Blue Origin’s new rocket engine production facility opens on Monday

Blue Origin is opening its new rocket engine production center in Huntsville, Ala. on Monday, the company said today on Twitter. The new Huntsville facility will be able to produce its rocket engines at a much higher rate than is currently possible,

Report: Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney is stepping down as CEO as growth slows

Tyler Haney, the founder and chief executive of activewear label Outdoor Voices, has stepped down, according to the Business of Fashion. We’ve reached out to Haney directly, as well as board members from the venture firms that have backed the company,

Hot Wheels made two remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck toys

Hot Wheels will ship you a Cybertruck long before Tesla is likely to make any deliveries on their electric retro-future wheels trapezoid: The toy maker just unveiled two different RC Cybertruck models, including a 1:64 scale model at just $20 – and a much larger 1:10 scale version for $400.

Do AI startups have worse economics than SaaS shops?

A few days ago, Andreessen Horowitz’s Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein published an interesting piece digging into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) startups, and, more specifically, how those companies perform as businesses.

SpaceX anticipates building “many rockets” as it iterates Starship towards orbital flight this year

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has been sharing a number of updates about his company’s progress on Starship this week. Along with footage of the assembly process of the current ‘SN1’ prototype of Starship,

Daily Crunch: Coronavirus causes likely PC shipment decline

The coronavirus outbreak continues to impact the tech industry, Facebook’s Libra Association signs up a new partner and short-form video service Quibi is available for pre-order. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 21, 2020. 1.

Mangrove Capital’s Mark Tluszcz on the huge mHealth opportunity and why focusing on UX is key

Mangrove Capital Partners’ co-founder and CEO Mark Tluszcz is brimming with enthusiasm for what’s coming down the pipe from health tech startups. Populations armed with mobile devices and hungry for verified and relevant information, combined with the promise of big data and AI, is converging,

These leaders are coming to Robotics + AI on March 3. Why aren’t you?

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI brings together a wide group of the ecosystem’s leading minds on March 3 at UC Berkeley. Over 1,000+ attendees are expected from all facets of the robotics and artificial intelligence space — investors, students, engineers, C-levels, technologists and researchers.

Bloomberg memes push Instagram to require sponsorship disclosure

Instagram is changing its advertising rules to require political campaigns’ sponsored posts from influencers to use its Branded Content Ads tool that adds a disclosure label of “Paid Partnership With”.

PhotoSquared app exposed customer photos and shipping labels

Popular photo printing app PhotoSquared has exposed thousands of customer photos, addresses and orders details. At least 10,000 shipping labels were stored in a public Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage bucket. There was no password on the bucket,

This co-op wants to put money back into patients’ hands

Too often, people are asked to give away their insights and time for free. Jen Horonjeff, founder and CEO of healthcare startup Savvy, knows this first hand and is trying to change that by applying a cooperative model to her business. As an infant,


谢 @Vas Brandon 邀,手机答题,涉及的所有数据来源、资料引用慢慢补上先简化一下楼主的问题建议:“为保证社会的公平性,金融业等低成本高盈利的企业应该缴纳更多的税”依据:“金融业不生产产品、不增加商品附加值(空手套白狼)”我的观点:金融业课以重税无益于提高公平性一.



The Collective Twitter Freakout That Was the iOS 8 Update

Less than a week after releasing iOS 8, Apple pushed out iOS 8.0.1 — but the update did more harm than good. iPhone users reported issues with cell signal and Apple's Touch ID, and as a result, the company pulled the download.See also: How to Downgrade From Apple's Fatally Flawed iOS 8.0.

索尼 Life Space UX:未来智能家居的雏形

在 CES 2015 大会上,索尼带来了全新的未来智能家居「Life Space UX」,在展示智能电灯、扬声器和投影机的同时,诠释了物联网的概念。


那种靠偷听、跟踪、查看通话记录、短信、微信的女人已经落伍了,来看看女人天生就是分析师现实版吧! 以下所有案例均来源于@薛好大 发布的一条微博下粉丝的评论,看看后你有没有脑动大开的感觉?


越来越多的人意识到需要加密储存在设备上的敏感数据,如手机等移动设备很容易丢失或失窃。在Linux内核,加密文件系统需要使用扩展模块如 eCryptfs 或dm-crypt。这些模块能有效工作,但对文件系统的性能有副作用。

国内漫游费问题引热议 运营商久拖不发声


IFTTT 为 Android Wear 带来一键控制的功能

大家还记得 IFTTT 的 Do Button 功能吗?它把原来 IF 需要先发生一件事情后才触发后者的步骤,简化至一键触发。这有如万能遥控器的功能,终于也登陆 Android Wear 上面了。

小米首款指纹识别+金属手机 三色齐发

感谢科客网的投递11月22日早上,小米官方微博终于给了一张新的产品预告图,原来这款红米Note 2 Pro,除金色外,还有银色和灰色。不过,现在热门的玫瑰金颜色小米倒是没有跟风!

The TSA's Full-Body Scanners Are Now Compulsory 'For Some Passengers'

Until now, you had the ability to opt-out of a trip through the Transportation Security Administration’s full-body scanners and instead undergo of a thorough physical screening. But a new document issued by Homeland Security allows the TSA to make the scans mandatory ‘for some passengers.’Read more.

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