Chill Out: Your #IceBucketChallenge Donations Are in Good Hands

Thousands upon thousands of gallons of ice cold water have rained down on charitable heads, and according to the ALS Association (ALSA), people have donated an unprecedented amount of money to the organization.Facebook says its users have collectively uploaded 2.

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Erlang 虚拟机内的内存管理(Lukas Larsson演讲听写稿) - siyao

Erlang核心开发者Lukas Larsson在2014年3月份Erlang Factory上一个演讲的听写稿,详细介绍了Erlang内存体系的原理以及调优案例。

Small teams must have a no-blame culture

Tim Lennox, managing director of digital entertainment at Sainsbury's, spoke at Internet World 2014 about how to keep your small team advantage going even within a larger organisation.Read more:

Eleven more manufacturers have agreed to preinstall Microsoft services on Android devices

Eleven major hardware providers have partnered with Microsoft to have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype Right preinstalled on their devices.

Microsoft is committed to having a positive impact on the environment

When people think of big tech companies, it is easy to think of them having little impact on the environment. Since their products are digital, there isn’t an environmental cost to their development and distribution right? Wrong.


上中國網站訂貨送來時貨不對辦,與照片差天共地大家都見怪不怪。 不過這情況原來也有在美國發生,而且還發生在情人節這重要日子的花束上。The post 中晒伏!情人節網上訂花,收貨時變異型 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Tyler Perry's 'Haves and Have-Nots' will have an app with a video emoji keyboard

Tyler Perry's TV series The Haves and the Have-Nots rolled out a branded video keyboard app on Tuesday that will let viewers message one another short snippets of show highlights or sneak previews of upcoming episodes along with a set of themed emoticons, gifs and stickersSnaps,

Xbox One controllers will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack after June 2015

Xbox One controllers released after June of 2015 will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack according to multiple sources. The new controller design was spotted on an page that has since been taken down.  According to Kotaku,

LinuxFest Northwest 2015 Will be Held April 25 and 26 (Video)

Their website says, 'Come for the code, stay for the people! We have awesome attendees and electrifying parties. Check out the robotics club, the automated home brewing system running on Linux, or the game room for extra conference fun.' This is an all-volunteer conference,

Are you having audio issues in Windows 10? You aren't alone

Many insiders have reported audio issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview. The issues were reported from builds 10130 to 10162, but luckily 10166 may fix this issue. Microsoft is also working closely with hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for some their hardware. 

You Can Now Command The Tesla You Probably Don’t Have With The Smartwatch You Probably Don’t Have

Do you have a Tesla? Do you also have an Android Wear smartwatch? Do you wish they worked better together?Don’t worry! Solving the #1 problem of Batmans everywhere, these guys have figured out how to let you control a Tesla Model S through a smartwatch. Read More

'Ibiza' is the perfect movie to kickstart your summer

A few years ago, every movie studio wanted the next Bridesmaids. Last year they chased the success of Rough Night and Girls Trip. Netflix's Ibiza will be compared to all three, but it also reveals the secret: There will never be enough of these movies.Directed by Alex Richanbach,

It doesn't have to be assault to be bad, Morgan Freeman

Recently, celebrities accused of sexual misconduct have started to issue a new kind of defense: at least they didn't commit sexual assault.Morgan Freeman adopted that reasoning for his second apology this weekend, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior,

Lo-fi video game about New York City's subway woes spells out a fix

Did Elon Musk secretly make this video game?A simple, new browser game from called MTA Country (from Everyday Arcade) offers a very pro-business solution for fixing New York City's beleaguered subway system: Hand its management over to private interests.SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos personally announced that Amazon saved 'The Expanse' and the crowd went wild

Another day, another streaming service swooping in to rescue a TV series that couldn't cut it on cable.For weeks, fans of Syfy's The Expanse have been held in suspense over the show's abrupt cancellation and subsequent hints of a pickup, a la Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That suspense is now at an end,

