Microsoft reveals first trailer of Age of Empires IV at X019

Microsoft showed today the first trailer for Age of Empires IV, the latest installment in the popular RTS franchise. The game was first announced back at E3 2017, and it’s being developed Relic Entertainment with some additional work from World’s Edge,

How to check your Compliance Score in Microsoft 365 to ensure you keep your small business data safe

If you hope to keep your data safe in Microsoft 365, then you might want to check your compliance scores.

Microsoft Edge is introducing Storage Access API, allowing devs to detect privacy settings and reque

Microsoft is currently working on a new privacy feature for Microsoft Edge called "Storage Access API" that will give developers a way to determine whether their site's access to browser storage is restricted by a user’s privacy settings and directly request storage access from users if so.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part Three: new Teams hardware, Tasks app a

Users will theoretically be able to conduct entire meetings, brainstorming sessions, and pitches without ever having to touch communal work areas soon.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part Two: more engaging meetings with Live

With more and more employees and educators using Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings, the company announced this morning several new features that should help make Teams video conferencing more engaging than before.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part One: Together Mode and more

Microsoft has announced a slew of new features for Microsoft Teams this morning to reimagine virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. These features have been designed to make virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and ultimately,

Microsoft shuts down cybercrime domains using COVID-19 related lures

Microsoft has managed to plug one hole, but the company's DCU division knows its work is only going to get more sophisticated as cybercrime evolves. 

Microsoft to boost its Dynamics 365 capabilities with new acquisition of Orions Systems

Microsoft announced this week the acquisition of Orions Systems, a company delivering smart vision system that it plans to use to improve its Dynamics 365 offerings.

You can grab an Xbox One S All Digital Edition for $150 with Microsoft’s Black Friday Sale

During its X02019 show in London, Microsoft announced some great deals on Xbox and Xbox gear and games which will start November 24th through December 2 at participating retailers while supplies last. 

Halo: Reach will launch on Xbox One and PC on December 3

The much-anticipated remaster of Halo: Reach, Bungie’s latest Halo game for the Xbox 360 is coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One and PC on December 3.

Microsoft announces new first-party games at X019 with Everwild and Grounded

Today during X019 in London, Microsoft revealed two new IPs from Xbox Game Studios from Rare and Obsidian Entertainment called Everwild and Grounded.  

球迷的节日:Apple TV迎来大学橄榄球频道

威锋网讯,近日苹果为 Apple TV 带来了新的流频道,那就是美国大学橄榄球频道,对于那些橄榄球迷和 Apple TV 用户 来说,只要在家就能收看到精彩绝伦的橄榄球赛。  




据国外媒体报道,微软CEO萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)昨天在财报电话会议上谈到要整合公司在桌面、移动端和Xbox上的操作系统,引发了广泛的关注和猜测。那番话究竟意味着什么呢? 


不要再用手机自带的计算器了,常常会点错数字,不仅耗费时间,而且结果还不能保证是对的。这款 PhotoMath (欢迎去 NEXT 上讨论)绝对是福音,只要镜头对准要计算的内容,就可以即时显示计算结果。


文/完颜新一  上周,猿题库宣布,公司已完成 6000 万美元融资。与猿题库被投资人看中的还有一起作业网和跟谁学两大团队。其中一起作业网获D轮融资 1 亿美元,跟谁学获得 5000 万美元的A轮融资。  我不知道风 ... ...

Slack valued at $2.8 billion barely a year after launching publicly

Slack just blazed its way to a multi-billion valuation.The workplace communication and collaboration service confirmed on Thursday that it has raised another $160 million in funding at a post-funding valuation of $2.8 billion, more than doubling its valuation in a matter of months.Slack,

报应?安全专家向谷歌提交漏洞报告 三周无回应后将其公开

本周五,波兰安全公司Security Explorations首席执行官Adam Gowdiak表示在谷歌服务中发现了7处漏洞,其中大部分已经在三周前向谷歌总部进行了汇报,不过截至目前谷歌官方并未对此进行修复,甚至并未得到谷歌官方的确认。

Galaxy S6硬件已是顶级 三星还有什么黑科技?

今年三星发布的 Galaxy S6 让人见识到了三星垂直产业链的强大,14 纳米工艺的 Exynos 7420 处理器还有 NFS2.0 的存储技术以及 DDR 4 内存都让其他手机厂商望尘莫及。Galaxy S6 是今年毫无争议的 Android 机皇。


蓝汛数读:春节的这些热点,你都get到了嘛? 北京2016年2月25日电 /美通社/ -- 这个春节大家过的怎么样?是忙着抢红包,还是出去旅游?有没有错过什么热点?春节过后,蓝汛CCIndex出炉了一份春节大数据,回顾一下2016年的春节网络热点。 蓝汛数读:春节的这些热点,你都get到了嘛? 春节就要抢红包、看美猴王 蓝汛数读:热门话题抢先看 据蓝汛CCIndex平台的数据显示,“抢红包”以所向披靡之势,成为最受欢迎的网络话题。

华为P9售价价格曝光 这价格也没sei了

除了昨天亮相的P9 Plus外,现在P9国行版也浮出了水面,而它们会在4月15日正式跟大家见面,是不是准备好买买买了呢?华为P9行货亮相 预售售价绝了!京东华为官方旗舰店已经上架了P9(接受预约),可以看到它共有四 ... ...

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