Score Cyber Monday savings on TechCrunch Sessions 2020 passes

Have we got a Cyber Monday deal for you. TC Sessions: Robotics+AI (March 3) and TC Sessions: Mobility (May 14) are coming back to California in 2020 with early bird tickets starting at $275 and $250 respectively. But if you buy your pass today, you’ll save an extra 15 percent on each event.

Spotify spent a lot of money on podcasting, so it wants you to start listening, please

Listen. Spotify’s tired of screwing around here. The company spent a lot of money on podcasts. Like, a lot, a lot. And it really needs you to start listening to things, because it’s almost certainly going to spend even more in the coming years. I mean, music is good, too, don’t get it wrong, but […]

Week in Review: Pet startups will be the death of Silicon Valley

Hey everyone. Thank you for welcoming me into your inboxes yet again. I’m in Berlin where TechCrunch just pulled off another great Disrupt event, we’ve got a lot of great Europe-focused startup content on the site so get to scrolling if your interest is piqued.

With $4B food delivery acquisition, Korea poised to enter upper tier of startup hubs

Seoul and South Korea may well be the secret startup hub that (still) no one talks about. While often dwarfed by the scale and scope of the Chinese startup market next door, South Korea has proven over the last few years that it can — and will — enter the top-tier of startup hubs. Case […]

Volkswagen to bring self-driving electric shuttles to Qatar by 2022

Volkswagen Group and Qatar have agreed to develop a public transit system of autonomous shuttles and buses by 2022 for the capital city of Doha. The agreement signed Saturday by VW Group and the Qatar Investment Authority is an expansive project that will involve four brands under VW Group,

Fortnite gets lightsabers, courtesy of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ promo

The final installment of the sequel trilogy is getting a lot of creative promotion — even by Star Wars standards. With The Rise of Skywalker out in just under a week, J.J. Abrams (and some spotty server issues) paid a visit to Fortnite.

Let’s talk Samsung Galaxy S11

We’ve officially entered the mid-December hardware doldrums. Obviously no major hardware maker in its right mind is going to be announcing anything major in the next few weeks, for fear of preemptively cannibalizing holiday sales. Things will, however,

New Orleans declares state of emergency following ransomware attack

New Orleans declared a state of emergency and shut down its computers after a cyber security event, the latest in a string of city and state governments to be attacked by hackers. Suspicious activity was spotted around 5 a.m. Friday morning. By 8 a.m.,there was an uptick in that activity,

Researchers find making a sick reef sound like a healthy one could help its recovery

A new study, published in Nature Communications (via Washington Post), found promising early results from an experiment wherein sounds that you’d hear from a healthy reef are played back at a reef that’s dying. It may sound a bit like a bait-and-switch,

Top Israeli VC talks cybersecurity, diversity and ‘no go’ investments

Jerusalem Venture Partners has raised more than $1.4 billion raised over two decades, powering some of Israel's largest cybersecurity startups.

Cyber Monday on track to deliver $9.4B in U.S. online sales

Cyber Monday online sales are on track to hit $9.4 billion today, a figure that’s up 18.9% year-over-year, and even larger than Black Friday’s record-breaking $7.4 billion in online sales, according to analytics from Adobe. As of 9 AM Eastern on Cyber Monday, U.S.


泻药,今天正好工作不饱和,手边又正好带着ZEISS 50 1.4,就以“认真”为名答一个长答案吧。【好多人骂我是因为没有看我的结论么。。。。。

【爱稀奇直购】Thumbs up比萨斜塔杯,盛出各种活法儿~

如果你想让循规蹈矩的日常生活偏离一些,那么,来看看这些跑偏了的杯具吧~如图,这组杯子的灵感明显来自于意大利的比 […]

浅谈数据库联合查询 - Candyメ奶糖

本文介绍以下内容:LFET JOIN、RIGHT JOIN、INNER JOIN、UNION、UNION ALL、FULL JOIN等!测试数据(以下数据未经考证,非真实有效数据,仅作为本次学习的测试数据!)全国大学排名TOP20 No.

mysql监控、性能调优及三范式理解 - 凌.风

1监控工具:sp on mysqlsp系列可监控各种数据库2调优2.1 DB层操作与调优2.1.1、开启慢查询在My.cnf文件中添加如下内容(如果不知道my.cnf的路径可使用find / -name my.cnf进行查找):在mysqld下添加Log_slow_queries = ON作用:开启...

德克萨斯果然剽悍 40吨重超巨型烧烤炉


Linux内核分析(六)----字符设备控制方法实现|揭秘系统调用本质 - wrjvszq

Linux内核分析(六)昨天我们对字符设备进行了初步的了解,并且实现了简单的字符设备驱动,今天我们继续对字符设备的某些方法进行完善。今天我们会分析到以下内容:1. 字符设备控制方法实现2.


如果想要把自行车骑出道路,你需要的是越来越大的轮胎。有没有一劳永逸的办法呢?Ron Schroer 发明了“一边滚一边走”的自行车,只要你不介意它慢。  


美国国家橄榄球联盟(National Football League,NFL)2015-2016赛季比赛正在进行中。人们可以选择微软Bing预测比赛结果,随后进行下注。该预测网站由微软首席开发经理 Walter Sun 和他的八个同事一起开发。


@金超 提到的动态规划(dynamic programming),即所谓 "closed-loop control",实际上在许多动态优化问题中与最优控制理论(optimal control theory),即所谓 "open-loop control" 是等价的。前者在当代宏观经济学中占据重要地位,后者则在自然资源经济学中有着广泛应用,并且在经济学意义上比 Bellman 方程更符合直觉。


谢邀 @SlowMover。这个问题我的感觉是没什么太大的区别,经济学中的decision theory和统计学中的decision theory (后面就简称DT了~)基本可以说是一个东西。但是区别还是有的:经济学中DT是一个分析问题的起点,比如有了选择函数的IIA性质是Nash bargaining 问题有那个著名的解的前提,Savage主观概率期望效用函数是非合作博弈分析的前提,但这些性质并不是经济学的目的,经济学的目的是看这些分散化的decision加总起来是个什么东西,也就是说经济学研究的本质上是均衡状态,DT只是分析这个问题的一个手段。

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