Original 'Z-Boys' Skater Jay Adams Dead at 53

Jay Adams, an original member of the Z-Boys skate team whose low, sweeping, surf-like style profoundly influenced skateboarding but couldn't lift him from a path of addiction and prison, died of a heart attack in Mexico, TMZ reported Friday. He was 53.Emile Hirsch played Adams as a feral,

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Hecklers silenced: Ryan Adams covers Bryan Adams' 'Summer of '69'

Ryan Adams finally gave the hecklers what they've always wanted — a cover of Bryan Adams' 1985 hit "Summer of '69.

Stream Ryan Adams' '1989' cover album now and make Taylor Swift's cat happy

We've been waiting forever — in Internet time — for Ryan Adams' reimagination of Taylor Swift's 1989, first announced in August. Now it's finally hereYou can stream the album in its entirety on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or track-by-track on YouTube.See also:

Unlikely duo Justin Bieber and Bryan Adams sing acoustic 'Baby' together

"Summer of '69" singer Bryan Adams joined fellow Canadian Justin Bieber onstage Tuesday to perform "Baby" — Bieber's monstrous 2010 hit that is also the most-disliked video on YouTube with 5 million thumbs-down (and 1.2 billion views). Adams, 55, and Bieber, 21,

From songwriting to Siri: Ryan Adams interviews Taylor Swift for 'GQ'

Artists always see more open when they're talking to other artists. That's probably why when it came time to find someone to interview current cover star Taylor Swift on video, GQ picked the best possible candidate: Ryan Adams,

Back by popular demand: 16 Samuel Adams 'vault brews' get new life

There are some things in life that deserve a comeback, and the brewers at Samuel Adams couldn't agree more.

So Ryan Adams' New Punk Rock EP Is Actually Pretty Good

Alt-country crooner Ryan Adams typically makes music fit for a rom-com's opening credits, but he has a lesser-known punk side, and 1984 showcases the best of it.Read more...

Ryan Adams churns out new covers of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' and 'Shake it Off'

Ryan Adams is continuing his reign as a one man Taylor Swift cover bandThe singer, who announced plans to cover T-Swift's 1989 album, has released two new snippets of "Bad Blood" and "Shake It Off."See also:

How Ryan Adams was allowed to legally cover an entire Taylor Swift album

LOS ANGELES — Ryan Adams might have asked Taylor Swift's permission to cover her entire album "1989." Seeing as they're pals, that's the likely scenario.But he didn't have to. And neither would you.See also: Taylor Swift crashed Ryan Adams' first interview about '1989'In a nutshell: Under U.S.

Original 'Z-Boys' Skater Jay Adams Dead at 53

Jay Adams, an original member of the Z-Boys skate team whose low, sweeping, surf-like style profoundly influenced skateboarding but couldn't lift him from a path of addiction and prison, died of a heart attack in Mexico, TMZ reported Friday. He was 53.Emile Hirsch played Adams as a feral,

Hear the first clip of Ryan Adams' Taylor Swift cover album

Late Wednesday night, the gods of pop and rock sent this tidbit down from the heavens: Ryan Adams is recording a Taylor Swift cover album.The musician tweeted his intentions to record all of Swift's 1989 alongside an Instagram photo of a microphone in a darkened studio.

'The Office' is leaving Netflix for good — but not until 2021

It's a sad day for the Netflix-subscribed people of Scranton.In a move that surprises no one but enrages everyone, NBC has officially announced its plans to pull all nine seasons of The Office from Netflix streaming, starting in 2021. The series will then be re-homed to, you guessed it,

San Francisco becomes the first U.S. city to ban Juuls

San Francisco is cracking down on vaping.A new blanket ban would outlaw the sale, distribution, and manufacturing of e-cigarettes in an effort to fight the trend of vaping teenagers. The city's Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on the legislation on Tuesday.

Gritty surprises kid with custom Gritty prosthetic leg

Gritty is so many things, but above all, he's a big hairy piece of joy.On Tuesday, Gritty, the legendary Philadelphia Flyers mascot, surprised 7-year-old fan Caiden O'Rourke at Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.

