Microsoft disables faulty sync with latest Edge preview builds, out now

In case you hadn’t noticed, Microsoft’s new Edge browser built on Chromium has been having some issues with syncing between devices, including creating multiple copies of Favorites that seemingly couldn’t be deleted (well they could, but they kept coming back). Today,

How to check your Compliance Score in Microsoft 365 to ensure you keep your small business data safe

If you hope to keep your data safe in Microsoft 365, then you might want to check your compliance scores.

Microsoft Edge is introducing Storage Access API, allowing devs to detect privacy settings and reque

Microsoft is currently working on a new privacy feature for Microsoft Edge called "Storage Access API" that will give developers a way to determine whether their site's access to browser storage is restricted by a user’s privacy settings and directly request storage access from users if so.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part Three: new Teams hardware, Tasks app a

Users will theoretically be able to conduct entire meetings, brainstorming sessions, and pitches without ever having to touch communal work areas soon.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part Two: more engaging meetings with Live

With more and more employees and educators using Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings, the company announced this morning several new features that should help make Teams video conferencing more engaging than before.

Microsoft Teams announces major enhancements to meetings Part One: Together Mode and more

Microsoft has announced a slew of new features for Microsoft Teams this morning to reimagine virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. These features have been designed to make virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and ultimately,

Microsoft shuts down cybercrime domains using COVID-19 related lures

Microsoft has managed to plug one hole, but the company's DCU division knows its work is only going to get more sophisticated as cybercrime evolves. 

Microsoft to boost its Dynamics 365 capabilities with new acquisition of Orions Systems

Microsoft announced this week the acquisition of Orions Systems, a company delivering smart vision system that it plans to use to improve its Dynamics 365 offerings.

Xbox Guide will soon let you launch or install games your Xbox friends are playing

Xbox’s Major Nelson has just announced a new time-saving feature coming soon to the Xbox Guide on Xbox One.

Google releases cringeworthy new ad for Stadia

Google has released a new ad for its Stadia game streaming service that just became available for those who ordered the Founder’s Edition package before it was replaced with the Premier Edition later.

Microsoft brings Azure to Norway

Norway is the latest market to gain the availability of new Azure datacenters, allowing businesses and organizations the full advantage of data residency for their home country.



扫黄打非办:新浪网涉嫌传播淫秽色情信息 被吊销两证


These Are the Stormtrooper Sculptures You're Looking For

It's almost time for May the 4th, which all geeks know as Star Wars day — and this time around, Lucasfilm has cooked up something special to celebrate with the help of artists from across the Disney empireA three-day gallery show "Legion,



See Inside a Living Rat Brain Thanks to Lasers and Carbon Nanotubes

The living brain has always been a tricky thing to study. How do you figure out what's going on without poking, prodding, and jostling the brain so much that it's not working right?

Fame Is Hard: Why Minecraft's Creator Is Opting to Disappear

"I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it for my sanity."Those were the final words of Markus Persson's blog post explaining why he wouldn't be going on with Mojang after it was purchased by Microsoft. Persson, better known as "Notch," is responsible for creating Minecraft,

2014亚马逊在线笔试题目 - OpenSoucre


NASA发布格陵兰岛莱迪冰川太空俯瞰图 景色宏伟壮丽

据外媒报道,美国宇航局(NASA)公布了位于格陵兰岛的莱迪冰川(Leidy Glacier)的太空俯瞰图,甚为壮观宏丽。莱迪冰川位于丹麦格陵兰岛西北角,这张图片是用NASA“特拉”卫星的星载热量散发和反辐射仪拍摄的。

蛇叔:「一千蚊 4G、雙卡都玩得過!」- Lenovo A6000(樂檬港版)手機評測

最近人氣平機「紅米 2」正式在港發售,不過「平機」又唔單單只有小米一個選擇,因為 Lenovo 原來都打算 4 月引進內地熱賣的 A6000 (樂檬手機),規格同「紅米 2」貼近,而且外殼更用了超搶眼的檸檬黃色,唔知佢用起來感覺如何呢?

再谈javascript函数节流 - 彼岸花在开


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