DigitalOcean is laying off staff, sources say 30-50 affected

After appointing a new CEO and CFO last summer, cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean is embarking on a wider reorganisation: the startup has announced a round of layoffs, with potentially between 30 and 50 people affected. DigitalOcean has confirmed the news with the following statement:

Investors in LatAm get bitten by the hotel investment bug as Ayenda raises $8.7 million

Some of Latin America’s leading venture capital investors are now backing hotel chains. In fact, Ayenda, the largest hotel chain in Colombia, has raised $8.7 million in a new round of funding, according to the company. Led by Kaszek Ventures,

SpaceX said to be seeking around $250 million in funding, boosting valuation to roughly $36 billion

SpaceX is looking to raise around $250 million in new funding according to a new report from CNBC’s Michael Sheetz. The additional cash would bring SpaceX’s total valuation to around $36 billion, according to CNBC’s sources – an increase of more than $2.

Trump’s Election Day YouTube takeover plan feels very different in 2020

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Trump campaign called dibs on some of the most prized ad space online in the days leading up to the 2020 U.S. election. Starting in early November and continuing onto Election Day itself, the campaign will reportedly command YouTube’s masthead,

Dear Sophie: I need the latest details on the new H-1B registration process

The U.S. government has shared much more information about changes to the H-1B visa program in recent weeks.

Report: Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney is stepping down as CEO as growth slows

Tyler Haney, the founder and chief executive of activewear label Outdoor Voices, has stepped down, according to the Business of Fashion. We’ve reached out to Haney directly, as well as board members from the venture firms that have backed the company,

Hot Wheels made two remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck toys

Hot Wheels will ship you a Cybertruck long before Tesla is likely to make any deliveries on their electric retro-future wheels trapezoid: The toy maker just unveiled two different RC Cybertruck models, including a 1:64 scale model at just $20 – and a much larger 1:10 scale version for $400.

Do AI startups have worse economics than SaaS shops?

A few days ago, Andreessen Horowitz’s Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein published an interesting piece digging into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) startups, and, more specifically, how those companies perform as businesses.

Privacy experts slam UK’s “disastrous” failure to tackle unlawful adtech

The UK’s data protection regulator has been slammed by privacy experts for once again failing to take enforcement action over systematic breaches of the law linked to behaviorally targeted ads — despite warning last summer that the adtech industry is out of control.

We’ve gone Plaid #

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week Danny and Alex were back together to riff over a the latest early-stage rounds, the latest on the late-stage front, and more. It was yet another stacked week,

Elon Musk shares details about SpaceX’s Starship, including estimated 20 to 30 year service life

Elon Musk appears to be pretty focused on Starship right now, sharing photos of the work being done on the orbital Starship prototype designed ‘SN1,’ which is currently under construction at SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas facility.


作为微软转型后推出的第一款软硬件结合产品,Surface的发展历程一直饱受争议。从一代RT产品不尽如意的销量和 […]



随机数生成算法 - 侯凯


Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs

jfruh (300774) writes "For some time, Intel has been offering custom-tweaked chips to big customers. While most of the companies that have taken them up on this offer, like Facebook and eBay, put the chips into servers meant for internal use,

天美时 IRONMAN ONE GPS+智能手表图片和视频已于美国商业资讯网站和AP PhotoExpress发布

--(美国商业资讯)--天美时(Timex)® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+智能手表图片和视频已于美国商业资讯网站和AP PhotoExpress发布。 图片/多媒体资料库可从以下网站获得:http://www.businesswire.

《流言终结者》回归两人主持 另三位共同主持将离开

探索频道独具一格的科普节目《流言终结者》一直备受观众喜爱。除了两位主持Adam Savage和Jamie Hyneman之外,还有三个共同主持以其幽默的风格和敢打敢拼的实战精神备受观众喜爱:Kari Byron, Grant Imahara以及Tory Belleci。


活动做不好会伤用户,伤产品。 很多人以为活动能让产品收入突飞猛进,很多人以为活动能弥补产品的缺陷。 其实活动不 […]

Huge demand for new Charlie Hebdo edition one week after attack

PARIS — The new edition of Charlie Hebdo went on sale Wednesday morning, with people lining up in Paris to buy the satirical publicationSee also: Speaking truth to children about the Paris attacksThe front cover, which was revealed Monday,

Airlines could save $20 billion on jet fuel in 2015, but passengers may be last to benefit

U.S. airlines could save as much as $20 billion on jet fuel in 2015, but passengers could be the last to benefit from those savings.There are multiple reasons for that, including airlines' concern that oil prices could rebound, but the biggest is that they don't have to.

“冲上云霄”点燃航空热情 香港航空许下服务“心”承诺

香港2015年3月5日电 /美通社/ -- 由香港航空指定赞助之电影《冲上云霄》已于大年初一正式上映,这部云集了众多偶像的航空题材影片一经上线便引起热议。

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