Islamic Militants Post Video Claiming to Show Beheading of U.S. Journalist

Editors' note: There are images in this post that some readers may find distressing.Islamic State militants on Tuesday released a video that purported to show the beheading of James Foley, an American freelance journalist who has been missing since he was kidnapped in Syria in November 2012.

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UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

An anonymous reader points out that UK authorities have warned that sharing the video of the James Foley murder could lead to prosecution under anti-terror laws.

Twitter suspends accounts sharing images of James Foley's beheading

The microblogging site has confirmed that users sharing graphic content, relating to the alleged murder of the US journalist by the Islamic State, will have their accounts deleted.Read more:

In Wake of James Foley Beheading Video, Journalists Rush to Self-Censor

It took only minutes before screenshots of a video claiming to show the brutal murder of James Foley spread widely on Twitter.Just as quickly,

Islamic Militants Post Video Claiming to Show Beheading of U.S. Journalist

[Editor's note: there are images in this post that some readers may find distressing.]Islamic State militants on Tuesday released a video that purported to show the beheading of the American freelance journalist, James Foley, who has been missing since he was kidnapped in Syria in November, 2012.

President Obama to Address Beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley

President Obama is expected to speak about the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley at 12:45 p.m. ET. Obama's remarks will mark the first time the president addressed the barbaric murder and are expected to be delivered in the context of the broader Iraq conflict,

For Conflict Journalists, Kidnappings Loom as a Part of the Job

In the wake of a video showing the murder of photojournalist James Foley, the world has been reminded that members of the media now occupy a new place in conflict zones — as valuable hostages for groups desperate for money and attention.

Islamic Militants Sent Email to Foley's Parents One Week Before Execution Video

The extremist group known as the Islamic State sent an email to James Foley's parents just one week before they published the video of the journalists' gory execution online.In the email, the militants say they will kill Foley in retaliation for the U.S. airstrikes against them in Iraq.

Twitter Is Suspending Accounts That Post Images of Journalist's Beheading

Hours after a video purportedly showing the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley started circulating online, Twitter announced Wednesday that it is "actively" suspending accounts that share the gory images.

The Grim and Growing Business of Kidnappings in the Middle East

The execution of American journalist James Foley at the hands of Islamic militants, gruesomely displayed in a video that surfaced this week, was a palpable reminder of the shadowy business of kidnappings in the Middle East.For years, extremist groups like the Islamic State,

Twitch, the video game streaming service that Amazon recently bought, is allegedly being attacked by

Twitch, the video game streaming service that Amazon recently bought, is allegedly being attacked by Lizard Squad, the same group that claimed responsibility for bringing down Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft's XBOX Live, Riot Games' League of Legends and Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.

FDA boss threatens 'game over' for e-cigs if companies won't keep kids away

The head of the Food and Drug Administration has threatened to pull e-cigarettes out of U.S. markets entirely unless e-cig makers take greater measures to curb the youth's use of their products. Speaking at a public hearing Friday, Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner,

Chevy built a massive, 3,000-pound Lego replica of its Silverado truck

If you've ever wondered what a full-sized pickup truck would look like in Lego form, Chevrolet and Lego have you covered.The two companies have teamed up to make a massive,

More Snap execs are out amid reports of an 'inappropriate relationship'

Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama after reports have surfaced that two more executives are leaving the company under less than desirable circumstances. The company's head of security, Francis Racioppi, and head of human resources, Jason Halbert,

There's a secret dog hidden in your YouTube video timeline

YouTube hasn't ever been one to skimp on the Easter eggs, but this is a new one for me.It's hidden away on the timeline that charts your progress through a video. If you highlight that timeline and hold left — either left on an attached game controller,

All the best signs from Women's March events around the world

The Women's March is back for its third year, and despite several layers of controversy surrounding the march's leadership, highly attended events were still held across the world.In Dec. 2018,

Teens in MAGA hats sparked outrage after crashing the Indigenous Peoples March

A group of young Donald Trump supporters has come under fire after ambushing and taunting a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March on Friday.On Jan. 18, Washington, D.C. hosted both the Indigenous Peoples March and the anti-abortion March For Life.

