Original 'Z-Boys' Skater Jay Adams Dead at 53

Jay Adams, an original member of the Z-Boys skate team whose low, sweeping, surf-like style profoundly influenced skateboarding but couldn't lift him from a path of addiction and prison, died of a heart attack in Mexico, TMZ reported Friday. He was 53.Emile Hirsch played Adams as a feral,

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Hecklers silenced: Ryan Adams covers Bryan Adams' 'Summer of '69'

Ryan Adams finally gave the hecklers what they've always wanted — a cover of Bryan Adams' 1985 hit "Summer of '69.

Stream Ryan Adams' '1989' cover album now and make Taylor Swift's cat happy

We've been waiting forever — in Internet time — for Ryan Adams' reimagination of Taylor Swift's 1989, first announced in August. Now it's finally hereYou can stream the album in its entirety on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or track-by-track on YouTube.See also:

Unlikely duo Justin Bieber and Bryan Adams sing acoustic 'Baby' together

"Summer of '69" singer Bryan Adams joined fellow Canadian Justin Bieber onstage Tuesday to perform "Baby" — Bieber's monstrous 2010 hit that is also the most-disliked video on YouTube with 5 million thumbs-down (and 1.2 billion views). Adams, 55, and Bieber, 21,

From songwriting to Siri: Ryan Adams interviews Taylor Swift for 'GQ'

Artists always see more open when they're talking to other artists. That's probably why when it came time to find someone to interview current cover star Taylor Swift on video, GQ picked the best possible candidate: Ryan Adams,

Back by popular demand: 16 Samuel Adams 'vault brews' get new life

There are some things in life that deserve a comeback, and the brewers at Samuel Adams couldn't agree more.

So Ryan Adams' New Punk Rock EP Is Actually Pretty Good

Alt-country crooner Ryan Adams typically makes music fit for a rom-com's opening credits, but he has a lesser-known punk side, and 1984 showcases the best of it.Read more...

Ryan Adams churns out new covers of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' and 'Shake it Off'

Ryan Adams is continuing his reign as a one man Taylor Swift cover bandThe singer, who announced plans to cover T-Swift's 1989 album, has released two new snippets of "Bad Blood" and "Shake It Off."See also:

How Ryan Adams was allowed to legally cover an entire Taylor Swift album

LOS ANGELES — Ryan Adams might have asked Taylor Swift's permission to cover her entire album "1989." Seeing as they're pals, that's the likely scenario.But he didn't have to. And neither would you.See also: Taylor Swift crashed Ryan Adams' first interview about '1989'In a nutshell: Under U.S.

Original 'Z-Boys' Skater Jay Adams Dead at 53

Jay Adams, an original member of the Z-Boys skate team whose low, sweeping, surf-like style profoundly influenced skateboarding but couldn't lift him from a path of addiction and prison, died of a heart attack in Mexico, TMZ reported Friday. He was 53.Emile Hirsch played Adams as a feral,

Hear the first clip of Ryan Adams' Taylor Swift cover album

Late Wednesday night, the gods of pop and rock sent this tidbit down from the heavens: Ryan Adams is recording a Taylor Swift cover album.The musician tweeted his intentions to record all of Swift's 1989 alongside an Instagram photo of a microphone in a darkened studio.

Elon Musk's underground tunnel has potential, but leaves a lot to be desired

At first, the alley looked like many others: cinder block walls, neglected asphalt, and chain link fences that back up on beige single family bungalows.There was one big difference, though. At the end of this unnamed alley between 122nd and 120th streets in Hawthorne,

Yes, there is an 'Aquaman' dildo you can buy

While everyone isn't quite pleased with Aquaman, maybe this clearly unlicensed piece of merchandise will do better.Australian company Geeky Sex Toys have released AquaMoan, a silicone dildo which features a scaly texture and curves reminiscent of the Justice League hero, played by Jason Momoa. 

Google Chrome may soon keep your back button from being hijacked

You've been there: Caught on a dodgy website, faced with a barrage of ads or suspicious content, and found yourself trapped — no matter how much you hit the back button.It's a sinister issue called "history manipulation,

GDPR transformed the internet in 2018, and it's not done yet

Time seems to work differently when you spend your days online. The memes, moments, and scandals that feel like ages ago are often really only months, weeks, or even days in the past — and what was once unthinkable quickly transforms into how it's always been. 

