Emilia Clarke's nude scene pressure didn't come from 'Game of Thrones'

Emilia Clarke opened up about performing in nude scenes on Game of Thrones and later projects in a recent episode of Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert. In the episode,

Boris Johnson recreates the creepiest scene in 'Love Actually,' somehow makes it creepier

Love Actually's "To me, you are perfect" scene is arguably one of the creepiest, most manipulative scenes in rom-com history. But it just got out-creeped, by none other than Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson.That's right:

Jimmy Kimmel hilariously pranks his staff with a creepy wax figure

If you're going to give the OK to a wax figure of yourself being placed in Madame Tussauds, you might as well get some use out of the thing first.In the clip above, Jimmy Kimmel borrows his own (fairly unnerving) wax figure for a spot of hide and seek around the studio,

The 10 best video games of 2019

This was an interesting year for video games.The games that really shined 2019 weren't sequels to well-established series, they were new worlds with new characters making their marks for the first time. Sure, there were a couple remakes and sequels that were fantastic,

How cute cookware helped me finally feel welcome in my own kitchen

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.For years, I didn't like cooking, and I wasn't any good at it. I've always loved the Food Network and I'm naturally creative,

'1917' is half movie, half video game, all genius

Director Sam Mendes based the plot of 1917 on a World War I story told to him long ago by a veteran of the trenches — his Trinidadian novelist grandfather Alfred Mendes, who in 1917 was a Lance Corporal in the British Army.

Qdoba is selling a queso candle because who doesn't love the smell of cheese

Qdoba Mexican Eats is bringing the flavor this holiday season.The chain is releasing a limited-edition queso-scented candle — inspired by its three-cheese queso dip — for the cheese lover in your life. We'd all appreciate a queso candle this holidayImage: qdobaSEE ALSO:

This pocket-sized translator device makes the absolute perfect gift

TL;DR: Make international travel easier with the ONE Mini Pocket Multilingual Assistant for $50, a 49% savings. Big, expensive gifts like TVs and gaming consoles typically steal the thunder during the holiday season but all those big,

'The Mandalorian' concept art proves Baby Yoda was always adorable

We don't know where Baby Yoda came from (yet), but The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau is willing to divulge how he first saw the adorable creature.On Tuesday, four days after the release Disney+'s second Mandalorian installment, Favreau shared the concept art for "The Child" on Twitter.

Baby Yoda is taking the internet by storm

Appearing on "The Mandolorian," the newest "Star Wars" TV series, the tiny alien made everyone fall in love with it. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Star Wars, Yoda, and Disney

This robotic snake can climb a tree — Future Blink

Designed by the Biometric labs at Carnegie Mellon, this robot snake can slither, climb, and move unlike other robots. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Robot, Snakes, and Future Blink


這是在國外網站看到的《鋼鐵人3》週邊商品,如果是滑鼠、隨身碟、口香糖之類的這沒什麼,台灣便利店都買得到,但這個實在是太奇葩了,想跟大家分享。 這個《鋼鐵人3》商品組售價為5.

Global DMA518 LTD 充分利用丰厚的风险资本和投资机会

香港2015年1月19日电 /美通社/ -- Global DMA518 LTD(GDL,或本公司)欣然宣布2014年11月20日于萨摩亚注册成立风险投资公司。 GDL 的建立是为了在新兴技术和市场营销行业中利用非传统与丰厚回报的风险资本寻找投资机会。

去書展前必睇!10 大書展慳錢攻略

一年一度既書展聽日就開幕啦! 今年書展將以「從香港閱讀世界‧一讀鍾情 」為主題,由 7月 15 號開始到 21號,一連 6日係香港會議展覽中心舉行。

【进阶——最小费用最大流】hdu 1533 Going Home (费用流)Pacific Northwest 2004 - mypride


Apple 新專利曝光!iPhone「裝彈弓」可防止跌爛螢幕

Apple 在最新推出的 iPhone 6s 及 iPhone 6s Plus 上,終於正式採用了全新的 7000 系列鋁合金,雖然令到機身變得更堅固,但可惜螢幕卻依然十分脆弱。


美国新奥尔良2016年6月24日电 /美通社/ -- 为期三天的 HITEC 2016,于昨日在美国新奥尔良市正式落下帷幕。本届HITEC是由国际酒店行业三大权威组织之一的HFTP主办的全球最大的酒店科技博览会。它云集了全球最顶尖的酒店专业人士和最热门的酒店科技。作为其全球战略伙伴,中国酒店科技联盟 (CHTA) 带领中国酒店业精英首次亮相 HITEC,在国际舞台上发出了中国的声音。

Brexit will not affect 'Game of Thrones' production

The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union may be destabilizing the markets, devaluing the pound and giving many people general apocalyptic feelings, but there's at least one thing that will probably remain unaffected by Brexit: Game of Thrones.

Sourcery raised $5 million to help restaurants and food vendors deal with each other, and not lost r

Sourcery Technologies Inc. has raised $5 million in venture funding for software that helps restaurateurs and corporate kitchens order from vendors, keep track of their inventory and costs, and figure out the appropriate prices for different ingredients.



VR体感控制技术Leap Motion向移动领域扩展

2013年,初创公司Leap发布了面向PC及苹果电脑MAC的体感控制器Leap Motion,起初是作为桌面VR技术的体感控制技术开发,经过数年的发展更新的交互引擎渐渐集成了VR头盔及键盘等输入交互界面,现在Leap推出了新一代Leap Motion移动平台,准备将该技术推向移动设备。

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