The best Presidents Day 2020 sales: mattresses, MacBooks, and more

Despite a somewhat un-sexy premise, Presidents Day (celebrating George Washington's birthday) can be thanked for a lot of the romantic gifts you've received (or given) for Valentine's Day. Landing on whatever Monday happens between Feb. 15 and Feb. 21,

The livestreaming boom isn't slowing down anytime soon

Mashable's series Tech in 2025 explores how the challenges of today will dramatically change the near future. Whether people are creating or consuming it, streaming content has been a prime source of escapism for many during the pandemic. But is the livestreaming boom temporary?

The Oculus Quest 2 is 'VR finally done right' — here's where to pre-order

TL;DR: As of Sept. 18, Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, accessories, and bundles are available to pre-order at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and at; the headset itself starts at $299 for 64GB of storage.Between the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series X, and the Playstation 5,

TikTok throws shade at Facebook and Instagram for not standing up to Trump

TikTok just tagged Facebook into its ongoing battle with Donald Trump.Earlier this morning, the Trump administration announced it would follow through with its ban on TikTok starting this Sunday. (Note: A deal between TikTok and U.S.-based Oracle is still waiting to be finalized,

Hulu's October content was just announced. You'll want a 4K TV for it.

Another Friday, another chance to encourage everyone to buy a nice TV because 1. It's spooky season and 2. It's a socially-distant spooky season, and scary movies might be the only way to celebrate Halloween (aside from dressing up to play drinking games on Zoom). 

Hurricane Teddy's eye looks like a giant stadium

Storm investigators flew through Hurricane Teddy on Thursday, capturing impressive imagery of the cyclone's stadium-like eye.A big, clear eye is indicative of a powerful hurricane (on Friday morning, Teddy packed 130 mph winds). At the storm's core, violent thunderstorms, feeding on warm moist air,

'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' table read got awkward between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Much like the great Marie Kondo, the internet loves a mess. Nothing breathes life into Twitter users like some quality chaos, which is why everyone absolutely adored the awkward, cringe-worthy, comedic stylings of the Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read.In case you missed it,

The Apple Watch Series 5 drops to $299 on the Series 6 launch day

TL;DR: The Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40mm, Pink Sand) is on sale for $299 at Walmart as of Sept. 18. That's $130 off its original retail price and $30 less than its big price drop on Amazon earlier in the week.

Here's our hands-on review of the 2020 Motorola Razr

Mashable Tech Reporter Brenda Stoylar gives her initial thoughts on the 2020 Motorola Razr. Read more...More about Tech, Smartphones, Mashable Video, Motorola, and Flip Phone

A live-cam of the northern lights just turned on and it's the perfect season for eerie skies

The feed can be streamed on, the site that brings you Alaska's glorious fat bears. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Live Streaming, Northern Lights, Science, and Climate Environment

This Chinese smartphone is pretty much a cheaper Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is a powerful phone with a reasonable price tag. Read more...More about Samsung, Mashable Video, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Tech

How Malaria Defeats Our Drugs

In the war against malaria, one small corner of the globe has repeatedly turned the tide, rendering our best weapons moot and medicine on the brink of defeat. Ed Yong reports.Read more...    

Computex 2014 :智慧穿戴發展多元且需求複雜, ARM 以 One Size Doesn't Fit All 概念提供合適的方案

ARM 由行動解決方案負責人 James Bruce 進行智慧穿戴趨勢的簡報,他開場就談到,智慧穿戴在應用廣泛與硬體 app 的開發革新趨勢,不像手機、平板與電腦的發展有固定的型態,而是呈現多元的發展模式,從對人到對動物,由穿戴配件到吞入式,都是智慧穿戴的一部分。年美国电视游戏广告达2.3亿元

自去年PS4和Xbox One相继发售,游戏行业整体的广告宣传费用就不断走高。根据iSpot.tv的调查,美国2014年前5个月,电视游戏的电视广告费用已经达到2亿2650万美元。

One Super Common Bacteria is Wasting Labs Millions in Research Money

Unless you're a biologist, the bacterium Mycoplasma probably will not strike fear in your heart. Our mouths are teeming with this tiny and usually harmless microbe. But when Mycoplasma finds its way into a petri dish of cells, it becomes a big and expensive headache.

Deadspin A Field Guide To American Truthers | Gawker iPad Hacker and "Troll" Weev Is Now a Straight-

Deadspin A Field Guide To American Truthers | Gawker iPad Hacker and "Troll" Weev Is Now a Straight-Up White Supremacist | Jezebel The Big Book of Female Killers: Mary Ann Cotton,




▲ 不過這款飯匙只能用來計算白飯的熱量,若是其他飯類就不適用囉~許多人為了維持曼妙的身材,對於吃進嘴裡的每一口都斤斤計較,就是怕吃下過多的卡路里~ 有鑑於此,日本的廚具品牌DRETEC 推出一款超方便的"卡路里飯匙"讓你在3秒內就能知道手上所盛的飯的熱量,並會在盛飯時自動加總你碗裡所有白飯的總數,讓你吃進多少熱量通通一目瞭然!  

Republican or Democrat, the presidential candidates agree that the media sucks

Who said it: Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump?"The public is not a big believer in the press, which tells you the public is really very smart.""The American people want a discussion of the real issues. They don’t really care that Marco Rubio threw a football and hit some kid in the head.

Apple Pay 一周岁 独扛大旗还是惨遭围剿?

“2015 将成为名副其实的 Apple Pay 之年。”苹果公司 CEO 库克曾经这样信誓旦旦地为 Apple Pay 预言。如今,已经出生满 12 个月的 Apple Pay 是可以满地跑了?还是没学会爬就想跑?  

《哥譚》第三季九月回歸,主題「Heroes Will Fall」風格更黑暗!

今年的國際動漫展上,聲勢最大的莫過於《Sherlock》第四季預告曝光以及《吸血記日記》即將迎來最終季第八季;但各位《哥譚》粉絲亦不需要擔心,因為 Fox 在動漫展上經已公佈了第三季的回歸日期,而且製作人亦都透露了一些關於第三季的消息了。The post 《哥譚》第三季九月回歸,主題「Heroes Will Fall」風格更黑暗! appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 玩生活‧樂科技.

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