Slack, Google Docs among others to be banned by Microsoft

Other programs include Amazon Web and GitHub. The ban will prevent competitors from seeing what Microsoft is working on.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Google, Microsoft, Mashable Video, and Slack

Elon Musk bewilders Twitter users with tweet about Mars

The SpaceX CEO, who's known for his Twitter of "complete nonsense," seemingly mistook a blood moon for Mars in a tweet.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Twitter, Space, Mashable Video, and Elon Musk

Data finds that Americans spend an hour on their phone while in the car

The data, compiled by the app Drivermode, found that most Americans spend that hour doing things such as listening to music, text, and send voicemails.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Smartphone, Transportation, Mashable Video, and Tech

USB creator discusses successes, regrets regarding the design

In an NPR interview, Ajay Bhatt discussed the design, some ideas he and the IBM team had, and his response to people's request for a reversible design.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Usb, Ajay Bhatt, and Tech

The Panama Canal, Then and Now

The Panama Canal, one of the largest engineering and construction projects in history, celebrated its 100th birthday on FridayDubbed one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World" by the American Society of Civil Engineers,

Craig Ferguson May Move to 7 p.m. in Wacky Syndication Deal

At 7 p.m, you may be used to watching Jeopardy! and Entertainment Tonight. Now get ready to see Craig Ferguson. That's right — the soon-to-be-ex-Late Late Show host is going early-early.Ferguson is close to a deal with Tribune Media, which reaches about 42 percent of households in the U.S.,

Bill Gates Answers Ice Bucket Challenge With World's Nerdiest Video

When Mark Zuckerberg challenged Bill Gates to complete the ice bucket challenge, he designed a lovably dorky high-tech contraption for the low-tech task of pouring a bucket of water on himself"I'm glad to give to ALS, it's a great cause," he says in the video. "But I want to accept this challenge,


“吴恩达是在机器学习,特别是深度学习方面的领先学者之一”,在得知吴恩达加盟百度后,加州伯克利大学理论神经系统科学雷德伍德中心的负责人Bruno Olshausen如此评价,“在百度他将继续引领这个领域。”

India's Prime Minister Gets Glowing Reception at Madison Square Garden

More than any other politician in recent memory, Narendra Modi, India's newly elected prime minister, has generated hope for the economic prospects of his nation.That hope was present on Sunday during Modi's speech at Madison Square Garden, part of his visit to the United States,


威锋网 10 月 30 日消息,外媒报道表示,Android Wear 项目经理人表示,目前还没有让 Android Wear 兼容 iOS 的计划,另外他们会继续评估其他平台,因为他们希望能有更多人用上 Wear 设备。  


该价值7000万美元(4.3亿人民币)的项目为亨氏在亚洲的婴儿米粉核心工厂以及该公司全球最大的婴儿米粉厂 中国广东省--(美国商业资讯)--亨氏公司(H.J.



[ 创业心得 ] 和联合创始人闹翻的6种正确姿势

当公司开始有部门、部门主管,这个状况经常容易发生。联合创始人还是很习惯看不顺眼就管,久而久之造成经理人的困扰。 ...

【译】velocity - yyrdl

本文原文地址: "http://davidwalsh.name/intro javascript animation" 就像许多开发者确信的那样,在Web上使用CSS实现动画并不是唯一的方式,我们也可以使用JS来实现,并且JS还有一些CSS无法替代的优势。

英特尔力争iPhone 7 LTE基带芯片订单 与高通分羹

据科技博客VentureBeat报道,知情人士称,英特尔现在至少有1000名员工正在从事一个项目,将公司备受好评的7360 LTE调制解调器芯片整合到苹果明年推出的iPhone上。

How to get the most from the Internet of Things

Promoted by HPE MatterTo read more about HPE’s vision for the Internet of Things, visit HPE Matter.At Discover London 2015, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced Internet of Things (IoT) systems and connectivity solutions that enable customers to more efficiently collect,


据国外媒体消息,SpaceX 在经历了 4 次失败的尝试之后,最终 “猎鹰 9号” 运载火箭成功实现在海上遥控船上着陆。这对于 SpaceX 来说具有里程碑式的意义,因为这意味着 SpaceX 将实现在任何地点都可以实现接收,不仅仅是在坚实的陆地上,即使在海上也可以通过遥控船来确定回收地点。据了解,SpaceX 从 2014年 开始实验,直到去年12月 份第一次实现成功陆上着陆。此次着陆之前,SpaceX 已经开始为国际空间站运送货物,在太空打造一个充气式栖息地。

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