Xbox Game Pass for PC to welcome The Outer Worlds, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, and more in October

Following the additions of Dishonored 2 and Cities Skylines last week, Xbox Game Pass for PC is about to welcome 7 new games in October including The Outer Wilds and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 now supports third-party widgets

If apps like Steam and Discord already come with their own gaming overlay, Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar has already become much more versatile by welcoming third-party widgets for Razer and XSplit.

Microsoft Teams free users can now create video meetings

Microsoft is finally allowing Teams users logged in with free Microsoft account to create meetings. Microsoft has started rolling out this free Meetings feature on June 2, 2020.

Build “attendees” in US and Canada get big discount offers on Xbox, Office, Windows from Microsoft’s

Microsoft is sending out invites for people to sign up to buy digital items from the Microsoft Company store at highly discounted prices.

Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your camera with Microsoft Teams

Here's a look at some tips to get the most out of your webcam in Microsoft Teams.

Bing gets a new dark mode on mobile and new Microsoft Rewards flyout menu, too

Bing on mobile has gotten a new dark mode on mobile, as well as a new Microsoft Rewards flyout menu.

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge will soon replace the legacy version : here’s what you need to k

Microsoft Edge will finally begin rolling out to Windows 10 users via Windows Update, and installing the new browser will trigger some important changes in Windows.

Microsoft Teams to get new Information pane, pinned posts, and suggested replies on mobile

This week, Microsoft has unveiled three interesting new features which will soon make their way to Microsoft Teams; a brand-new Information pane, the capability to pin posts, as well as suggested replies specifically for mobile users.

How to set a timer on a Windows 10 PC

Need to set a timer on Windows 10? You don’t have to visit a website or install extra software. Instead, open your Start menu and launch the “Alarms & Clock” app. Click the “Timer” button in the tab bar at the top of the app. This screen lets you configure multiple timers and save them […]

Microsoft Edge Insider Dev channel updated with improved messaging and reporting capabilities

The latest Dev build, now at version is a relatively small release, but it does introduce some minor new features.

Windows 10 20H1 build 18999 is out for Fast Ring Insiders, here’s what’s fixed, and what isn’t

Microsoft this afternoon just released Windows Insider build 18999 for Fast Ring Insiders.





[图]售$179 惠普首款Chromebox正式发售

今年二月份惠普做出承诺将会尽快推出Chromebox,而今天首款Chromebox正式登陆惠普官方页面,起售价格为$179.这款搭载Chrome OS系统的桌面设备内置1.4GHz的英特尔赛扬2955U双核处理器,16GB内置储存2GB内存,支持蓝牙4.

D-Link友讯:让家庭云监控 为孩子保驾护航

上海2014年8月26日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,“2个月女婴失踪”成为了网上最为热议的话题之一,苏州一位仅2个月的女婴在家中被陌生人抱走,数日后才被警方找到。

闲谈线程安全问题 - 漫步枫


Sony A7S II 发布!五轴防震配上超高感度的组合成为现实

在今天的 IBC 2015 大会上,Sony 很迅速地将 A7S II 端上了舞台(如上图,不意外的长得就跟 A7R II 与 A7 II 一样),然后很快地就拿下了舞台 -- 根本快闪啊!

Translation Startup Unbabel Unveils New Smartcheck Technology

Unbabel, a startup backed by Y Combinator, that combines human editing and machine learning into an online translation platform, announced a new feature today called Smartcheck. The system consists of a translation service built on top of an intelligent translation engine.


10 月 7 日,诺基亚周三宣布,以 166 亿美元收购阿尔卡特朗讯(以下简称阿朗)交易完成后,诺基亚高管将在合并后的新公司管理团队中占主导地位。  诺基亚 CEO 拉吉夫苏立(Rajeev Suri)称:收购阿朗交易进展顺利 ... ...

视频演讲: SDN/NFV 2.0架构剖析

创新每天都在发生,而数据也在成倍增长,企业IT系统目前正经受着前所未有的挑战。因此在新的挑战下,基于云计算的IT架构逐渐成为面向未来的企业IT新形态,云计算凭借灵活、弹性扩展、高效和低成本等特点,逐渐在企业应用中表现出明显优势。而SDN同样因其特性而在云计算领域中拥有着广泛的应用空间,作为全球首家将SDN/NFV技术商用的云服务供应商,青云一直致力于将软件定义做到极致,因此在本次分享中,青云也将首次披露关于其划时代的SDN/NFV重新定义网络技术、企业级多维度SDS存储解决方案、智能P2P运维机器人管理平台,以及软件定义的其他云计算组件等的技术细节。 By 陈海泉

Redefining The Axiom Of Story: The VR And 360 Video Complex

Virtual reality: the wild west; the new frontier; the land of opportunity. Barons, cowboys, gunslingers and outlaws all vying for their voice by rushing for content gold in this unbridled sphere of influence — but they are stumbling in the thicket of the emigrant trails.

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