YC Demo Day Session 2: Helion, BitAccess, uBiome, Fixed, And More

Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day is in full swing here at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The room is packed with investors and press, the coffee is flowing, people in startup t-shirts are pitching,

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YC Demo Day Session 2: Helion, BitAccess, uBiome, Fixed, And More

Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day is in full swing here at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The room is packed with investors and press, the coffee is flowing, people in startup t-shirts are pitching,

YC Demo Day Session 3: UPower, Edyn, Craft Coffee, Immunity Project, And More

The crowd of founders, investors, and press has finished eating lunch here at Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day (quinoa, salad, some kind of beef stew thing, soda, and beer, FYI) and we’re back in the saddle for the third of four sessions of startup pitches.

Y Combinator Winter 2014, Batches 3 And 4: Meet Kimono Labs, TwoTap, Abacus And More

Here are the 17 startups that presented in the third batch of companies and the four from the fourth batch that were on the record. Let's go! Read More

TechCrunch’s Picks: The Top 8 Startups From Y Combinator W14 Demo Day

While today saw Paul Graham officially pass the torch to new Y Combinator president Sam Altman, the bigger buzz at Demo Day was about how most investors thought this was the best batch yet. There were unsexy startups in industries ripe for distruption,

Totem’s Press Page Builder Gets Automated Updates Thanks To Its New Concierge Model

Here’s a product built for a very specific need: Totem creates press pages where reporters (and anyone who’s curious) can learn more about a company, find images and reach out for further information. Does this seem like an awfully narrow product? Well, as a tech journalist,

Outernet Joins The Space Race For Internet Accessibility

The space race to launch satellites providing internet coverage to the roughly 4 billion people living in unconnected or nominally connected communities around the world is no longer just the purview of billionaire moguls and the world’s biggest Internet companies. Read More

Guess what: Some people are on Amazon’s side in Amazon vs. Hachette

Amazon is largely considered the bad guy as the negotiations with Hachette continue. But not everybody feels that way.

The Fallacy Of Android-First

In late 2012, we decided to launch Emu on Android first. It went against the conventional wisdom at the time, but we saw a real advantage. 16 months later, we’re back on iOS: Emu for iPhone launched on April 2. Here’s why Android didn’t work out for us...

5 Sad Facts About America's Ridiculously Slow Internet

It’s not news that America’s internet is shitty and slow . Anyone who’s ever stared glass-eyed at a Netflix video that won’t load or stuttered through a glitchy Skype call knows that the United States leaves its citizens starving for bandwidth.

Nootropics and the Lab Rats of Reddit

Eric Matzner tells me he takes 30 to 40 pills a day. He is 27 and perfectly healthy. Thanks to the pills, he says he hasn't had a cold in years. More importantly, the regime is supposed to optimize the hell out of his brain, smoothing right over the ravages of aging, sleep deprivation,

Snag your super early-bird passes for Disrupt Berlin 2018

Der frühe vogel fängt den wurm! Yikes, if we’re trotting out our tortured German to say “the early bird catches the worm,” it can mean only one thing, folks. It’s time for all you European startup fans to go catch super early-bird tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30.

In Army of None, a field guide to the coming world of autonomous warfare

The Silicon Valley-military industrial complex is increasingly in the crosshairs of artificial intelligence engineers. A few weeks ago, Google was reported to be backing out of a Pentagon contract around Project Maven, which would use image recognition to automatically evaluate photos.

Open source sustainability

Open source sustainability has been nothing short of an oxymoron. Engineers around the world pour their sweat and frankly, their hearts into these passion projects that undergird all software in the modern internet economy. In exchange,

Are scooter startups really worth billions?

It’s been hard to miss the scooter startup wars opening fresh, techno-fueled rifts in Valley society in recent months.

How backups, backups, backups protect NYC’s cellular infrastructure

The infrastructure that underpins our lives is not something we ever want to think about. Nothing good has come from suddenly needing to wonder “where does my water come from?” or “how does electricity connect into my home?

