This Chinese smartphone is pretty much a cheaper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is a powerful phone with a reasonable price tag. Read more...More about Samsung, Mashable Video, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Tech

Tech is overwhelming us. So Pantone is using Classic Blue to calm us TF down.

Fact: Colors influence how we think and feel. Also fact: Standing in a misty room soaked in blue lighting will make you feel peaceful but curious, especially when the only thing you see is a reflective sphere suspended in mid-air. At least,

Hot Wheels unveils $400 remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck

Back in November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk set Twitter aflame with his company's bizarre new Cybertruck.If you're the kind of person who wants a Cybertruck in your life but doesn't know if they actually need a gigantic truck that looks like a rejected Halo Warthog prototype, we've got great news. 

How to make sure your phone works when you travel internationally

You've got a brand-new passport and you're ready to finally leave your home country to see something new. Overseas travel can be a ton of fun, but there are also a bunch of considerations you need to make before doing it. One of these is making sure your phone works. 

These TWIX kicks can be ripped to reveal a totally new design underneath

Dominic Ciambrome aka 'The Shoe Surgeon' designed limited edition sneakers to accompany the release of TWIX’s new Cookies and Creme TWIX. Wearers have the option to rip off the top layer of the sneakers to reveal an entirely new design underneath inspired by the candy. Read more...

Walmart somehow beat Amazon's sale pricing on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6

TL;DR: As of Feb. 21, the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is on sale at Walmart for only $599. It normally retails for $899, so you'll be saving 33%. Hey, so remember back in January when Amazon put the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 on sale for just $640?

Vizio added Disney+ to its SmartCast apps, and these Vizio TVs are on sale

Vizio will not let Samsung or LG rest.

Pixar's 'Onward' brings weird and wonderful magic to regular ol' life

I didn’t expect to like Onward. But careening down an enchanted river aboard a giant cheesy puff with a pair of elves and some sentient legs, I had to admit I was having a great time. Pixar’s latest journey takes audiences to New Mushroomton, a magical city where sprites, elves,

YouTube TV subscribers can't do this in the App Store anymore

Heads up, YouTube TV subscribers.If you pay for YouTube TV using Apple's App Store , you're going to be out of luck starting in March, according to an email sent to customers this weekMacRumors has the email in full,

Time to stock up on plants — The Sill is having a major sale this weekend

It is an indisputable fact that plants elevate your space in every way — don't question us on this. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and cute as hell, but plants have also been shown to boost your mood and, when real, eliminate air pollutants. They make you happier and healthier. 

Ditch your router for this fast, reliable WiFi system

TL;DR: The reliable and simple eero Pro mesh WiFi system is $80 off, dropping the price down to $319.If you hate your WiFi router, you're not as stuck as you might think. A mesh WiFi system can replace your spotty router while letting you keep the same internet provider.



重组方案被看好 三星股价3日连涨创6年纪录


Tiny Fanless Mini-PC Runs Linux Or Windows On Quad-core AMD SoC

DeviceGuru writes CompuLab has unveiled a tiny 'Fitlet' mini-PC that runs Linux or Windows on a dual- or quad-core 64-bit AMD x86 SoC (with integrated Radeon R3 or R2 GPU), clocked at up to 1.6GHz, and offering extensive I/O, along with modular internal expansion options. The rugged,

Phantom Cyber Lands $2.7M Seed Round To Automate Cybersecurity

Phantom Cyber, a cybersecurity startup with an ambitious idea, announced a $2.7M seed round with backing from some of the biggest names in computer security. Investors include  John W. Thompson, former CEO of Symantec, Thomas E. Noonan, former CEO of Internet Security Systems (ISS) and John C.


Everything we know about what's next for 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Two hours of zombie talk greeted fans at Comic-Con Friday afternoon when The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead held back to back panels spilling secrets — but not THAT Negan secret — about their respective new seasons. "We’re not going to speak about it,

: 行車紀錄器 PAPAGO GoSafe 51G 上路實測~內建安全預警 支援胎壓偵測

狐仔我因第一台入手的行車紀錄器就是 PAPAGO,且使用上與售後都讓我很滿意所以常年來不斷的推親友們下坑新的 PAPAGO 型號,然後我就不斷的借此來測新機給大家看最近交通部搞出了個新規定~~所有新出廠的車輛都應有胎壓偵測器一般來說,除非高級車款~否則胎壓都還是外掛一組出來這其實很不方便,如果能整合到行車紀錄器裡該有多好這樣的理念其實 PAPAGO 已然引進許久~~~只是過去沒有現在的普及化閱讀全文


北京2016年10月11日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,美国高科技产品体验店b8ta融资的消息从大洋彼岸传到中国,其实就在今年国庆节期间,中国第一家科技美学智能产品未来商店已经开始试营业,从店铺规划、选址、产品入驻到最终落成成效惊人。项目主导者太火鸟科技美学创意孵化平台早在半年前就已经开始策划建立智能产品未来体验店。而那个时候,b8ta还没有完成融资。


金融的价值,是促进资本的流动;金融机构的价值,是提供金融服务; 您可能也喜欢的文章: 英国《金融时报》:中国经济放缓没那么可怕 中国人民银行:2015年中国金融稳定报告 2014年中国机构互联网金融项目投资偏好报告



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