How to choose the right Oracle database for your budget and business needs

Oracle is a name ubiquitous with databases but each of their products are suited to different needs and specifications. This guide will help you choose the right database for your business. Read more:

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Growing number of UK business PCs at risk

Worldwide chance of infection from any type of malware jumped four per cent year-on-year.

Ransomware attacks on MongoDB servers use GDPR to blackmail victims

Experts believe extortion will only lead to more extortion.

These are the most searched for malware types

Researchers are investigating the more obscure malware types.

Q&A – Reaping the benefits of 5G – CSPs are not there yet

Telcos are losing ground in early enterprise 5G projects.

Returning to the workplace and the ongoing threat of phishing attacks

Advice for enterprises on phishing attacks when returning to work.

The most common link building mistakes with solutions

Learn how to identify and avoid common link- building mistakes that we often make in our link building campaign. Improve your SEO. Generate traffic and attain juicy links.

Transforming human resources with RPA

How RPA can add value to human resources departments.

Snowden claims NSA, not Assad, caused Syrian Internet outage in 2012

The NSA whistleblower claims that the US intelligence agency accidentally disconnected Syria from the outside world two years ago while attempting to hack the router of a major ISP.Read more:

Software-defined networking on the edge

SDN can enable application performance, ease of management and simplicity of use for the unified wired and wireless access network but the true extent of this openness will be determined by vendors. Read more:

Results day 2014: Will the digital skills gap become a gaping chasm?

The UK is looking down the barrel of a widening digital skills gap due to rapid expansion of the tech sector and not enough graduates in STEM subjects.Read more:

不再浪费 用了还能再用的橡胶保鲜膜

保鲜膜是我们一定会用到的日常用品,但它的一次性可能会让勤俭节约的人感到不爽。如果有这样的想法,Cover Blubber 橡胶保鲜膜是最棒的选择。  




深圳2014年9月12日电 /美通社/ -- 优秀的东西总是引人注目,并且是人们推崇和追逐的目标。索尼 IMX214传感器在当今的手机摄影界就有着这样的地位。酷比(koobee)MAX3正是使用了这样一个顶级传感器的旗舰手机。

Elon Musk对人工智能恐惧不已

Elon Musk曾说过研究人工智能就像是召唤恶魔,这位PayPal、特斯拉和SpaceX的联合创始人对人工智能一直持警惕的立场。他在一篇已经删除的评论中写道,五年或至多十年内有可能会发生某些严重危险的事情,地球的未来危机重重。

Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans

itwbennett (1594911) writes "Verizon Communications will sell its local wireline operations in California, Florida and Texas for $10.5 billion, citing uncertainty around federal Internet regulation as one reason for the move,

极具性价比的选择 松下DMC-G7微单评测


MegaChips将在2015 ARM年度技术论坛(台湾)上展示“BlueChip PLC Multi-hop”和“BlueChip Wireless”

日本大阪--(美国商业资讯)--MegaChips Corporation (TOKYO:

硅谷挖角华尔街 高盛三银行家转投Uber


无需排队 上海首推支付宝看病自动缴费


The Apple Maps launch fiasco led to the iOS public beta program

In an interview with Fast Company, Apple executives looked back at the launch of the Maps app and its current state. The company has been hard at work on improving the mapping app, and it’s interesting to see the learnings from the launch fiasco. In particular,

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