The 'guys really live in apartments like this' meme has a point

We stan a meme that calls for standards. Last week, Twitter user Kat Hasty posted a picture of a depressing living room, bare except for a single reclining armchair and a TV. There's no art on the walls, no surfaces other than the kitchen counter, and no lamps other than a harsh overhead light.

'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro sues Fortnite over the Carlton dance

Ribeiro made a name for himself with his moves, which were then apparently copied by a video game. Now, the actor is suing.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Lawsuit, Fortnite, Fresh Prince, and Entertainment

Uber fired Anthony Levandowski. Now he's back with a self-driving truck startup.

A name that came up often during the Uber v. Waymo trade secrets trial is back in the headlines: Anthony Levandowski.The former Google-engineer-turned-autonomous-truck-startup-founder-turned-Uber-self-driving-executive announced his latest startup, Pronto.

The Panama Canal, Then and Now

The Panama Canal, one of the largest engineering and construction projects in history, celebrated its 100th birthday on FridayDubbed one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World" by the American Society of Civil Engineers,

Craig Ferguson May Move to 7 p.m. in Wacky Syndication Deal

At 7 p.m, you may be used to watching Jeopardy! and Entertainment Tonight. Now get ready to see Craig Ferguson. That's right — the soon-to-be-ex-Late Late Show host is going early-early.Ferguson is close to a deal with Tribune Media, which reaches about 42 percent of households in the U.S.,

Bill Gates Answers Ice Bucket Challenge With World's Nerdiest Video

When Mark Zuckerberg challenged Bill Gates to complete the ice bucket challenge, he designed a lovably dorky high-tech contraption for the low-tech task of pouring a bucket of water on himself"I'm glad to give to ALS, it's a great cause," he says in the video. "But I want to accept this challenge,

TiVo co-founders gear up for launch of their QPlay TV streamer

Check out some leaked pictures and more details about QPlay, the new TV adapter built by the co-founders of TiVo. QPlay is set to launch any day now.     

Silicon Valley's Richest Hood Gets Vandalized and the FBI Is on It

Here's the difference between where you live, and where people like Eric Schmidt , Guy Kawasaki, and Tim Draper live: when their houses get tagged by vandals, it becomes a federal problem.Read more...

Ubuntu Just Put the Cloud in This Small, Orange Box

Ubuntu might not have a perfect track record with hardware , but why let that stop it! Now it's decided to put the cloud in a box. A bright orange box.Read more...

9 Resources to Fully Leverage Design Program 'Sketch'

Bohemian Coding recently released version three of popular OS X design program Sketch, featuring a powerful set of tools for precision design work. The new release means a revamped interface, with new icons, visible search bar, layer filtering, one-click flip transformation, a redesigned inspector,


ZDNet网站专栏作家埃德-博特(Ed Bott)日前撰文对微软重新重视Windows桌面操作体验的举动进行了一番分析。

巨無霸現身!Canon 1200mm 巨鏡倫敦實戰

平常我們說的長鏡頭,都是 200mm 左右,超過 500mm 的都不知應該怎樣形容,不過最近傳說中的 1200mm 巨型鏡頭就現身倫敦,而且攝影師更示範這鏡頭的厲害。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 巨無霸現身!

A closer look at Apple and Google’s police-proofing of iOS 8 and Android L

Why have both companies suddenly announced data encryption by default with their mobile operating systems? It isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts…Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/20/a-closer-look-at-apple-and-googles-police-proofing-of-ios-8-and-android-l/

This App Avoided Being Made Useless By Using The iPhone’s Charger (But Not For Charging)

Remember Cycloramic? It was one of our favorite iOS apps of last year. It allows you to take hands-free 360° selfie panoramics by using the iPhone’s vibrating motor to propel it around your desk.A key component of this trick, though, was that the last few iPhones have had squared edges.

Microsoft offers assurances to Surface lovers

In a post on the Surface blog, Microsoft has moved to assure businesses that the Surface line is here to stay after fears that the line of tablets may not be long for this world.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/10/microsoft-offer-assurances-to-surface-lovers/

为什么在“Mobile First”新策略下Surface变得更加重要?

近来微软的一步步动作,让人看到微软对于贯彻“Mobile Frist,Cloud Frist”的决心。 移动市 […]

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