Secret Amazon promotion gets you a Kindle Paperwhite discount, plus $20 in e-book credits

TL;DR: You'll save 15% on Amazon's tenth-generation Kindle Paperwhite and receive $20 in e-book credits when you apply the code READKINDLE00 during checkout.Have you got your calendar marked for Nov. 22? Good — that's when Amazon's Black Friday deals officially begin.BestBlackFriday.

Complete your home theater with this Samsung soundbar system

TL;DR: Upgrade your next movie marathon with a Samsung 3.1.2-Channel 330W soundbar system and wireless subwoofer for $399.99, a $300 savings as of July 14. You may not have surround sound, but it's possible to feel like you do.

It's 'Death Stranding' day for PC folks and Razer gaming gear is on sale

Read more...{"player":{"description":""Words cannot describe the healing force that is 'Animal Crossing.'"","image":"

UK government bans telecoms from buying Huawei 5G equipment

The UK had a change of heart about Huawei. On Tuesday, the UK government announced it has banned mobile providers in the country from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after the end of 2020. And it said all Huawei 5G equipment must be removed from their networks by 2027. 

HBO's ‘Showbiz Kids’ attempts to shine a light on the dark side of child stardom

Showbiz Kids opens with a statistic: "Every year, over 20,000 child actors audition for roles in Hollywood. Ninety-five percent of them don't book a single job." The new HBO documentary decides to focus primarily on the five percent of young actors who do get roles (and big ones,

Heybaby is a new dating app for parents and people who want to be parents

As you scroll through dating apps you start to spot trends, like fishing photos or mentions of The Office. Often a potential match has a photo with a child, and their bio says something akin to, "That's just my nephew." Or niece, or cousin,

EV users want a charger emoji since 'gas pump + lightning bolt' doesn't cut it

Most Tesla, Chevy Bolt, or Nissan Leaf drivers probably don't care that Friday is World Emoji Day, but this year the electric vehicle community is fighting for better representation within the selection of digital icons available on keyboards. 

A new Lego NES set delivers heady vacuum tube nostalgia in brick form

We already know all about Lego's Bluetooth-powered dive into the world of Super Mario, but now that sprawling set is going to have some thematically appropriate company. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is now confirmed (after a Monday tease), and it's coming on Aug. 1.

Wait until Black Friday and you might miss these Dell monitor deals

TL;DR: Buy a cutting-edge Dell or Alienware monitor for up to 57% off during Dell's Black Friday Sneak Peek sale. That includes plenty of better options than what's available at Walmart or Amazon. The clock continues to tick down to Black Friday,

Kamala Harris makes powerful plea for stronger gun control laws after California school shooting

Following a shooting at California's Saugus High School, presidential candidate Kamala Harris went on MSNBC to poignantly lament the ways in which the government has failed to act on gun control. "It is pathetic that people yield to a gun lobby on an issue that affects all our children,

Meet Zach King, the digital magician – Mashable Originals

We met up with the award-winning digital media star at his studio, and got a behind-the-scenes look at his latest trick. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Magic, Zach King, Illusionist, and Mashable Originals

爱普生Moverio BT-200智能眼镜今日上架 要价700美元

爱普生(Epson)的Moverio BT-200智能眼镜今天开始出货了,面对的直接竞争对手自然是谷歌眼镜,不过面向的主要也是发烧友、企业用户和开发人员,并非大规模消费市场。

多彩小i 蓝牙键盘测评: iPad mini的另一半

iPad mini因其出色的便携性和恰到好处的屏幕尺寸而为广大果粉所青睐,随着iOS生态的完善,各种移动办公应用纷纷推出iOS版,iPad mini如今已经真正成为"移动生产力工具"。

微软:将继续为中国政府供应Windows 7系统

日前,中央国家机关政府采购中心发布重要通知,将不允许在政府单位的计算机类产品中安装Windows 8操作系统。



Apache Spark源码走读之21 -- 浅谈mllib中线性回归的算法实现 - 徽沪一郎

本文简要描述线性回归算法在Spark MLLib中的具体实现,涉及线性回归算法本身及线性回归并行处理的理论基础,然后对代码实现部分进行走读。

利用 onload 事件监控跨站资源 - EtherDream

通过 JavaScriot 实现跨站资源的监控,提供比 CSP 更详细的信息,以及更灵活的处理方式。

Leaked Images Show Off What Might Be Samsung's Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones have always been two peas in a pod, always mimicking each others’s design and/or software. And if these leaked schematics are any indication of what to expect from Samsung this September, it looks like the tradition will continue.Read more...

Microsoft releases emergency Windows patch for critical security flaw

Microsoft released an emergency patch for all versions of Windows on Monday, including Windows 10 Insider PreviewThe patch, which was released outside of Microsoft's regular Tuesday Windows update schedule,



Dog is totally cool with bird borrowing his fur to build a nest

What's a little fur between friends?This old Australian shepherd is totally onboard with the sharing economy — when a bird starts to pluck and gather his fur for nest material, he stays very still and keeps smiling. Really, it's no problem at all.The bird should feel lucky,

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