This ride-hailing PR pitch shows platforms and digital campaign ‘dark arts’ want democracy to be pay

A UK PR firm pitching to run an account for Ola has proposed running a campaign to politicize ride-hailing as a tactic to shift regulations in its favor. The approach suggests that,

Could the VR headset be the next Peloton?

Funding for virtual reality startups has grown more sparse over the past couple years, as investors have grappled with extended timelines for mainstream adoption. Meanwhile, connected fitness has exploded,

Founding partner Hjalmar Winbladh is leaving EQT Ventures

EQT Ventures, the Stockholm-headquartered venture capital firm that invests in Europe and the U.S.,is losing founding partner Hjalmar Winbladh, TechCrunch has learned. Rumours that he was leaving the “multi-stage, sector-agnostic” VC fund that he helped launch in 2016,

iOS 14 gets rid of the app grid to help you find the app you’re looking for

Apple unveiled the next major version iOS a few weeks ago. I’ve been playing around with beta versions of iOS 14 and here’s what you should expect when you update your iPhone to the final release of iOS 14 this fall. The most interesting change is something you’re not going to notice at first.

Apple just released the first iOS 14 beta to everyone

This is your opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of iOS — and iPadOS. Apple just released the first public beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, the next major version of the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad. Unlike developer betas,

The coronavirus pandemic is expanding California’s digital divide

If every California student without an adequate internet connection got together and formed a state, it would contain more people than Idaho or Hawaii.

Gaming network Venn will launch with 20 hours of live programming on August 5, 2020

Venn, the company looking to be gaming’s answer to 80s era MTV, has revealed the first slate of shows to premier on the network when it launches August 5th, 2020. Working out of studios in Playa Vista in Los Angeles and New York’s World Trade Center (coming in 2021), Venn intends to use 1,

Hear from James Alonso and Adam Zagaris how to draw up your first contracts at Early Stage

You just got your first customer! You just hired your first employee! You just got your first VC investor! These are huge milestones in the life of a startup and are extraordinarily exciting, that is,

Lyft is ceasing scooter operations in six cities and laying off 20 employees

In an industry where unit economics and rider utilization are key to running a profitable business, perhaps it’s better to cut your losses early on. Lyft notified employees today that it’s pulling its scooters from six markets, Nashville, San Antonio, Atlanta, the Phoenix area, Dallas and Columbus.

Spotify confirms it’s testing real-time lyrics synced to music

With the launch of iOS 13, Apple added perfectly timed live lyrics to its Apple Music app. Now Spotify may do the same. Several users in international markets are now seeing a similar synced lyrics feature in their Spotify mobile app, where lyrics scroll by in time with the music.

Quibi series from Steven Soderbergh starring Tye Sheriden focuses on smartphone survival skills

People dramatically proclaim all the time that they don’t think they could survive without their smartphones, but a new series form the forthcoming streaming service Quibi from Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman approaches smartphone survival in a much more literal way. The scripted series,

20 Kids Who Want to Be Just Like Dad

Like father, like son ...or daughter.During a child's early life, they often idolize their father figure. Some even want to grow up exactly like them. Whether it be a firefighter, plumber or businessman many kids view their parental figures on the same level as superheroes,

Muzei —— 意外之念

这篇文章译自 Muzei 开发者, 我们的老朋友 Roman Nurik 在 Medium 上发布的一篇博客, 讲述了 Muzei 诞生的经历.

平台之路再进一步,Jawbone 开放UP软件API接口,寻1亿美元新融资

一年前,Jawbone向所有开发者开放了UP腕带的API接口,开发者可以获取Jawbone UP数据,并整合到自己的产品和服务中。时隔一年,Jawbone再次开放出UP软件的API接口,可穿戴设备、智能手机等都可以获取awbone UP数据。

微軟踩入 Android、iPhone 推出 WP 手機 Apps

現時微軟的 Bing-powered 手機 App 只在 Windows Phone 系統手機上出現,不過在未來數月將會有所轉變,因為微軟決定將一系列的 Bing Apps 在 Android 和 iOS 平台上推出。

Fixed, The App That Fixes Your Parking Tickets, Gets Blocked In San Francisco, Oakland & L.A.

Fixed, a mobile app that fights parking tickets and other traffic citations on users’ behalf, has had its parking ticket operations blocked in three of its top cities, San Francisco, Oakland and L.A.



国际公认评级巩固了俄航作为欧洲领先航空公司的地位 伦敦和莫斯科2016年4月18日电 /美通社/ -- 俄罗斯航空公司 (Aeroflot) 荣获领先独立的航空公司品质评级权威机构 Skytrax 的官方四星品质和服务评级。 (图标: ) 此次盛大颁奖典礼在伦敦知名萨沃伊酒店举行,由俄航首席执行官维塔利-萨维利耶夫 (Vitaly Saveliev) 主持。

Ruby On Rails 5.0发布

Ruby On Rails发布了v5.0。新版引入的两个重要新特性是处理WebSockets的Action Cable框架和API-only模式。开发者同时警告,Rails 5.0的发布意味着4.1.x及以下版本将不再支持,未来的bug修正将只应用于5.0.x,常规和高危安全修正只应用于5.0.x和4.2.x,而Ruby 2.2.2+ 也将只支持Rails 5.0。

罗盛咨询和Hogan Assessments宣布新合作关系以推动高管测评的科学发展

纽约--(美国商业资讯)--世界领先的高管招聘和领导力顾问公司之一罗盛咨询公司(Russell Reynolds Associates)和性格测评与领导力开发的全球领导者Hogan Assessments今天宣布,两家公司达成了一项全球性独家伙伴关系,以提升高管招聘的成功率和加快新生领导人的发展。   罗盛咨询致力于就高级管理人员的招聘和接班人向高管和董事会提供顾问服务并积累了资深的专业技能,Hogan具有市场领先的测评工具、数据资产和科学的洞察能力,而本次合作将让两家公司实现优势互补。  



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