What shows are where? Your guide to NBC's Peacock, HBO Max and more streaming services

Among many things, 2019-2020 might go down in history as the streaming service explosion. Thanks to the massive influx of streaming services rolling out over the next year,

Samsung shuts down Galaxy Z Flip factory following coronavirus case

Samsung has temporarily closed one of the factories that makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after one of its employees was confirmed to have the coronavirus.The factory, which is in Gumi City, South Korea, will reopen the morning on Feb. 25 at the earliestAccording to SamMobile,

How to stop self-harming: Learn coping skills that help you thrive

Each year, Crisis Text Line exchanges millions of messages with people looking for help from the free mental health support service. Nearly a quarter of its conversations with youth involve texters 13 years old or younger who've been hurting themselves. In other words,

A guide to the three new witchers in 'The Witcher' Season 2

Just when everyone got "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" out of their heads, Netflix announced the casting for seven new characters who will appear in the second season of The Witcher.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Better sound and battery, but these are no AirPods Pro

Galaxy Buds+$149View ProductThe Good22-hour battery life • Noticeably better sound quality • Ambient mode is surprisingly goodThe BadBuggy pairing on iOS • Touch pads are too sensitive • Still uncomfortable for smaller earsThe Bottom LineSamsung's Galaxy Buds+ are a noticeable improvement from the original Galaxy Buds,

We can finally open and close our blinds, shades, and curtains with our phones

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can control your blinds without even getting up with the AXIS Gear Smart Blinds Controller for $224.99, a 9% savings. Blackout shades are a dream for anyone who's looking to sleep like a baby every single night.

Industry pros share the 10 most crucial tips for landing your dream job

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can get pro tips to get through the job search process with the 2020 Job Seekers Playbook guide for $29.99, a 98% savings. Job hunting in the digital age poses a serious catch-22:

This round blow dryer brush is the hair styling hack we all need

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can get a blowout at home with the Adagio Blower Brush  for $49.99, a 74% savings. There are but a few magical people among us who are capable of using a brush and a blow dryer simultaneously to blow out their hair like a professional stylist. So, naturally,

All proceeds from this Humble Bundle deal go toward Australian bushfire aid

TL;DR: This Humble Bundle deal gets you $424 worth of games for just $25 — better yet, all proceeds will be donated to aid Australian wildlife affected by the ongoing bushfires. As you've probably heard by now, Australia is burning, and it's out of control.

Sling TV is giving out free Fire TV Sticks when you prepay for 2 months

TL;DR: Signing up and prepaying for two months of Sling TV gets you a free Fire TV Stick, a value of $39.99.People still haven't realized that going to Times Square for New Year's Eve — where your bathroom options are adult diapers or holding it for 12 hours — isn't worth it. However,

Listen to music on the go with these portable Bluetooth speakers on sale

It's 2020, baby, if you're still tied down to wires you're doing it wrong. We're going totally cordless this year and we'll get you started with some portable Bluetooth speakers.These bad boys are great for small parties or bringing your music outside,

Watch a woman's body get painted like she's part of the canvas

Here's some visual fun for you. Elvis Schmoulianoff created this trippy stop-motion animation video showing herself get painted as if she was part of the canvas. It's delightful to see the art surround her and then become her.Read more...

Released Emails Show the Cozy Relationship Between Google and the NSA

A series of email exchanges between Google executives and (now former) NSA director Keith Alexander show that tech companies behind the services you use aren't being all the way forthcoming about how closely they've worked with the NSA over the years.Read more...


今年四月份,亚马逊宣布将开始测试一款名为“Amazon Dash”的新联网硬件设备,用户只要将产品条形码扫描到Amazon Dash,或是对着该设备说出产品名称,就可以直接从AmazonFresh订购百货。

Everywhere's a Bed With a Self-Inflating Backpack Pillow

Even when stuffed full of laptops, textbooks, and other less-than-soft items, a backpack still makes for a great makeshift pillow. But imagine how comfy napping in the library would be with Ryan Frayne's Windcatcher Air Pakk that unzips and automatically inflates like a tiny air mattress.Read more.

I Can't Stop Watching This Parade of TV and Film's Biggest Spoilers

In the age of the Netflix binge-watch, no plot twist is sacred. Avoiding spoilers has become nearly impossible. So instead of fighting it, Netflix has embraced our brave new, spoiler-ridden world with a sub-site that pummels you with all of the biggest spoilers in cinematic and television history.

高性能Javascript--高效的数据访问 - Ico_Coco

接上一篇,希望能写一个高性能Javascript专题。 第一篇:高性能Javascript--脚本的无阻塞加载策略。 经典计算机科学的一个问题是,数据应当存放在什么地方,以实现最佳的读写效率。



传闻Windows 10将支持运行Android应用

感谢安卓中国的投递The Verge高级编辑Tom Warren今天透露,微软很可能会在明年1月份的Windows 10消费者预览版发布会上宣布另外一件事:兼容运行Android应用,以弥补羸弱的Windows生态。

Here's How Many Bridges NYC Would Need If Everyone Drove 

Manhattan has plenty of bridges—they're its most recognizable landmarks, really—but exactly how many more would it need if every last person drove a car? Matt Taylor, a transit engineer, has seen this bizarro-Manhattan, and it's not pretty. Read more...

376 页的全球互联网数据信息图,你想要的都在这里

近日,We Are Social 公司发布了一份囊括了全球互联网、移动互联网、社交媒体和电子商务统计数据的 376 页信息图报告,这份信息图报告根据 InternetLiveStats, InternetWorldStats, Wikipedia, GlobalWebIndex, Facebook,

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