John McAfee: Revolutionary, not crazy

McAfee built a multi-billion dollar software security business, went a little nuts, and now wants to go revolutionary, fighting for freedom.Read more:

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John McAfee: Revolutionary, not crazy

McAfee built a multi-billion dollar software security business, went a little nuts, and now wants to go revolutionary, fighting for freedom.Read more:

Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

A while ago you had a chance to ask John McAfee about his past, politics, and what he has planned for the future. As usual, John answered with extreme frankness, with some interesting advice for anyone stuck at a checkpoint in the third world.

Virtru, A Secure Email App Built By An Ex-NSA Engineer, Raises $6M

Revelations about how the NSA tracks users online, the growth of malicious hacking and a general move towards people wanting more privacy in their online interactions have all contributed to a surge of apps that offer users ways to control how the content they create is used online.

SourceClear Raises $1.5M Seed Round For Its Software Security Platform

Modern development frameworks and libraries can make writing software quite a bit easier, but at the same time, hackers are also aware of this and they specifically target popular frameworks to find potential exploits. Unless you constantly track alerts and update your frameworks religiously,

This Year’s Boston Red Sox Could Be An Argument Against Data-Driven Decision Making

For several years now, we’ve been hearing that we should follow that data and the truth will set our businesses free, but one of the chief proponents of data-driven decision making are sports teams.

Announcing Your Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield Final Judges: Borthwick, Botha, Dixon, Mayer, Pokorny

Welcome to sunny New York City, where people wear jackets to parties and time is of the essence! As you can probably guess, our whole team is here for the Disrupt NY conference at the Manhattan Center. We're really excited about this year's lineup, which includes Marissa Mayer,

Paranoia Made Me a Better Computer User

“You don’t want to end up on the Wall of Sheep.” That’s the last thing my editor told me before I flew to Las Vegas to hang out at the infamous hacker convention DEF CON. A week later, I found myself standing in front of the wall, looking frantically for my name and password.

EU ruling makes it easier to get evidence from tech companies

However not everyone supports the new guidelines.

UK businesses being let down by the government on cybercrime

Sensitive political and business environment has deflected attention away from security, report claims.

Huawei CFO held on fraud charges, court says

Meng Wanzhou allegedly misled bankers, court claims.

Defeating the Death Star: How RDP attacks exploit security gaps

The modern business equivalent of the Thermal Exhaust Port is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which could be leaving companies vulnerable to catastrophic attack.

NHS ordered to stop using fax machines

Health Secretary looks to do away with "absurd" outdated hardware.

Cloud, applications, security and data privacy – what do the experts think is coming up next in 2019

To get the inside track on what the industry thinks is coming next in 2019, we spoke to a range of IT experts to find the trends that will shape the year to come in technology.

Securing industrial control systems by closing the air gap security loophole

Air-gapping is one of the most common ways ICS are protected, however, organisations’ interpretation of how to isolate networks often varies.

Could the SketchFactor app be construed as racist?

The app, created by New York entrepreneurs, uses the wisdom of the crowd to identify bad neighborhoods and the Twitterverse says it is racist. Read more:

AVG and Opera team up for browser-security bundle

While many of us would prefer our web browser to come bare bones, and avoid things like toolbars that frequently ride along with free software, there are those folks who like a few extras...Read more:

Is it possible that a robot will be doing your job in 2025?

We discuss a new study in which half of all experts said yes, robots and AI will have a significant impact on jobs in a decade's time.Read more:

BAT 加速在线旅游布局,佰程旅行网获阿里及宽带资本近2000千万美元 B轮融资

O2O出境游服务提供商佰程旅行网近日宣布已完成数额近 2000万美元的 B 轮融资,投资方为阿里及宽带资本,以阿里为主。资金将主要用于品牌推广、提升服务以及互联网建设三个方面。



Google Glass and Apple Watch: Intrusive vs non-intrusive wearables

Where do we draw the line when it comes to wearables? Are more intrusive devices like Google Glass going to be detrimental to society in the long run?Read more:

苹果:我们是这样给新 iPhone 做弯曲测试的(视频)

在看过那么多新 iPhone...


在敏捷之旅布鲁塞尔站2014大会上,Jas Chong做了题为《敏捷中的HR和HR中的敏捷》的演讲。她讲述了一个案例研究,其中,她作为变革经理与敏捷教练为组织引入敏捷和精益的做法。



法如收购ARAS 360 Technologies Inc.

通过此次收购,法如继续拓展至执法市场 佛罗里达州玛丽湖2015年2月6日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最值得信赖的三维测量、成像和实现技术供应商法如科技(FARO Technologies, Inc.) (NASDAQ:




根据发表在《Nature Photonics》期刊上的研究报告,哈佛大学的研究人员通过向脂肪细胞注入光,将它们变成微型自足的生物激光器。这项技术被一些科学家认为“非常酷”。

replace 替换全部的正确姿势 - 乱码.

本文转自我的个人博客: all.html关于字符串替换问题,其实是个很简单的问题,但却也不那么简单,至少对于很多新手而言,全局替换一直是个坑。

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