“Spooky” Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned update coming October 16th

Microsoft just announced the next monthly content update to the Sea of Thieves game for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 now supports third-party widgets

If apps like Steam and Discord already come with their own gaming overlay, Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar has already become much more versatile by welcoming third-party widgets for Razer and XSplit.

Microsoft Teams free users can now create video meetings

Microsoft is finally allowing Teams users logged in with free Microsoft account to create meetings. Microsoft has started rolling out this free Meetings feature on June 2, 2020.

Build “attendees” in US and Canada get big discount offers on Xbox, Office, Windows from Microsoft’s

Microsoft is sending out invites for people to sign up to buy digital items from the Microsoft Company store at highly discounted prices.

Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your camera with Microsoft Teams

Here's a look at some tips to get the most out of your webcam in Microsoft Teams.

Bing gets a new dark mode on mobile and new Microsoft Rewards flyout menu, too

Bing on mobile has gotten a new dark mode on mobile, as well as a new Microsoft Rewards flyout menu.

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge will soon replace the legacy version : here’s what you need to k

Microsoft Edge will finally begin rolling out to Windows 10 users via Windows Update, and installing the new browser will trigger some important changes in Windows.

Microsoft Teams to get new Information pane, pinned posts, and suggested replies on mobile

This week, Microsoft has unveiled three interesting new features which will soon make their way to Microsoft Teams; a brand-new Information pane, the capability to pin posts, as well as suggested replies specifically for mobile users.

Google exec sees Stadia games “running faster and feel more responsive” compared to local machines

Google Stadia won’t be launching until November, but Google execs are already making some pretty bold statements about the company’s new cloud gaming service.

Microsoft’s Wireless Xbox Controller shows up in … the Apple Store

Apple has listed the Xbox Wireless Controller on the Apple Store, allowing anyone to order one for their devices

Microsoft’s GitHub to renew services contract with ICE, leaked email says

According to a leaked email, GitHub will renew a $200,000 contract with the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As noted by The Verge, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman sent an email to its employees detailing the reasons why the company is renewing the contract with ICE,

Apple Faced More Patent Lawsuits Than Any Other Company in 2013

People always like to take a swing at those on topApple — the highest-ranked tech company in the Fortune 500 — faced more patent lawsuits in 2013 than any other company in the United StatesApple received 59 patent lawsuits last year — nine more than the next company, Amazon,


埃及博主Abd El Fattah是一位活跃的民主人士,同时也是埃及开源运动的积极推动者,他参与了2011年推翻穆巴拉克统治的民主运动,如今则因被控组织抗议而被判入狱15年——埃及军方推翻民选总统后实施的临时法律禁止抗议。



联想全球召回部分 LS-15 电源线,多款 Ideapad、Lenovo 系列笔记本中招

又是 LS-15 笔记本电源线召回,不过这次的主角换成了联想。早些时候他们在官网上正式贴出了公告,宣布在全球范围内,对出货日期在 2011 年 2 月至 2012 年 6 月之间的 Ideapad、Lenovo 系列笔记本电源线(LS-15)进行召回。

Parody Twitter account owner arrested while wearing 'I'm with stupid' shirt

A man who runs a parody Twitter account of the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has been arrested while wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt at a political rally on Thursday.Iain Fogerty, who is behind the @Can_Do_Campbell account, was taken into custody by police in Queensland's capital city,




其实在腾讯的这么多年中,网大为(David Wallerstein)还是为公司做出了重大贡献的,网络上现有报道的有:在腾讯最需要的时候为其引入了MIH的投资,这也许是中国互联网历史上收益最高的一笔投资了(当年几千万美金的投入现在应该有超过1000倍回报了)。

男子抢公厕蹲坑人手机 称以为对方不会追自己


This £500-a-month London rental would give Harry Potter nightmares

LONDON — Stories about over-priced properties in London aren't exactly uncommon, but it's not every day you come across a £500-a-month room that is essentially a real-life replica of the cupboard under the stairs that Harry Potter stayed in at the Dursley's.See also:

與空中巴士公司合作 Uber 進軍航空業

利用 Uber 電召客車已經成為了很多人的生活習慣,未來 Uber 客戶將可以電召直升機。日前空中巴士公司 CEO Tom Enders 宣佈,集團將會為 Uber 提供直升機;雖然 Enders 未有透露當中的財政安排,但表示今次安排屬試驗性質。以下有更多資料The post 與空中巴士公司合作 Uber 進軍航空業 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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