Elon Musk shares details about SpaceX’s Starship, including estimated 20 to 30 year service life

Elon Musk appears to be pretty focused on Starship right now, sharing photos of the work being done on the orbital Starship prototype designed ‘SN1,’ which is currently under construction at SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas facility.

China says it won’t approve TikTok sale, calls it ‘extortion’

The September 20 deadline for a purported TikTok sale has already passed, but the parties involved have yet to settle terms on the deal. ByteDance and TikTok’s bidders Oracle and Walmart presented conflicting messages on the future ownership of the app, confusing investors and users. Meanwhile,

Singapore-based Syfe, a robo-advisor with a human touch, raises $18.6 million led by Valar Ventures

Syfe, a Singapore-based startup that wants to make investing more accessible in Asia, announced today that it has closed a SGD $25.2 million (USD $18.6 million) Series A led by Valar Ventures, a fintech-focused investment firm.

Elon Musk reveals the Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ slated for late 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Tuesday the Model S Plaid, the newest variant to the company’s flagship sedan that boasts some eye-popping performance and range claims, including the ability to travel at least 520 miles on a single charge.

Tesla claims it can drive battery costs down even lower with new material science innovations

Amid a packed afternoon of announcements from Tesla around innovations the company is pursuing to slash the cost of electric vehicle production and energy storage through better battery design,

Tesla is building a cathode plant and getting into the lithium mining business

A little more than a year ago, during Tesla’s 2019 shareholder’s meeting, CEO Elon Musk said the company “might get into the business of mining minerals used in electric vehicle batteries.” Today, during Tesla’s so-called Battery Day event,

Tesla says its battery innovations will deliver its goal of a $25,000 mass market electric car

Tesla held its ‘Battery Day’ event on Tuesday to discuss a variety of innovations it has developed and is pursuing in battery technology for its vehicles. At the event,

TransferWise reports accelerating revenue growth to 70% in its March, 2020 fiscal year

TransferWise, a European fintech unicorn, announced the financial results of its fiscal year ending March, 2020. The company posted strong growth, continued profit and new customer records.

Caregiving startup Homage raises $10 million Series B to enter new Asian markets

In many countries, an aging population coupled with a low birth rate is increasing the demand for qualified caregivers. In Asia,

Xiaomi spins off POCO as an independent brand

Xiaomi said today it is spinning off POCO, a sub-smartphone brand it created in 2018, as a standalone brand that will now run independently of the Chinese electronics giant and make its own market strategy.

Funnel closes $47M Series B to prepare marketing data for better reporting and analysis

Funnel, the Stockholm-based startup that offers technology to help businesses prepare — or make “business-ready” — their marketing data for better reporting and analysis, has closed $47 million in Series B funding. Leading the round is Eight Roads Ventures, and F-Prime Capital,


普华永道、飞利浦、陶氏化学、强生、毕马威、阿特拉斯·科普柯等公司及其雇员获第九届企业社会责任各大奖项上海2014年3月26日电 /美通社/ -- 上海美国商会今天宣布了2014年企业社会责任奖的得主,向在推进一系列广泛的社会责任事业和可持续发展活动方面做出卓越贡献的在华企业与雇员颁发了奖项。

Yo: That's all this app can do

While there are many fairly specialised mobile apps out there, Yo, which was just launched by Life Before Us, takes the cake for being the narrowest-focused messaging service available.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/20/yo-thats-all-this-app-can-do/

Interactive Map Pinpoints Every NYC Reference in Songs

There are countless songs that reference New York City, from its neighborhoods to familiar streets — and now you can see them all on a map.The specific geography of NYC references in songs is detailed in this long list on Wikipedia, but that's not very fun or user friendly. Constantine Valhouli,


前NSA合同工斯诺登(Edward Snowden)的律师告诉BBC,斯诺登已正式向俄罗斯联邦移民局提出延长居留时间申请,以在签证到期后继续在俄罗斯居留。现年30岁的斯诺登于2013年5月逃离美国,目前在俄罗斯获得临时庇护。




主要是历史原因决定了美国人喜欢pony car,加上这么多年ohv发动机的现代化发展,大排量跑高速相当省油,就没必要发展小排量发动机,虽然环保性差些。





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Alec Baldwin: The Sony hack will have a 'chilling effect' on movie studios

SAN FRANCISCO — Fallout from the Sony hack has not only had "unavoidable" effects on filmmakers, but it has made celebrities and others in the industry think twice about how they communicate, according to Alec Baldwin.

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