What is National Period Day?

We rarely talk in public about periods, but this is changing with Saturday's first-ever National Period Day. On this day, people in all 50 states are rallying to highlight an invisible problem — period poverty.

UK's National Health Service Moves To NoSQL Running On an Open-Source Stack

An anonymous reader sends this news from El Reg: The U.K.'s National Health Service has ripped the Oracle backbone from a national patient database system and inserted NoSQL running on an open-source stack. Spine2 has gone live following successful redevelopment including redeployment on new,

Walmart.com Reports Biggest Cyber Monday In History, Mobile Traffic At 70% Over The Holidays

There were some discrepancies this year between the figures from various firms tracking 2014’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s online sales, with IBM reporting only single-digit growth, and others like Adobe and ChannelAdvisor stating Black Friday online sales were up over 20%.

On International Women’s Day, Thoughts On Gender And STEM

Editor’s Note: Wende Cover joined as the new Director of Media and Communications in June 2011, where her primary focus and role on the promotion of the Internet Society’s vision, mission, and values.In nearly every country in the world, technology plays a major role. Yet,

The Secrets Of Highly Efficient Napping

Not all naps are created equal. Some naps have been shown to rejuvenate where others boost creativity. What's more, when you nap can be as important as how you nap. Here's how to nap like a professional, nap-taking machine. Here's how to nap like you MEAN IT.Read more...

Romania calls for 3 days of mourning after nightclub fire kills at least 27

Romania's government declared a three-day period of national mourning beginning Saturday hours after a heavy metal concert at a Bucharest nightclub ended with a tragic fire and stampede, leaving at least 27 people dead and nearly 200 injured.Victor Ponta, Romania's prime minister,

What's the Difference Between 'Party Cloudy' and 'Mostly Sunny'?

If you ever thought it was difficult to tell the difference between “partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny,” you’re not alone. Established by the National Weather Service (NWS) according to a loose set of rules,

IT insurance: It's not just about stolen computers

In this feature, we look at some of the virtual risks that could afflict your company, and what you can do to minimise the damage caused when they occur. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/27/it-insurance-its-not-just-about-stolen-computers/

A Hundred Years After This Man's Death Scientists Confirmed He Was Murdered

This historical mystery is not a “whodunnit.” It’s more of an “ifdunnit.” In 1908 the emperor of China died a very suspicious death. It took until 2008 for people to know that the person who almost definitely did murder him actually did murder him.Read more...

Fossil With Preserved Tail Feathers and Skin Reveals Dinosaur Plumage Patterns

An undergraduate student from the University of Alberta has uncovered the fossilized remains of an Ornithomimus dinosaur with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue. The remarkable specimen is offering important insights into the plumage patterns of these ancient creatures,

The Horizon For Information Security Jobs

With graduation season upon us, many graduates entering the workforce are understandably anxious about their future employment. However, at least one group is poised to take advantage of a market suffering from a massive skills shortage: cybersecurity professionals. Read More

These self-published authors are actually making a living. Here's how.

If you google the words "self-publishing stigma," you'll find enough material to fill a book.The search results for this phrase are packed with articles and blogs, many of which pose similar questions: Where does the stigma around self-published fiction come from? Is it justified?

'Kidding' showrunner on Ariana Grande and the power of healing

Fans of Showtime's Kidding are used to having our imaginations stretched, but Season 2, episode 5 pulled off a whole new fantasy. We spend the entire time inside an episode of Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time, complete with musical numbers, emotionally volatile puppets, and the fairy of hope (in flats!):

The best dating sites for finding a serious relationship in the UK

Anyone who's been doing the online dating thing for a while knows that there's hookup culture and then there's long-term relationship dating culture. Most dating sites have a mix of both, and after living with online dating as an increasingly ubiquitous option for the past 20 years,

Saudi officials order arrest of rapper over 'Girl from Mecca' YouTube video

Saudi officials have ordered the arrest of rapper Ayasel Slay after she released a music video for her song "Bint Mecca" or "Girl from Mecca" on YouTube. Authorities issued a statement saying the song "offends the customs and traditions" of the city's inhabitants.Islam's holiest city, Mecca,

Disney+ is finally available to pre-order in the UK

TL;DR: An annual subscription of Disney+ is available to pre-order for an introductory price of £49.99, saving you £10 on list price.We finally have some good news for fans of all things Disney in the UK: You can now pre-order an annual subscription of Disney+ for just £49.99.

