Save over 25% on this 86-inch LG 4K TV with this Presidents Day sale

TL;DR: Tiny details will come to life with a LG 86" 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TV with AI ThinQ for $1,149.99, an $850 savings.                                                                                                                                                    

Travel essentials for people who are extra about their gaming

There are so many options these days for people who adore video games, have places to go, and money to burn.Hardware is more portable than ever, for one. There are many more options than just "the portable from Nintendo" and "the portable from PlayStation" these days. You've got tablets,

Tech is overwhelming us. So Pantone is using Classic Blue to calm us TF down.

Fact: Colors influence how we think and feel. Also fact: Standing in a misty room soaked in blue lighting will make you feel peaceful but curious, especially when the only thing you see is a reflective sphere suspended in mid-air. At least,

Hot Wheels unveils $400 remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck

Back in November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk set Twitter aflame with his company's bizarre new Cybertruck.If you're the kind of person who wants a Cybertruck in your life but doesn't know if they actually need a gigantic truck that looks like a rejected Halo Warthog prototype, we've got great news. 

How to make sure your phone works when you travel internationally

You've got a brand-new passport and you're ready to finally leave your home country to see something new. Overseas travel can be a ton of fun, but there are also a bunch of considerations you need to make before doing it. One of these is making sure your phone works. 

These TWIX kicks can be ripped to reveal a totally new design underneath

Dominic Ciambrome aka 'The Shoe Surgeon' designed limited edition sneakers to accompany the release of TWIX’s new Cookies and Creme TWIX. Wearers have the option to rip off the top layer of the sneakers to reveal an entirely new design underneath inspired by the candy. Read more...

Walmart somehow beat Amazon's sale pricing on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6

TL;DR: As of Feb. 21, the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is on sale at Walmart for only $599. It normally retails for $899, so you'll be saving 33%. Hey, so remember back in January when Amazon put the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 on sale for just $640?

Vizio added Disney+ to its SmartCast apps, and these Vizio TVs are on sale

Vizio will not let Samsung or LG rest.

Apple Watch who? These smartwatches and fitness trackers are up to 58% off.

Let's get two things out of the way: Yes, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a really great smartwatch. (So great, in fact, that our senior tech reporter Karissa Bell deemed it worthy of a Mashable's Choice Award in her 4.25/5 review.) And yes,

Take this $13 SEO course and learn how to rank your site high on Google

TL;DR: Turn your website into a hit with the SEO Training for 2020: Master Search Engine Optimization Course for $12.99, a 93% savings. Building a website in 2020 is pretty damn easy. Turning that website into a success? Not so much. You can spend days beautifying the design, but if nobody sees it,

Razer and Asus gaming laptops on sale — plus more laptop and tablet deals

It's Valentine's Day, but not all of us are in a relationship that we can celebrate. That has its benefits, though — one of them being that you don't have to get anyone a V-Day gift. Instead, you can just gift yourselfSelf-love is love, and Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate all types of love. 

Fly6 Cycle Camera Let’s Drivers Know It’s Watching Them So They Drive Better

The Fly6 is a cycle camera, currently seeking funds via Kickstarter, that wants to draw motorists' attention to the fact they are being filmed in order to police their behaviour for the better (or so its makers hope).

八盘合体:Super Talent推出RAIDDrive II Plus PCIe固态硬盘

Super Talent已经推出了一款新的PCI Express SSD,其丧心病狂地整合了8个基于SATA的固态硬盘+1颗LSI RAID芯片,并且通过8路PCIe 2.0接口进行传输。该产品最高提供2TB级别的存储,性能也是一样的丧心病狂——顺序读写分别达到了2.6GB/s和3.

The New Bebo Releases Its First App, Blab, A Video ‘Walkie-Talkie’ Service

Bebo, the troubled social network that got re-acquired by its serial entrepreneur founders Michael and Xochi Birch last year, is today launching Blab, a video-based "walkie-talkie" app for iOS that lets users send messages to others with the app, as well as those who don't have it. Read More

只要有心,六百塊台幣的 Casio 基本款也可以變成 iWatch / iTime...

圖文引用來源:Gizmodo美國知名脫口秀《Jimmy Kimmel Live!》向來很愛惡搞洛杉磯好萊塢民眾,最近主持人 Jimmy Kimmel 則是突發奇想,用一只價格大概六百塊台幣的 iCasio Casio 手錶,在背後貼上蘋果小白貼紙,然後到路上找路人進行實驗。

Apple shareholders sue deceased Steve Jobs' estate over 'zealous pursuit of profits'

Apple shareholders have joined forces and filed a class-action lawsuit, suing Steve Jobs’ estate under claims that Apple eroded its own value by striking a hiring agreement with its rivals.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


10月30日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.【淘宝"去啊"闹了在线旅游的革命?】淘宝又生了一个儿子,叫做“去啊”。这个衔玉而生的小儿子,前面有支付宝、天猫、聚划算、淘点点等大名鼎鼎的哥哥姐姐。

微软发布Windows 10手机预览版 支持六款Lumia

本周四,微软第一次对外发布了手机版Windows 10的预览版,支持六款Lumia,提供特定用户人群下载,不过微软也强调,手机版仍在开发完善中,一些软件组件的功能,可能还不如Windows Phone 8.1系统。

Apple Watch 为什么那么贵?材质行业独创

我们从最贵的说起——金。苹果在视频中解释,他们选用了坚固的 18K 金,同时选择了黄金和玫瑰金。主材料是18K金,这是一种黄金含量为 75% 的合金,并非我们在首饰店常见到的足金。18K金造价较低,佩戴起来较舒适。

storm源码分析之topology提交过程 - 不懂0604


WinBeta Podcast 16: Windows 10 build 10122, Snapchat, Xbox One and more

Welcome to another addition of the WinBeta Podcast. Each week we discuss the top Microsoft related news.  This week we discuss latest Windows 10 build, the Google Admob drop in advertising revenue on Windows Phone, the HERE Maps Bidding war, and more.

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