Score Cyber Monday savings on TechCrunch Sessions 2020 passes

Have we got a Cyber Monday deal for you. TC Sessions: Robotics+AI (March 3) and TC Sessions: Mobility (May 14) are coming back to California in 2020 with early bird tickets starting at $275 and $250 respectively. But if you buy your pass today, you’ll save an extra 15 percent on each event.

Recurrency is taking on giants like SAP with a modern twist on ERP

Recurrency, a member of the Summer 2020 Y Combinator cohort, was started by a 21 year old just out of college. He decided to take on a highly established market that is led by giants like SAP, Infor, Oracle and Microsoft,

Everything you could possibly want to learn about fundraising will be covered at TC Early Stage

TechCrunch’s first Early Stage event goes down in exactly one week, and we’re pretty freakin’ amped about it! Early Stage is unique in that it’s more of an entrepreneurial bootcamp, smashed into a two-day virtual format, than a traditional conference.

Amazon to test Dash Cart, a smart grocery shopping cart that sees what you buy

Amazon today introduced the latest in smart store tech with the introduction of the Amazon Dash Cart, a grocery store shopping cart that identifies then charges you for the items you place inside its basket.

Amazon is piloting worker healthcare clinics near its warehouses

Amazon this morning announced a partnership with Crossover Health to build worker healthcare facilities near its fulfillment centers. The plan is still in a pilot phase, as the commerce giant employs the services of Crossover, which builds clinics for corporate clients.

UK U-turns on Huawei and 5G, giving operators until 2027 to rip out existing kit

The UK government has confirmed a widely expected U-turn related to “high risk” 5G vendors linked to the Chinese state — attributing the policy shift to the US recently imposing tighter sanctions on Huawei’s access to its technologies.

Jyoti Bansal’s third startup goes after code security

Jyoti Bansal was part of the AppDynamics founding team, a company that Cisco bought in 2017 for $3.7 billion. He might have been content to rest on that big win, but instead he went on to launch Harness and a venture capital arm, Unusual Ventures. Today,

Macro just raised $4.3M to make your never-ending Zoom calls more useful

In this pandemic world, in-person meetings are a thing of the past. Most meetings these days are done via video conference, and no company has capitalized on the shift quite like Zoom. Macro, a new FirstMark-backed company, is looking to capitalize on the capitalization. To Capitalism! Sorry.

Researchers find making a sick reef sound like a healthy one could help its recovery

A new study, published in Nature Communications (via Washington Post), found promising early results from an experiment wherein sounds that you’d hear from a healthy reef are played back at a reef that’s dying. It may sound a bit like a bait-and-switch,

Top Israeli VC talks cybersecurity, diversity and ‘no go’ investments

Jerusalem Venture Partners has raised more than $1.4 billion raised over two decades, powering some of Israel's largest cybersecurity startups.

Cyber Monday on track to deliver $9.4B in U.S. online sales

Cyber Monday online sales are on track to hit $9.4 billion today, a figure that’s up 18.9% year-over-year, and even larger than Black Friday’s record-breaking $7.4 billion in online sales, according to analytics from Adobe. As of 9 AM Eastern on Cyber Monday, U.S.

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A Brief History of Moviefone, From Mr. Moviefone Himself

Before smartphones and Fandango, one friendly, booming voice was shouting movie times into ears across America. Now, after 25 years, that voice and the cultural catchphrase it wrought—Hello, and welcome to Moviefone—are about to enter an eternity of radio silence. But as it turns out,



Hilarious slow-motion video of men's orgasmic faces playing guitar

Think watching women trying to sing while having an orgasm is fun? Well, get a load of these dudes giving serious guitar-face while fondling their instruments. Rawr. Read more...

An iPad-Controlled Drum Machine That Plays Whatever You've Got

If you've ever realized how much potential a box of dry pasta has as a shakeable instrument, you'll immediately understand why Lorenzo Bravi's Hit the Beat drum machine is so wonderful. Because whatever you've got on hand, from dry beans to bottle camps, suddenly becomes a real-life drum sample.

Sony: A third of PlayStation 4 users jumped ship from the Xbox 360 or Wii U

About one third of PlayStation 4 users had Xbox 360 or Wii as their last gaming console. Worldwide Studios senior VP of product development Scott Rohde said in an interview that a decent amount of people -- around 31% -- migrated from rival’s consoles and bought Sony’s PlayStation 4.

2.7 编程之美--最大公约数的3种解法[efficient method to solve gcd problem] - hellogiser

efficient method to solve gcd problem

Future Islands: In the Fall

The relationship between scent and our memory centers is well-documented, but I'm guessing sound must be located nearby, too. Certain songs and albums have a powerful tendency to cement themselves to the moment in time when you first discovered them. Read more...

Lionel Messi storms FIFA 15 official cover as UK launch date revealed

Just days after the World Cup fans’ last roar echoed across Brazil, EA sports has announced that FIFA 15 will hit UK shelves on 26 September 2014.Read more:

iPhone 在未锁屏情况下接听电话为什么不是滑动屏幕而是按钮?

1. 但两种不同的接听方式不会显得风格不统一吗,也容易造成confuse啊我觉得是风格有不一样,但却是统一的。判断是否统一通常要考虑一个context(情景),锁屏这个情景,所有的操作都是滑动的。

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