These 3D printed homes offer a sustainable future — Future Blink

Called TECLA, the project uses materials found onsite that are reusable and recyclable to build circular and affordable homes. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Environment, Housing, and Future Blink

‘Untitled Goose Game’ will soon bring chaos to PS4 and Xbox

There is a unique joy that comes with being deliberately and unapologetically annoying. It it a feeling that cannot be replicated — a conspiratorial giggle in your soul, both diabolical and innocent, conniving yet straightforward, obnoxious yet affectionate. Glee in its purest form.

Chrome will now warn you if your password's been stolen as soon as you type it in

Unless you're a super conscientious internet user with password managers and two-factor authentication out the wazoo, it's highly likely you're still using a couple of logins that have been compromised in data breaches. You know you should use unique passwords for everything all the time,

We need to talk about that ridiculous Congressional hearing on encryption

If one thing was made clear today, it's that Congress is woefully unequipped to be debating encryption and backdoors for law enforcement with the major tech giants. But that surely didn't stop them from doing so anyway!On Tuesday,

A $722 million 'too big to fail' crypto Ponzi scheme just failed miserably

Just because you're fraudulently raking in hundreds of millions of dollars doesn't mean you have to be such a jerk about it. It's clear no one passed this message along to the three men arrested today for their alleged part in a $722 million globe-spanning cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. In a Dec.

This 'airbag'-like device may prevent an oncoming work accident — Future Blink

Created by La Fábrica de Inventos, Stop and Safe seeks to prevent users from injuring themselves while working. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Safety, Future Blink, and Work Tools

Exxon wins climate trial, but its battles have just started

Oil behemoth Exxon won a big climate trial on Tuesday. But critically, while New York State Supreme Court judge Barry Ostrager found the company did not deceive investors about the risks posed by sinking money into future oil projects,

How Anne Hathaway helped Mark Ruffalo get in the zone for "Dark Waters"

Playing a real person like Rob Bilott can be difficult for any actor. Mark Ruffalo talks about what he learned from Rob and how Anne Hathaway helped him get out of his head.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Golden Globes, Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, and Dupont

Need a gift for a gamer? We found 35 curved monitors that are on sale.

TL;DR: Curved monitors from Samsung, LG, Dell, Sceptre, and Acer are on sale at various retailers ahead of Black Friday.You can look at retailers' pre-Black Friday sales in one of two ways: as marketing gimmicks designed to prolong the already-too-long Christmas shopping season,

Android flaw allowed attackers to spy on users through phone camera

Thanks to a security flaw, Android apps had the ability to take photos and record conversations without users knowing it. According to a bombshell report released Tuesday by cybersecurity firm Checkmarx,

Best robot vacuum deals today

You're a busy person. You don't have time to vacuum your floors when a robot could be doing that for youRobot vacuums have become pretty advanced and intelligent in recent years and actually do a good job cleaning floors,

Freescale 再创全球最小 ARM 微控制器尺寸纪录,这回又缩小了 15%

分类: 佩戴产品你以为 Freescale 之前推出的 Kinetis KL02 已经足够小了?他们可不这么想,最新的 KL03(基于 Cortex-M0+)又刷新了全球最小 ARM 微控制器的尺寸纪录,其 1.6 x 2mm 的大小比 KL02 还要小了 15% 呢!

2013年版HTC One下月底升级Sense 6.0

HTC One M8 搭载 Sense 6.0 UI 面世,在发布会上,HTC 表示其他旧款机型也将迎来 Sense 6.0 UI。毫无疑问,去年的旗舰手机 HTC One(M7)将成为首款升级 Sense 6.0 的旧手机。  


温哥华2014年6月4日电 /美通社/ -- 全球最先进的天然气发动机和系统领域的领导者西港创新公司(Westport Innovations Inc.,TSX: WPT / NASDAQ: WPRT)今日宣布任命杨光担任亚太区总裁。

These Ant-Sized Radios Might Power The Internet of Things

The jury is still out on whether the Internet of Things will make our lives any easier. If and when it does, a lot of it might be powered these tiny, ant-sized radios. Read more...

A Little Love for Italy, from Microsoft: Get the Lumia 435 free when you purchase the Lumia 535

It is no secret that Windows Phone has traditionally achieved some of its strongest sales figures across Europe. From Germany to the UK, France to Italy, the platform has achieved success mostly beyond that it enjoys elsewhere.As such it is no surprise, especially with Valentine's Day on its way,


距离 IBM 的深蓝超级计算机击败国际象棋世界冠军加里·卡斯帕罗夫(Gary Kasparov),已经快过去20年了。从那以后,会下国际象棋的计算机又有了显著增强,人类能够战胜计算机的可能性也越来越小。

快速稳定的空中Wifi 或比当年铱星计划靠谱

据悉,近日英国卫星公司 Inmarsat 和德国电信运营商 Deutsche Telekom 获得相关人士的牵线搭桥,将为欧盟 28 个成员国的航班覆盖LTE网络和卫星网络。

New York's restaurant scene will welcome dogs to eat al fresco, by law

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York's pooches will be able to venture onto restaurant patios under a new state law that will allow restaurants to open their outdoor dining areas to canine companions.The measure was signed into law late Monday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. States including California,



拖延症,请你放过程序猿 - 张德Talk

你,我,他(她),有几个人敢说自己没有拖延症的。绝大部分的人都有拖延症,或轻或重而已。我自己是一枚程序猿,我发现自己有很严重的拖延症,严重到不只影响到我的日常规划,还阻碍我变得更优秀。因此,为了你,我,她(他)自己本就能够更优秀,我们必须和拖延症绝交。 我还特地去度娘了一下拖延症的含义和危害,拖延症

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