Facebook could face 'record-setting' fine from FTC

Facebook could soon set a new record — just not the good kind.The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering a "record-setting" fine for the social network, as the result of its investigation into Facebook's privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal,

Taylor Swift and Groot 'Shake It Off' in One Perfect Vine

Taylor Swift and Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot have joined forces in the ultimate pop culture mashupIn this Vine from Uproxx's Andy Issac, Groot and Tay share a six-second dance number to Swift's latest single "Shake It Off."See also:

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite for 'Barely Legal' Exploits

Is it an TV show ad? Is it a car ad? Is it a spoof of reality show Pawn Stars? Is it a weird Breaking Bad binge-watching-induced dream? YesIn a six-minute Audi-sponsored Emmys ad, titled "Barely Legal Pawn," Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite to run a very legitimate (but creepy) pawn shop.

China's MIUI 6 Is the Most Blatant iOS 7 Ripoff Ever

And you thought Samsung's TouchWiz was badOver the weekend, China's biggest smartphone maker, Xiaomi, released the latest version of its customized version of Android — the MIUI 6See also: 10 Emoji Meanings That Might Surprise YouMIUI 6 has a new design that bears a striking resemblance to iOS 7.


上海和深圳2014年3月21日电 /美通社/ -- 中国领先的房地产服务企业 - 易居(中国)控股有限公司(“易居”)(纽交所代码:EJ),易居旗下全资子公司乐居控股有限公司(“乐居”)与中国领先的互联网综合服务提供商 - 腾讯控股有限公司(“腾讯”)(香港联交所代码:


3月中旬的某一夜,微信封杀了很多公众账号,这里面还不乏一些知名的账号,这让很多微信公众账号的运营者惴惴不安,怕一不小心触到一根摸不着看不到的红线,虽然在第二天在腾讯公关总监在其个人微博@饭珠三角 为此做了回应: 为保障用户体验,微信公众平台严禁恶意营销以及诱导分享朋友圈,严禁发布色情低俗、暴力血腥、谣言散播等各类违反法律法规及相关政策规定的信息。

oracle索引总结 - wishyouhappy

简介1.说明 1)索引是数据库对象之一,用于加快数据的检索,类似于书籍的索引。在数据库中索引可以减少数据库程序查询结果时需要读取的数据量,类似于在书籍中我们利用索引可以不用翻阅整本书即可找到想要的信息。

10 Strange Food Combinations You Have to Try

Your tastebuds don't always get along with your eyes.We're all a little guilty of judging food before we've actually tried it. Mentally mashing two foods into one dish is simple, but don't be too quick to make a palatable decision — some food combinations taste better than they sound.See also:

HP 推 1,500 元廉價 Notebook 搶客

美國的 Black Friday 是銷售高峯期,廠商都各出奇謀搶生意。今年 HP 就決定派出售價只需 199 美元的廉價 Windows 8.1 筆電搶客。以下有更多資料The post HP 推 1,500 元廉價 Notebook 搶客 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

【VR 2014】联通虚拟与现实世界的桥梁上怎么能没有反馈

VR 2014是针对 2014 年虚拟现实创业公司的一个系列报道,将从显示设备、交互产品、内容制作平台、传输技术、云服务、媒介、分发等角度,为大家全面呈现 2014 年的中国虚拟现实创业生态。

The BBC Is Testing Mind-Controlled iPlayer

The BBC is testing a version of the iPlayer that can be controlled WITH YOUR MIND. Seriously.Read more...

Jay Z's Troubled Music Service Tidal Loses Another CEO

The latest boss of Jay Z’s floundering music streaming service Tidal has already washed out. Read more...



[视频]保时捷展示Mission E纯电动超跑:百公里加速仅需3.5秒

特斯拉在豪华型纯电动轿车市场的崛起,一度让传统高性能跑车制造商感到了些压力。不过随着保时捷新推出的Mission E纯电动跑车的到来,这一情况或许不会持续太久。

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