John Oliver's deep dive on India's prime minister is a real eye-opener

So Trump's off to India this week. And given that he's previously referred to the country's prime minister, Narendra Modi, as "the father of India," John Oliver thought it would be a good time to examine that statement.

Feel the force of this animated Baby Yoda toy

TL;DR: The Star Wars Animatronic Edition Baby Yoda is available to pre-order for £50.54 on Amazon, and will be released on Dec. 1.Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm, and you can now get your hands on all sorts of official merchandise. Whether you're interested in clothing, figures, or toys,

Phone cases made of artificial human skin are 100% pure nope

Do you want to feel closer to your smartphone? Then take a gander at this scalding hot bucket of nope: mobile device covers designed to look, feel, and react like human flesh.As first reported by Gizmodo,

New Zealand haka and an Irish folk song clash in a stirring Rugby World Cup moment

Rugby is a brutal sport on the field, but its warm-up showdowns can apparently be just as intense.When the New Zealand All Blacks took the field at Tokyo Stadium on Saturday for their Rugby World Cup quarter-final showdown with Irish Rugby, they were met with some unexpected competition.

Kellogg's releases limited edition cereal box to stem LGBTQ bullying

Cereal boxes usually showcase the smiling faces of sports stars but Kellogg's is doing something different this time.The brand, known best for its sugary cereals like Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes, joined GLAAD in its anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign — deemed Spirit Day on Oct. 17.



传闻Windows 9公共预览版有望今年秋季发布

昨天我们曾报道,微软很有可能会在新一代操作系统 Windows Threshold(Windows 9)中引入虚拟桌面。今早又有新的消息称,Threshold 将会移除桌面 Charms 侧边栏导航。然而,相同的消息源最新又披露了 Windows Threshold 的新情况。

走哪儿坐哪儿~隐形椅子Chairless Chair

如果你工作的地方是工厂、仓库,或者餐厅的后厨,你就会知道一次站上好几个小时是多么得疲劳。而且,你的工作也无法让 […]

Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

An anonymous reader writes: A few years ago, author Neal Stephenson argued that sci-fi had forgotten how to inspire people to do great things. Indeed, much of recent science fiction has been pessimistic and skeptical, focusing on all the ways our inventions could go wrong,




维尔纳大学复杂系统物理学家Stefan Thurner说,人们的线上行为和线下行为没有太大的不同。他的一名博士生创造了一个流行的浏览器游戏Pardus, 他提议使用这个游戏研究封闭社会中的人的自发性组织。


根据Juniper Research的最新报告,大屏智能机(平板手机)注定成为未来数年时间里最受欢迎的移动设备。Juniper Research将屏幕介于5.5到6.

Deadspin The Racist, Violent Hazing Claims That Killed WKU’s D-I Swim Team | Gawker White History Mo

Deadspin The Racist,


杭州2015年7月23日电 /美通社/ -- 7月22日,2015第四届中国财经峰会暨“光荣与梦想”致敬盛典在北京举行。鑫合汇凭借良好的公众综合评价与品牌影响力,在本次峰会上获评“2015(行业)最具影响力品牌”。

为Apple Music让路 Beats Music“功成身退”

去年5月,苹果以30亿美元的价格收购了Beats,之后便不断传出苹果将关闭Beats Music的消息。传言称苹果将对其进行改造,整合到iTunes当中;但也有人认为苹果将整合它的资源,打造全新的流媒体音乐服务。

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