Take this $13 SEO course and learn how to rank your site high on Google

TL;DR: Turn your website into a hit with the SEO Training for 2020: Master Search Engine Optimization Course for $12.99, a 93% savings. Building a website in 2020 is pretty damn easy. Turning that website into a success? Not so much. You can spend days beautifying the design, but if nobody sees it,

*Really* miss flying? Join over 100 other weirdos on this 7-hour 'flight to nowhere'.

New seats on Qantas' previously sold out "Great Southern Land" scenic joy flight have now been made available, giving travel-starved Australians another chance to pay almost AU$800 to board a plane, fly in a big circle for seven and a half hours,

Seth Meyers savages 'soulless' Trump for discounting coronavirus deaths in 'blue states'

Seth Meyers hasn't exactly gone easy on Trump during the course of his presidency or over his lethally poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But this week's news cycle sparked one of his harshest Closer Looks in a while. 

The electric dirt bike that transforms into a scooter

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This tiny battery could change the game for micro robots

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Facebook's new policies are meant to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and hate in Groups

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'Pen15' Season 2 wants girls to know they are not the problem

At one point in the first half of Pen15 Season 2, Maya and Anna make wishes. They are just young enough to have faith in magic and just old enough to wish for solutions to heartbreakingly adult issues. Maya, half-Japanese and self conscious about her appearance, wishes for blonde hair. Anna,

Light up the dance floor in style with this LED flower crown

Blüüm is a dance and sound reactive LED flower crown that can be controlled from your phone.  Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Coachella, Edm, and Tech

Razer and Asus gaming laptops on sale — plus more laptop and tablet deals

It's Valentine's Day, but not all of us are in a relationship that we can celebrate. That has its benefits, though — one of them being that you don't have to get anyone a V-Day gift. Instead, you can just gift yourselfSelf-love is love, and Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate all types of love. 

10 innovative suitcases and luggage sets you can get on sale this weekend

Even though it's already 2020, technology hasn't evolved far enough to let us travel the world without some kind of baggage. Until we can shrink our items to miniature sizes for easier transport, we have to make do with luggage to store all our essentials as we go from point A to point B.Luckily,

The best Presidents Day 2020 sales: mattresses, MacBooks, and more

Despite a somewhat un-sexy premise, Presidents Day (celebrating George Washington's birthday) can be thanked for a lot of the romantic gifts you've received (or given) for Valentine's Day. Landing on whatever Monday happens between Feb. 15 and Feb. 21,

大屏手机将占六成份额 5寸下手机及平板成小众

大屏手机将占六成份额 5寸下手机及平板成小众2014年08月05日09:02[摘要]报告称到2018年,市面上销售的大屏手机,将是平板电脑的三倍。 BI中文站 8月5日报道一般认为,苹果今年将发布两款新iPhone,其中包括第一款超过5.

Australian Goldfish Called George Undergoes Surgery To Save His Life

SYDNEY — A goldfish named George has had life-saving surgery in Melbourne, Australia.The 10-year-old fish underwent $A200 emergency surgery for a large head tumour at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital on Thursday after his "quite attached" owner decided she couldn't let go of her beloved pet.

霍特国际商学院入围 AMBA“MBA 创新奖”

伦敦和波士顿2014年10月6日电 /美通社/ -- 霍特国际商学院 (Hult International Business School) 因其经过重新设计的 MBA 课程而被提名入围英国工商管理硕士协会 (Association of MBAs)“2014 MBA 创新奖”(MBA Innovation Award)。

Sound-isolating headphones let you really hear your own voice

LAS VEGAS — Have you ever worn noise-canceling headphones and wished they were, you know, not so noise-canceling? That's the idea behind OnVocal Mix360, a pair of behind-the-neck headphones that let you adjust exactly what you hear.See also:




前苹果CEO斯卡利约翰昨天接受媒体采访,谈到了他对苹果目前产品阵容的想法,他认为苹果智能手表Apple Watch在多个方面可以改进。斯卡利表示,他仍然热爱苹果产品,日常自己使用iPhone,iPad和MacBook,但他迄今为止没有尝试苹果智能手表。斯卡利认为苹果手表是美丽的,但它没有足够的功能开说服他现在就使用苹果智能手表。


1960年,斯坦福大学的科学家 John McCarthy 表示:“有朝一日计算很有可能会成为一种公共资源。” 这是云计算概念的第一次被提及。现在几乎每个人都可以平等的搜索使用和分享各种各样的信息,大数据的概念也开始渐渐被人们所熟知,当然这些都得益于云计算的发展和普及。传统互联网时代, 自给自足的硬件基础 互联网发展初期,“网站” 成为互联网内容构成的主体,当时互联网需要解决的是信息的匮乏。“门户” 成为当时 “内容为主、服务为辅” 的静态网站的代表,其提供服务的技术也大多在搜索引擎这样的 “中间页” 上。

警惕 SDK 代码的应用:揭秘 SDK 采集 5 大隐私数据的方式

造价达50亿美元!苹果Campus 2园区细节曝光

凤凰科技讯 北京时间6月12日消息,据科技网站AppleInsider报道,苹果宏大的Campus 2新园区又有近照爆出,它独特的建筑细节也随之浮出水面。园区巨大的弧形玻璃目前,苹果雇佣的建筑队伍仍在安装近3000块玻璃面板 ... ...

[视频]Xbox One经典怀旧佳作:朝花夕拾《茶杯头》

感谢Reinherz的投递Xbox E3 2016上展示了诸多玩家们第一时间就想尝试的大型游戏。显然《茶杯头》并不属于那些让人热血喷张的大作之一,但是这款极度复古风格的游戏确实凭借其荒谬的画风与奇妙的创意保持着对玩家们的吸引力。E3 2016上所展示的《茶杯头》也不仅仅是将我们之前所见的内容进行简单的重制。

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