Make Your Own Lonely Electric Zoo Of One Using Wavepot

Knob-twiddlers take note: Wavepot is a cool new way to program some hot EDM beats in the privacy of your bedroom/techno cave. Designed to be a live, programmable digital audio workstation (at this point it’s more of a digital signal processor),

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Little-Known Programming Languages That Actually Pay

Nerval's Lobster writes There is no shortage of programming languages, from the well-known ones (Java and C++) to the outright esoteric (intended just for research or even humor). While the vast majority of people learn to program the most-popular ones,

Coding Sucks: Why a Job in Programming Is Absolute Hell

Every friend I have with a job that involves picking up something heavier than a laptop more than twice a week eventually finds a way to slip something like this into conversation: "Bro, you don't work hard. I just worked a 4700-hour week digging a tunnel under Mordor with a screwdriver."Read more.

Ask Slashdot: Beginner To Intermediate Programming Projects?

An anonymous reader writes "I've been teaching myself to code recently. I've made good progress so far, and I've written a bunch of little scripts to make my life easier. Here's the problem: most project ideas I come up with now either seem pretty easy or pretty impossible.

Make Your Own Lonely Electric Zoo Of One Using Wavepot

Knob-twiddlers take note: Wavepot is a cool new way to program some hot EDM beats in the privacy of your bedroom/techno cave. Designed to be a live, programmable digital audio workstation (at this point it’s more of a digital signal processor),

How Google Programmed the 'Essence' of Storytelling

Google wanted to solve a problem we can all understand. People take so, so many photographs and yet they actually do very little with them. A chosen few are posted to Instagram. Most sit in vast wastelands of thumbnails on phones or in iPhoto never to be seen after the moment of their creation.

Ask Slashdot: Best Way to Learn C# For Game Programming?

An anonymous reader writes So I, like many people, want to make my own game. Outside of MATLAB, Visual Basic, and LabVIEW I have no real programming experience. I initially started with Ruby, but after doing my homework decided that if I ever wanted to progress to a game that required some power,

Project Wing: Google's Secret Program For Delivery Drones

The Atlantic reports that Google's skunkworks Google X team has spent the last two years working on a secret program. More than a silly stunt like the teaser Amazon pushed out earlier this year,

With New iPhone Upgrade Program, Get A New iPhone Every Year For $32/Month

Today at Apple’s keynote, the company introduced a new program available in Apple Store in the U.S. The iPhone Upgrade Program is a 24-month payment plan with an option to upgrade for a new iPhone every year. It starts at $32 per month and include AppleCare+ These phones are unlocked,

Accelerators Are The New Business School

It’s no secret that most startups fail. What’s a bit less obvious is that most startup accelerators also fail. While a few top-tier programs get the cream of the crop unicorns of the future,

Windows Developer Rewards Program (DVLUP) launches new website as part of MSDN

When the Windows Developer Rewards Program (DVLUP) was launched by Nokia some time ago, it had one aim in mind: attract developers. In an attempt to combat the anemic Windows Phone development scene,

Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state”

Maggie Lane Contributor Share on Twitter Maggie Lane is a writer and producer of virtual reality experiences and covers the industry for various publications.

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mowgli’ offers a darker take on Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’

At first, “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle” might seem like an afterthought — or maybe a failed exercise in franchise-building. This new take on the story of Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” comes just two years after Disney’s version made nearly a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Plus,

HQ Trivia and Vine co-founder Colin Kroll found dead of suspected overdose

Colin Kroll, the 35-year-old co-founder and CEO of the HQ Trivia app, has been found dead of an apparent drug overdose in his apartment, TechCrunch has confirmed. A spokesman for the NYPD told us that a female called 911 for a wellness check on Kroll’s apartment and he was found dead inside at 08:

3D-printed heads let hackers – and cops – unlock your phone

There’s a lot you can make with a 3D printer: from prosthetics, corneas, and firearms — even an Olympic-standard luge. You can even 3D print a life-size replica of a human head — and not just for Hollywood.

Ten pieces of friendly VC advice for when someone wants to buy your company

David Frankel Contributor David Frankel is a managing partner at Founder Collective. More posts by this contributor Startups should read this checklist before they go ‘whale hunting’ for big partners You earn a million dollars a year and can’t get funded?

In the winds of crypto winter

Well, it was surreal while it lasted, by which I mean the 2017-18 cryptocurrency bubble. For a while there, Coinbase was #1 in the App Store, Bitcoin was above $10K, and there were more notional crypto zillionaires out there than you could shake a Merkle tree at. Those were the crazy days. Now,

Epic sheathes Infinity Blade after Fortnite fan backlash

Epic, the maker of the insanely popular, cross-platform first-person shooter online game Fortnite, has ‘fessed up to a gameplay misstep when it dropped a super powerful new weapon into the battle royale arena earlier this month — triggering a major fan backlash.

New At Y Combinator: Startups Solving Huge Problems!

During today’s YC Demo Day, there was a notable block among the startups presenting that didn’t give off the vibe we’re used to seeing at this kind of event in Silicon Valley: companies that are addressing real issues with big, bold solutions.

In Memory Of Journalist James Wright Foley

James Wright Foley, a 39-year-old freelance journalist, is dead, killed far from home and alone. It is a tragedy and a horror. None of us have ever had to be as brave as James Wright Foley in our efforts as journalists and none of us here can understand the cost of his sacrifice.

Sam Altman On His Inaugural Batch Of Companies As Y Combinator’s New Head

“A lot of people ask what’s different this time,” said Sam Altman, who took over Y Combinator from Paul Graham at the beginning of the year. “But the main thing I’m trying to do is keep things running the same way. YC is on this unbelievable trajectory.







科技对抗失聪,Roger Voice让听力障碍者也能接听电话




Is Seth Rogen the right man to play Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs biopic?

Since Steve Jobs passed away, reports have popped up here and there on a biopic, but have been quiet of late until Christian Bale officially signed on.Read more:

金融机构中 Wholesale Credit Risk 的主要工作内容是什么?

以下是凭印象写的,可能有疏漏,欢迎指出。银行的传统经营领域,其实就是wholesale banking和retail banking。

【WP8.1开发】用手机来控制电脑的多媒体播放 - 东邪独孤


模組化手機的延伸應用: PUZZLEPHONE 打算將用不到的運算模組湊成超級電腦

圖片來源: PUZZLEPHONE想當年足以發射火箭的超級電腦的運算力,現在隨便一款智慧手機都已經具備了,然而身為消費性電子產品的智慧手機的生命週期卻意外的短,所以才會有開發者想要推出模組化手機的概念,讓使用者以模組化的方式拼湊自己想要的手機還可小幅升級;不過即便如此,被淘汰下來的模組怎麼辦?

[图]HBO Now联手Uber推出“铁王座”试乘服务

据外媒报道,为了宣传最新一季《权力的游戏》,HBO Now宣布联手Uber,于当地时间周四和周五两天在曼哈顿推出“铁王座”试乘服务。用户只需在Uber软件下输入"ThroneRides(铁王座试乘)"即可找到相关信息。

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