Watch this very good boy get his own towel to dry off with at bath time

An adorable video showing a two-year-old service dog named Connor getting his own towel to dry off with after bath time has surfaced online — and we could not be more proud. "Hey Connor, can you go get me your towel and I'll dry you off?" Connor's owner, who uses a wheelchair, asks gently.

This brain stimulator may help you get the sleep you need — Future Blink

A smart headband, NeoRhythm claims to help you de-stress, get a better rest, and boost your energy. Read more...More about Tech, Health, Mashable Video, Future Blink, and Neorhythm

Watch out for this Facebook ad scam

The scam uses "crowdfunded products" to attract new users to spend money. The users will then get ghosted or sent a fake product after paying. Read more...More about Tech, Facebook, Mashable Video, Ad Scams, and Shopping Scams

Your laziness can finally blossom with no-wash odor-resistant pants — Future Blink

LABFRESH pants are made from manipulated cotton fibers, the pants are shielded from liquids and bacteria, preventing stains and odors. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Pants, Future Blink, and Labfresh

Walmart vs. Target: Which One Really Has the Best Black Friday Deals?

Walmart and Target are both slashing prices in the hopes that you'll spend your hard-earned Black Friday dollars with them this year. But we're not made of money; let's see which retailer has the best deals in some key categories.When Do the Deals Start?

Twitter's political ad ban just hit, and it's already pissing off conservatives

It's not like we didn't see this coming. On Friday, Twitter, as promised, released a detailed explanation of its new policy governing paid political ads on the platform. And, as to be expected, a host of prominent conservatives are crying foul. The policy, teased by Jack Dorsey in an Oct.

Hulu + Live TV is now $55 so you might as well just get cable

Streaming services were supposed to save us from the high prices of cable and satellite subscriptions, but Hulu did its part to blur the lines between the two this week. The Disney-owned streaming giant announced Friday that Hulu + Live TV would get a $10 price increase to a new base rate of $54.

‘Consumer Reports’ give Tesla Model 3, S ‘recommended status’

This is one year after the Model 3 failed to make the cut for "reliability issues." Read more...More about Tech, Transportation, Mashable Video, Tesla, and Consumer Reports

Critics gush over first look at the Disney+ Star Wars show, 'The Mandalorian'

Looks like Star Wars' first-ever live-action television series is going to be a slam dunk. Critics caught a glimpse of Disney+'s The Mandalorian — due in November — at a Disney-hosted press event on Saturday, and they shared their initial reactions with fans via social media. 

Uzo Aduba's 'Ms. Virginia' is an exercise in separating performance from politics

When taken at face value, Miss Virginia, which is based on the real activism of Virginia Walden Ford, is a great and inspiring movie. In it, Uzo Aduba (Orange Is The New Black) portrays Virginia, who is a single mother to fifteen year old James (Niles Fitch).

Kanye West talks God and faith in 'Jesus is King' concert doc trailer

"We're here to spread the gospel. I'm not here for your entertainment."In the first trailer for Jesus is King, a concert documentary accompanying the release of Kanye West's album of the same name, the rapper reflects on spirituality and his relationship to God. Directed by Nick Knight,

红米 2 在工信部流出,有八核和更大的屏幕

分类: 智能手机虽然小米公司所推出的红米手机直至现在仍然有人抢购,不过相信抢购的人数很快就会减少了,因为它的第二代刚刚在工信部出现,可能在不久的将来公布。

Facebook Home 其實是非常具有歷史回憶點的 Launcher / APP

現在大部份的朋友應該都沒有在用 Facebook Home 這款 Launcher 吧,時代的前進就是這麼的可怕,縱使是 FB 推出的產品,全球如此多的使用人口,也不是推出什麼服務就會受到人們的青睞的...Facebook Home 真的那麼不好嗎?

Simplocker ransomware threatens Android smartphones

File-encrypting ransomware isn’t something confined to the PC and the likes of Cryptolocker, as a new piece of Android malware shows.Read more:

雷军:小米手机上半年共售出 2,611 万台

大家还记得雷总在今年米粉节时提到的 6,000 万台手机销售目标吗?如今 2014...

You Can Get Google to Unsend an Email, If You're Goldman Sachs

Ever wish you could take back an email that you sent by mistake? If you're Goldman Sachs and you have enough lawyers, you can convince Google to help you.Google is preventing a Gmail user from accessing an email that a Goldman Sachs employee mistakenly sent with sensitive client information,

When Should You Send Marketing Email? Data Science FTW

This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.When we think "data science," most of the headlines that come to mind are tales of the creepy and the overreaching. And unless you’re Tommy Wiseau,

[音響研究室] 兩聲道純音樂?多聲道家庭劇院?音響沒有你想的那麼複雜!


中国手机游戏玩家月消费500元-3000元占比达19% 是美国的10倍

近日,游戏引擎开发商Unity Technologies旗下手游公司Everyplay发布了针对手游市场的消费用户最新调查数据。调查结果显示,美国手游市场中年男性用户以6.


不管你现在用的什么网线,和 AudioQuest 美国线圣出的新货一比起来就弱到简直是无地自容 —— 价值一万美刀一条你怕不怕?一万美刀一条 12 米长的网线,这听上去扯到极致了,不过 AudioQuest 表示它绝对每一毫米都值回票价。

MyTape Is A Video-Sharing App To Capture And See The World Around You

Meet MyTape, a brand new social app for iOS centered around video. On MyTape, you follow people, shoot videos and watch stuff around you. It’s a sort of mash-up between Periscope and Frontback, and it will be interesting to see whether this new social app can find its audience. Read More

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