Critics gush over first look at the Disney+ Star Wars show, 'The Mandalorian'

Looks like Star Wars' first-ever live-action television series is going to be a slam dunk. Critics caught a glimpse of Disney+'s The Mandalorian — due in November — at a Disney-hosted press event on Saturday, and they shared their initial reactions with fans via social media. 

'Clubhouse Games' breathes life into old classics with fresh, calming vibes

It's possible Mario's Game Gallery, originally released for Windows in 1995 with seemingly little involvement from Nintendo, was the first video game I ever played. It was pretty mediocre. You could play a handful of half-baked games like checkers and yahtzee against Mario,

'Silence is complicity': Facebook workers speak out after Zuckerberg refuses to take action against

As protests rage across the U.S.,some Facebook workers are speaking out against their own employer. On Sunday, Jason Toff, a director of product management at Facebook, voiced his disapproval of how Facebook handled recent posts by President Donald Trump. 

Stay on track with these cheaper Apple Watches

TL;DR: The Apple Watch Series 4 is on sale for £488.74 on Amazon, saving you 35% on list price.A lot of people make a lot of fuss about Apple Watches, but are these trendy devices really worth getting worked up about? Yes, yes they are.The Apple Watch Series 4 has a 30% larger display,

John Oliver debunks Trump's claim that voting by mail leads to 'massive fraud'

The concept of voting by mail is probably something you've heard quite a bit about recently. Most likely from the president, who keeps banging on about it on Twitter in big, shouty all-caps.But does voting by mail actually lead to the "massive fraud" he's suggesting it does?

Master Microsoft Excel with this free online course

TL;DR: Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel Guide 2020 is free on Udemy using the code MAY20FREE.There has been a lot of talk about how we should all be bettering ourselves during lockdown, but that's rubbish. If you want to spend these months doing absolutely nothing, then that's absolutely fine.

Here's how to listen to all your favourite songs for free

TL;DR: A three-month subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited is free for new customers.In the absence of things like cinemas, shopping centres, and pubs, we're all having to be a little more creative when it comes to entertainment. 

What Netflix's 'Space Force' gets right (and wrong) about the real Space Force

Space Force has landed on Netflix. So, what's up with the real thing? In response to Donald Trump's 2018 announcement  of the United States' newest military branch,

Uzo Aduba's 'Ms. Virginia' is an exercise in separating performance from politics

When taken at face value, Miss Virginia, which is based on the real activism of Virginia Walden Ford, is a great and inspiring movie. In it, Uzo Aduba (Orange Is The New Black) portrays Virginia, who is a single mother to fifteen year old James (Niles Fitch).

Kanye West talks God and faith in 'Jesus is King' concert doc trailer

"We're here to spread the gospel. I'm not here for your entertainment."In the first trailer for Jesus is King, a concert documentary accompanying the release of Kanye West's album of the same name, the rapper reflects on spirituality and his relationship to God. Directed by Nick Knight,

What is National Period Day?

We rarely talk in public about periods, but this is changing with Saturday's first-ever National Period Day. On this day, people in all 50 states are rallying to highlight an invisible problem — period poverty.

Computex 2014:把行動電源玩成積木產品 特別想拿去爬山露營的時候用

每年在 Computex 除了看 Win-Tel 陣營下半年的發展以外,最重要的就是找一種屬於台灣奇蹟的電子產品。今年找了半天還是讓我看到一件這樣的產品:掌上型交直流行動電源。

node-webkit(Windows系统) 打包成exe文件后,被360杀毒软件误报木马的解决方法 - 懦酷

最近项目需要用到node-webkit。处理古老级用户的兼容以及他们心里的‘数据安全’问题。1、下载完node-webkit2、制作appName.nw文件3、copy /b nw.exe+appName.nw TestAppName.exe到目前为止,目录下生成了TestAppName.exe文件...



Titanic 8-foot-high Lego Guardian building took 22 months to build

Seeing a photo of this model was one of those rare times when I double take a Lego build to make sure that it isn't actually just a picture of the real thing. Jim Garrett has built a massive 8 foot model of the Guardian Building in Detroit and it is truly impressive.Read more...

Amazing video shows how dust moves from the Sahara Desert to Brazil

Here's an awesome 3D visualization from NASA that shows how the Sahara Desert helps fertilize the Amazon rainforest even though they're on two different continents that are separated by an entire ocean.

Tips:运行 iOS 9 的设备可查看Live Photos

威锋网讯,作为新 iPhone 的一个酷炫功能,Live Photos 面世后便迅速地抢占了头条。

清华控股母基金三期又一基金封闭开投 总规模30亿元

2015年12月24日,清华控股母基金三期-紫荆华通母基金召开第一次合伙人会议,基金首轮封闭并开始对外投资。清华控股母基金的管理机构为紫荆资本,定位于以市场化私募股权母基金为核心业务的科技金融服务商。投资亮点为关注“VC 2.0”,投资布局包括九合创投、丰厚资本、阿米巴资本等BAT及产业圈人士的基金以及高榕资本、弘晖资本、启赋资本等大机构新锐投资人创办的“老兵新基金”。本期紫荆华通母基金由清华控股有限公司与南通国有资产投资控股有限公司共同发起设立,基金总规模30亿元,首期10亿元。至此,清华控股母基金三期中的前两支浙华紫荆、紫荆华通均已在本年度完成首轮封闭。


清华大学的研究人员发表了一篇论文,利用自然语言处理等定量分析技术,对新浪微博上传播的谣言进行统计、语义和时序分析,提出了自动辟谣框架。 这项研究发现,大量举报谣言的用户所举报的谣言往往与自己相关,例如微博用户“美汁源饮料”举报了大量关于“‘美汁源果粒橙’含有农药”的谣言。而大量发布谣言的用户,则往往带有网络水军的性质。研究人员认为,实名制或对抑制谣言传播有一定作用,但没有提供数据支持,中国政府已要求社交网站推行后台实名制。这项研究将谣言划分为“政治类”、“经济类”、“欺诈类”、“社会生活类”和“常识类”五大类。


为一个创业者来说,特别是主导创业项目的创始人,你首先必须是一个优秀的产品经理,能够始终牢牢掌控自己的创业产品的 ...


新年的第一个月伴着A股断崖式下跌冲冲撞撞的远去,数据显示,A股正在复制 2007 年2008 年的走势。高榕资本创始人张震用 2015 年同 1999 年对比,他表示 1999 年是第一波互联网最热的时候,2015 年是互联网+很热 ... ...

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