'Sesame Street' producer sues movie featuring violent, ejaculating puppets

As far as most of us are concerned, Sesame Streetpuppets don't have bodily fluids like blood and semen. They are made of felt and giant hugs. And the show's producers are willing to take legal action to defend that position.The Happytime Murders, which carries the tagline "NO SESAME, ALL STREET,

Thanks to historic turnout, Ireland votes to end abortion ban

Ireland, once seen as one of the most socially conservative countries in Western Europe, is poised to end its highly restrictive abortion ban.The decision came after a historic vote, in which a landslide majority of the country voted to repeal the country's Eighth amendment,

Han Solo's lucky dice still don't mean a damn thing after 'Solo'

There are light spoilers ahead for both Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Proceed with caution if you haven't seen them yet.Disney, please stop trying to make Han Solo's lucky gold dice a thing.

'Game of Thrones' Makeup Is Fiercer Than a Dothraki

Even in Westeros, these looks could kill.Makeup artist Allison Chase and photographer Matt Barnes collaborated to create customized looks based on nine houses from the HBO series Game of ThronesSee also: All Men Must Ink:

24 Hours in 'Happiness': A Battle-Scarred Town in Ukraine

The commuter town of Shchastya or ‘Happiness,’ lies just ten miles from Luhansk, the most shelled and lawless city of the conflict in Ukraine. It has served as a frontline for Ukrainian forces since June, when the town was taken by the notorious Aidar volunteer battalion. Since then,

Paramount Movie Trailer Directs Viewers to Whisper App

By now viewers are used to seeing call-outs to Facebook and Twitter in movie trailers. Paramount's Men, Women & Children features a new one: WhisperThe 2-minute trailer for the Jason Reitman film asks viewers "What do you Whisper?" and directs them to use the hashtag #MWC.


iPod时代或许已经过去了,但是音乐艺术家Neil Young却并不认为便携式播放器的死期已经到了。3月15日,他将在Kickstarter上提供PonoPlayer的预定,价格为399美元。Pono有着三角形的奇特外观,但是对于音质也更为注重。



令人惊艳的艺术 在玻璃上作出无数张画

在玻璃上作画并不稀奇,可在一大块玻璃上一次来好多幅画可就厉害了。Loren Stump 就是这种技艺的高手 —— 只要切开玻璃就是画。  



新的 U 盘恶意软件将可直接藏身固件,这下麻烦了...

犹记得小编当初在写论文的时,正好面临入侵 autorun.inf 的 U 盘恶意软件大流行的时候。当时,可说是让研究生与系办哀鸿遍野啊...也让人对于交换 U...


8月6日,乐华娱乐在京宣布完成B轮融资,黎瑞刚担任董事长的华人文化基金(CMC)及其伙伴企业引力传媒(Gravity Media)正式成为乐华娱乐的战略股东。

The Scene From the 'Family Guy' and 'Simpsons' Crossover You Almost Didn't See

Going into the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode, which had the Griffiths visit Springfield, executive producers Steve Callaghan and Rich Appel sort of had free reignThey could use any Simpsons character they wanted, had minimal script notes from the Simpsons powers that be, and, overall,

Google 无人驾驶汽车鼻祖:神秘的 510 Systems

2012 年 4 月,那时的 Google 即将迎来历史性的一刻,在内华达州申请首个无人驾驶测试执照,在申请材料上,一位眼尖的内达华官员发现了一处异常,车子保险卡写着 Google 的名字,而车子所有权上写着 Suzanna Musick,她询问 Google 的工程师 Anthony Levandowski,告诉他一般情况下这两者需要一致。

New Cargo Ship Is 488 Meters Long

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports on the construction of Prelude, a new ship that will be the world's longest vessel. It is 488 meters long and 74 meters wide, built with 260,000 tons of steel and displacing five times as much water as an aircraft carrier.



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