly bizarre baseball beard

It's been a tough weekend for hair.As many of you know, Joe Keery got rid of his iconic luscious locks (RIP,) and now, we have the curious case of Mike Fiers' beard to discuss. For those who missed it,

苹果或又被专利诱饵盯上 称其地图GPS侵权

威锋网讯  美国导航系统公司( AmNav )已经向苹果提起了专利侵权诉讼。专利侵权诉讼涉及苹果的 i 设备使用的 GPS 技术。根据 AmNav 的诉讼文件,他们专利的发明者“设想出便携式设备显示 GPS 实时数据的方式。 

Gawker It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun | Jalopnik Apparently Lowrider Fighting Is A Thi

Gawker It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun | Jalopnik Apparently Lowrider Fighting Is A Thing | Jezebel Violence Against Women Will End When You Sluts Get Married, Says WaPo | Kotaku The Internet Reacts To Nintendo's E3 Presentation | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...

Oberlin College students voice concerns about dining hall 'cultural appropriation'

Cultural appropriation is an ongoing social issue but it's the relation to food that is now garnering national attention at Oberlin CollegeThe Oberlin Review reported on Dec.

Administrator cancels school with a little help from Adele

Adele, a.k.a. the queen reviving near obsolete forms of communication, has certainly sparked a creativity deep within our souls"Hello" has inspired a multitude of covers, conversations with exes and social experiments,

VR 策略上,谁在模仿苹果?Facebook 还是 Google

: Android Wear 2.0 深入探討 透過機器學習調整你的健康狀態

對手錶來說,可以被動式記錄所有活動的數據,這部分比手機全面多了! 針對此次Android Wear 2.0更新中被列為重點項目的健身應用功能,我們與Android Wear Fitness軟體研發負責人胡浩霖 (Vince Wu)作了簡單訪談,藉此了解Google如何在此次更新中規劃全新功能。閱讀全文

华为Mate 9智能助手体验:打造创新智能化服务

11月14日,华为Mate9正式在国内开售。这款被外界称为引领全球智能手机市场风向的年度旗舰机型,凭借其震撼的软硬件体验以及对智能的重新诠释,出色实现了智能手机的又一次突破。其中,焕新打造的华为智能助手尤其值 ... ...

This sponge-like material is the strongest and lightest ever known

Graphene, an ultra-thin sheet of carbon, was discovered in 2004, becoming the strongest material ever known. Now scientists have found a way to transform it from its natural two-dimensional shape into a stable three-dimensional form. This new form is 10 times stronger than steel. Read more...

歐洲零售商庫存資料流出!Galaxy S8 價格曝光售 7,500 港元起

為進一步確保產品質素,較早前 Samsung 已表明 Galaxy S8 將不會在 MWC 2017 上發表,而發售日期更有可能會推遲到 4 月。雖則正式推出時間應該要再等一排才揭盅,但近日有歐洲零售商卻意外地流出庫存資料,當中不但列明 Galaxy S8 及 S8+ 的發售日及售價,同時亦顯示出可供選擇的顏色。以下有更多資料:The post 歐洲零售商庫存資料流出!Galaxy S8 價格曝光售 7,500 港元起 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

欲盖弥彰:Windows10 S和Surface的马甲游戏

编者按:本文来自微信公众号“班门弄斧”,作者孙永杰,关注ICT领域,文章秉承独家、独特、独立的观点理念。近日,微软在纽约召开发布会,宣布针对教师和学生推出一系列教育类产品和服务,其中包括Windows 10 S操作系统、Windows 10 S设备Surface Laptop、为现代协作课堂打造的Microsoft Teams、《我的世界》的新功能、激发创意的混合现实等新产品和服务。其中Windows 10 S和Surface Laptop作为此次发布的重头引起了业内的关注。

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