Facebook Testing 'Satire' Tags for Sites Like The Onion

Facebook is testing out a feature that marks fake news stories from sites such as The Onion with "satire" in its News Feed, a feature requested by some users,

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Facebook Testing 'Satire' Tags for Sites Like The Onion

Facebook is testing out a feature that marks fake news stories from sites such as The Onion with "satire" in its News Feed, a feature requested by some users,

Facebook Tests "Satire" Tag To Avoid Confusion On News Feed

An anonymous reader writes "In an attempt to keep you from having to explain to your crazy relatives that despite what they read, Vice President Biden *didn't* get a grow light delivered to the White House under a fake name, Facebook is testing a "satire" tag on news feeds.

Fake Cop Instagram Account Gets an OK From NJ Judge

In October this year, a case came under legal scrutiny when a DEA agent created a fake Facebook account of Sondra Prince, even using photos of her and her young son and niece to create the digital forgery. Facebook denounced the action as a serious breach of its terms and policies . But Instagram,

You Can Order Sony's $1280 Walkman Today, But Don't

Hello, friends. Welcome to BitStream, a new roundup of awesome news fit for the TL;DR format. It's a bum rush of information to your brain. Daily.Read more...

Travel Like a Pro With This Discounted Gear, and More Deals

Here's a handy deal for any frequent travelers. This one small device is a 6,000mAh external charger, an 802.11n travel router, and a wireless USB media server all in one. Not bad for $36. [ HooToo TripMate 6000mAh External Battery with Wireless N Portable Travel Router, $36]Read more...

Every Smartphone Needs a Hip Hop Theme Song (Oh No Wait, No)

BitStream is a roundup of all the tech news minutiae and "woah, if true" rumors you're going to want tucked away in your brain somewhere. Here's what you need to know.Read more...

Here’s everything you need to know about the Heartbleed web security flaw

Researchers have discovered a serious flaw known as Heartbleed that affects the security software that runs on about two-thirds of the servers on the internet and could expose user data, including passwords. Here's what you need to know about it

$31 iPhone 6 Battery Case, the Best Smartphone Dash Mount, More Deals

While I'm partial to external battery packs, there's a lot to be said for the convenience and portability of battery cases. This iPhone 6 model from Alpatronix has great reviews, enough juice for a full charge, and most importantly, a slim profile. It's a steal $31 price tag today.

Grab a GoPro For Cheap, Save on Game Consoles, and More Deals

New GoPros a little rich for your blood? The GoPro Hero3+ Black is still a fantastic camera by any measure, and you can get a refurb today for $290, or $110 off retail. This is one of the best deals we've ever seen on this model. [Refurb GoPro Hero3+ Black, $290]Read more...

Why smut fics are so popular in the LGBTQ community

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and we're celebrating with an entire week dedicated to exploring the business and pleasure of porn.If watching porn isn't for you, consider reading some smutty fanfiction. Isa, a fanfiction writer who preferred not to share their last name,

See the grim demise of Canada’s last ice shelf

The Arctic is unraveling.This rapidly warming region — now heating up three times faster than the global average — has a new casualty. Last week, the Canadian Ice Service said the nation's last fully intact ice shelf (the large ends of glaciers that float over the ocean) had collapsed. The shelf,

Facebook's new policy bans blackface and some Jewish stereotypes

Facebook is broadening its definition of hate speech.On Tuesday, Facebook released its latest Community Standards Enforcement Report,

Joe Biden built up the VP hype and then just... tweeted it out

Everybody freaked out about who it would be, then he just..tweeted it out. We're talking, of course, about former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden picking California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election after weeks of hype.Biden,

Apple's WatchOS 7 beta is now available for download

Apple Watch owners can now try out the first public beta for watchOS 7. On Monday, Apple made the software available over the company’s Beta Software Program. This marks the first time the company has released a beta for watchOS to consumers. Previously,

'Halo Infinite' delayed until 2021, Xbox Series X set for November

Microsoft is moving ahead with plans to launch the Xbox Series X in November even as one of the next generation console's biggest launch titles slips to 2021.

Mia Khalifa auctions glasses from her adult films to support Lebanon

While sports commentator Mia Khalifa was only in the porn industry for three months, her impact has lasted years. In recent months, she's used her massive platform for activism, such as being transparent about the perils of doing mainstream porn. Now,

23 Things That Annoys Us About Our Significant Others

True love means possessing the ability to accept and forgive your partner's worst flawsSometimes that requires holding your breath while your wife farts in her sleep or turning a blind eye when your husband makes a snack out of his own boogers. Gross? Yes. Necessary? That's for you to decide.

200+ Jobs Openings in Digital Marketing, Video, Ads and More

Are you itching to make your next big career move? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they're looking to fill positions from Mashable's communityEvery week, we highlight recently posted openings.

U.S. Justice Department Orders Second Autopsy of Michael Brown

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday instructed the Justice Department to conduct a second autopsy of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 9.In a statement,

Here Are Some of the Crazy New Recipes IBM's Watson Has Invented

It's a while since IBM's Watson was put to work inventing recipes , but now the fruits of its labors are being cooked up and served out of IBM's new food truck. And the results are...interesting.Read more...    

WWDC大会临近 Retina MBA传闻再次出现

随着 WWDC 大会的临近,我们再一次听到了 12 英寸 MacBook 的传闻。威锋网消息,根据国外媒体的报导,有知情人士称苹果会在下周的WWDC 大会发布一款“从未见过”的新款 MacBook。


“We The People”是奥巴马政府开设的一个供美国人民向政府请愿的网站,它的作用是让政府知悉民愿并做出 […]



[email protected]开发者计划助力国内游戏行业和开发者的发展

导言:[email protected]是微软为Xbox平台提出的一项独立开发者项目,微软希望通过这个计划把众多游戏开发者聚集起来 […]

Emma Stone's face after tripping Naomi Watts at the SAG Awards was all of us

Celebrities tripping on stage at fancy shindigs are basically the only reason to watch award shows like the Screen Actors Guild Awards — that, and Meryl StreepLuckily,


北京2015年1月28日电 /美通社/ -- 由中国医院协会领导、国家卫生计生委医政医管局指导、BD 中国支持的“医院感染预防与控制能力建设”在经过两年的实施周期后圆满完成,工作总结大会于2015年1月17至18日在北京隆重召开。


 公司名称:携程旅行网(上海)有限公司工作地点:上海市长宁区福泉路99号(地铁二号线淞虹路站)招聘人数:4人工作经验:2年以上职位月薪:面议学历要求:相关专业本科及以上就职形式:全职职位类别:运营数据分析师/数据分析经理 运营算法分析师/经理岗位职责: 对各类用户行为数据进行分析,与团队一起负责酒店个性化推荐、排序系统和业务流程重塑等相关的核心技术创新与优化,应用于公司的各项产品功能                                       应用机器学习、数据挖掘、IR、NLP、分类聚类等尖端技术,针对海量信息建模,提升算法效果,挖掘潜在商业价值                                   使用各种技术方案和算法(特别是大数据相关的技术)、策略和产品,解决业务问题,提高业务产量 任职资格: 统计,数学,信息技术,计算机等相关专业硕士以上学历                                  有机器学习、数据挖掘方向算法优化理论的研究经验者优先 有大规

笔记:JDBC文件上传&下载 - DoIStarry

一、上传下载实现原理 文件的上传下载实现原理,如图: 上传原理: 1、客户端浏览器通过文件浏览框,选择需要上传的文件内容(其中包括文件路径和文件内容)。

爱国者发布新款插线板 内置三个USB充电口


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