OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016 are here to stay, but the codebases will be merging

During an Ignite session yesterday, OneNote product manager Ben Hodes announced that Microsoft was working on merging all the modern code from the OneNote for Windows 10 app back to OneNote 2016.

“My People” feature in Windows 10 is no longer being actively developed

Following the release of the Windows 10 November 2019 Update, Microsoft announced that the My People feature that made its debut with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is no longer being developed and may be removed in a future update.

Google reveals Stadia will be pretty barebones at launch

Google Stadia is set to launch in just a few days—or November 19, to be precise. As it turns out, the company’s introduction into the video gaming market will be missing a number of games and essential features when customers first get their hands on it. First of all,

Windows Community Toolkit v6.0 is now available with support for ARM64 architecture

The latest update marked version 6.0, is bringing support for ARM64 as well as XAML Island for .NET Core 3 and new features that include EyeDropper control, Win32 helper notifications on the dashboard and a preview of the highly touted Microsoft Graph with XAML enabled controls.

Surface Pro X Review: The Surface I really tried to love, but ended up hating

The Surface Pro X is the Surface that I really tried to love but ended up hating. Here's my full review, and more on why.

FINALLY an Xbox One video game where you can live your best Unicorn Princess life in 4K UHD

Have you ever wanted to become a princess and ride your very own rainbow unicorn while exploring the countryside and a mystical dream world? Well, The Unicorn Princess might just be the game for you and it’s now playable on Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles.

Windows 10 Mobile update rolls out to Microsoft’s dying Windows phones

A new update for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system on Windows phone smartphones, named the KB4522811 Update, just finished rolling out to those true believers with their handsets still powered on. This latest update brings the operating system to OS Build 15254.

GitHub mobile app launches on iOS and Android in beta

Presumably, the app was in development before its acquisition but should now get the full backing of Microsoft's developer budgets and resources as cross-platform accessibility continues to be a top priority for the company.

The new Surface Pro X Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

Today we'll be taking a quick look at all that and will be unboxing the Surface Pro X, and sharing some initial impressions ahead of our full review in the coming weeks.

Surface Pro X Unboxing and First Impressions (Video)

Today we'll be unboxing the Surface Pro X, and sharing some initial impressions ahead of the release.

Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS and Android devices with UI design improvements

The official OneDrive app updated for both Android and iOS users today with a variety of changes to each version’s appearance and functionality. These updates also squashed several bugs, most notably the one in the iOS app that was hiding days within the Expiring Links date picker.

克丽:6线全下跌办公除外 服务器大降4.5点


iOS 7.1越狱仍有希望

加拿大黑客 iH8Sn0w 曾在上个月宣布,他发现了一个非常珍贵的iBoot新漏洞,这一个漏洞能够让A5(x)设备终身越狱。也就是说,利用这一个漏洞,iH8Sn0w可以让iPhone 4s、iPad 2、Apple TV3、iPod touch 5、iPad mini以及iPad 3永久越狱。

一天一更: 这次是配备Touch ID的Home键

威锋网讯,一大波零部件正在靠近!随着 iPhone 传闻中的发布日期临近,我们每天几乎都可以看到关于新 iPhone 零部件的流出,而今天来自法国的 NoWhereElse.

Mobile app of the day: CoPilot

My favourite satnav app has made its way to Windows Phone at last, so now all you Microsoft phone fans can join the iPhone and Android brigade and enjoy CoPilot.Read more:




著名幽默讽刺作家、奇幻小说《碟形世界》系列的创造者特里·普拉切特爵士(Sir Terry Pratchett)周四在家中去世,享年66岁。

美工艺品电商 Etsy 上市首日大涨 88%

Etsy 股票代码为「ETSY」,发行价定为每股 16 美元,最终报收于 30 美元,较发行价大涨了近 88%。据雅虎财经的数据,Etsy 当前市值约为 33.3 亿美元。

尴尬!正直播天气预报 Win10突然弹出升级提示

微软对Windows 10升级的推广力度之狠相信不少用户都体会过了,各种诱导性甚至有些强迫性地让你更新,最近还闹了个笑话。美国爱荷华州KCCI电视台的一位女主持人正在直播天气预报,结果背景屏幕上突然弹出了Windows ... ...

在这款 VR 小游戏中,你能像绝地武士一样挥舞光剑

星战迷可以尝试下,趁它还没有下架。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博



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