Kanye West talks God and faith in 'Jesus is King' concert doc trailer

"We're here to spread the gospel. I'm not here for your entertainment."In the first trailer for Jesus is King, a concert documentary accompanying the release of Kanye West's album of the same name, the rapper reflects on spirituality and his relationship to God. Directed by Nick Knight,

The 15 absolute best original series on Netflix

2020 has been a particularly long "year," but our streaming subscriptions flourish more than ever. It's entirely likely that you or someone you know has recently uttered the phrase "I've watched everything in my queue," or "I've seen everything on Netflix."No, sweetie, you haven't.

'The Hobbit' is getting a new audiobook edition read by Andy Serkis

As if we needed an excuse to dive back into J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, a new audiobook version of the prelude to The Lord of the Rings read by Andy Serkis is coming out in September.To tease the release of this version of The Hobbit,

Protests surged nationwide on July 4 in a collective call for a better America

Independence Day in the United States saw thousands and thousands of protesters eschewing the typical traditions of relaxed grilling and celebration to instead continue the fight against racism and violence against Black people with inspiring marches, speeches,

Would you like to see a 'fluffy' galaxy? Check out Hubble's spectacular new photo.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA released a new image Thursday taken using the Hubble Space Telescope and showing a very detailed look at the unique spiral galaxy known as NGC 2775. The ESA described this galaxy as flocculent, meaning it has a woolly, feathery, or fluffy appearance,

Uber's global reach grows as the rideshare company comes to Tokyo

It took six years, but Uber is finally hitting the road in Tokyo.The company kicked off rideshare operations in Japan's capital city on Friday, according to a report from Bloomberg. Thanks to a partnership with three local taxi services,

TwoSeven review: All-in-one group streaming that's far from perfect

TwoSeven group streaming$nullView ProductThe GoodRobust service selection • Intuitive chat features • Good playback on some servicesThe BadPersonal and web playback is buggy • Browser feature differences • Minor video chat issuesThe Bottom LineTwoSeven is a versatile group streaming site that occasionally bites off more than it can chew.

The best apps of 2020 (so far)

Without apps, an iPhone is an expensive paperweight. Luckily for iOS and Android users, there have been a lot of great new apps released in 2020. And while our day-to-day routines have been radically altered by the global pandemic, apps are still integral to our lives.

What is National Period Day?

We rarely talk in public about periods, but this is changing with Saturday's first-ever National Period Day. On this day, people in all 50 states are rallying to highlight an invisible problem — period poverty.

Phone cases made of artificial human skin are 100% pure nope

Do you want to feel closer to your smartphone? Then take a gander at this scalding hot bucket of nope: mobile device covers designed to look, feel, and react like human flesh.As first reported by Gizmodo,

New Zealand haka and an Irish folk song clash in a stirring Rugby World Cup moment

Rugby is a brutal sport on the field, but its warm-up showdowns can apparently be just as intense.When the New Zealand All Blacks took the field at Tokyo Stadium on Saturday for their Rugby World Cup quarter-final showdown with Irish Rugby, they were met with some unexpected competition.



新 Apple TV 再次拖延:2015 年前恐不会面市

苹果 Apple TV 在美国的主要版权合作方康卡斯特和时代华纳有线的合并对 Apple TV 的推出造成了一定的拖延,且不少产业链条人士认为苹果在内容方面过于「吹毛求疵」,因而拖慢进度的罪魁祸首应该是苹果自己!

Airbnb Pats Itself On The Back For Hurricane Sandy Charity

In recent months, Airbnb has come to resemble a political operator that happens to run a hotel network. As politicians and governments on both coasts turn the screws on the $10 billion startup,

Now There's a Fitness Tracker for Your Car

Fitness trackers record your sleep patterns and exercise habits with ease, but the makers of a new device aim to bring that same kind of "quantified-self" tracking to another valuable part of your life:


@你丫才美工 :设计圈内混了这么久,难免遇上几个奇葩的人。下面就为大家总结了八种奇葩的怪兽,相信大家在生活中都遇到过,欢迎大家对号入座 >>...

Zebra Medical Vision在全球推出最全面医学成像研究平台

以色列谢法伊姆2015年4月7日电 /美通社/ -- Zebra Medical Vision 宣布其医学成像研究平台进入内部测试阶段,并获得由 Khosla Ventures 领投的800万美元融资,其他投资者包括 DeepFork Capital 和 Salesforce (NYSE:

微软确认Edge浏览器新功能:Windows 10中可拖放和预览标签

为了用实力从Chrome和Firefox那里吸引到更多用户,微软一直在努力为Edge浏览器带来更多功能和改进。而近日,这家软件巨头又确认了两项Windows 10平台上的新功能,即拖放支持、以及标签预览。


上海2015年11月20日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,SGS获中国国家认证认可监督委员会 (CNCA) 批准,成为首家、也是目前唯一一家取得森林认证资质的外资认证机构。





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