Bag Week 2018: Timbuk2’s Launch featherweight daypack is tough and tiny

If you need something small, lightweight and indestructible, Timbuk2’s Lightweight Launch Backpack ($129) might be right up your alley. The pack, constructed from famously tough Tyvek, can fit a 13″ laptop comfortably and plenty else. At only 18L, it sounds small,

Bag Week 2018: P.MAI’s women’s leather laptop bag is luxury packed with utility

Welcome to Bag Week 2018. Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags — often ignored but full of our important electronics — are the outward representations of our techie styles,

Obama Campaign Manager To Lead Uber’s Political Crusade

After taking Obama to the White House in 2008, David Plouffe will lead Uber‘s campaign to bring its driving services to new cities. Uber hired Obama’s former adviser and campaign manager to direct the company’s global policy and political activities, communications and branding efforts.

YC-Backed Ravti Wants To Digitize The HVAC Industry

Ravti co-founder Alex Rangel walked into TechCrunch with a stack of crumpled yellow slips in his hand. “This is what the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry still looks like,” he said, showing me a stack of papers with unintelligible scrawl.

The noPhone, Because Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is Real

The other day, as I sat on the couch with a dead iPhone resting on my belly, I found myself wondering why my phone is constantly out of battery. And I had a revelation: I’d rather have a dead phone within reach than be even a few feet away from it as it charges across the room. It’s pathetic,


Kano源自Kickstarter,是一套使用了开源硬件Raspberry Pi 、8GB SD 卡、键盘、扬 […]


作为向来桀骜不驯的宠类,喵星人已经把人类折磨的五体投地了。比如Cat Lady从宠物专业杂志到自媒体、电商的“适猫化生活”创意产业,到智能远程逗猫神器Kittyo的发明,那些智能家居神马的你们都弱爆了吧!


在 Build 2014 主题演讲中,微软表示 IE11 将会整合到 Windows Phone 8.1 中。今天微软在其官方博客中发布了更多关于新版本浏览器的信息。  微软在文章中表示,WP 8.



Ask Slashdot: Best Way to Learn C# For Game Programming?

An anonymous reader writes So I, like many people, want to make my own game. Outside of MATLAB, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW I have no real programming experience. I initially started with Ruby, but after doing my homework decided that if I ever wanted to progress to a game that required some power,

游戏引擎不仅是代码,更多的是完善的工具 - 麒麟子(Alex)

从洗脑开始 记得若干年前,在做公司引擎研发的时候,时常会念到的一句话:引擎不仅是代码,更多的是完善的工具。当时只是用这句话还激励自己,找准引擎开发的原则和位置。 而实际上,对这句话的理解甚少。

Ancient Temple Famed for Kung Fu Monks Seeks Media Director

BEIJING — Help wanted: Ancient Buddhist temple famed for its kung fu monks seeks media directors to build brand. English and social media skills required. Not necessary to be a monk, practice martial arts or eat vegetarian.That online ad placed by China's 1,


意大利佛罗伦萨、威尼斯和罗马2014年12月16日电 /美通社/ -- 意大利:文化、文学、艺术、音乐、科学和商业的摇篮 针对有志于在艺术行业中有所作为的意大利国内外学生,欧洲设计学院(Istituto Europeo di Design,简称 IED)依照制定其它课程的相同方式,专门制定和推出了丰富多彩的教育课程。

All of 2014 Conan O'Brien show in one insane supercut

I'm a big fan of Conan O'Brien (and Andy Richter) and this supercut of his show at TBS is a great sample of their particular brand of hilarious absurd humor.Read more...


北京时间12月21日消息,据《今日美国》(USA Today)报道,特斯拉创始人伊隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)去年提出的超级高铁项目hyperloop获得重新评估,预计连接旧金山和洛杉矶的hyperloop项目总投资将超过160亿美元。

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