Facebook is testing out Hobbi, a Pinterest-like app

The app lets users save photos of projects and organize them into visual collections. Read more...More about Facebook, Pinterest, Mashable Video, Culture, and Mark Zuckerberg

Travel essentials for people who are extra about their gaming

There are so many options these days for people who adore video games, have places to go, and money to burn.Hardware is more portable than ever, for one. There are many more options than just "the portable from Nintendo" and "the portable from PlayStation" these days. You've got tablets,

Tech is overwhelming us. So Pantone is using Classic Blue to calm us TF down.

Fact: Colors influence how we think and feel. Also fact: Standing in a misty room soaked in blue lighting will make you feel peaceful but curious, especially when the only thing you see is a reflective sphere suspended in mid-air. At least,

Hot Wheels unveils $400 remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck

Back in November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk set Twitter aflame with his company's bizarre new Cybertruck.If you're the kind of person who wants a Cybertruck in your life but doesn't know if they actually need a gigantic truck that looks like a rejected Halo Warthog prototype, we've got great news. 

How to make sure your phone works when you travel internationally

You've got a brand-new passport and you're ready to finally leave your home country to see something new. Overseas travel can be a ton of fun, but there are also a bunch of considerations you need to make before doing it. One of these is making sure your phone works. 

These TWIX kicks can be ripped to reveal a totally new design underneath

Dominic Ciambrome aka 'The Shoe Surgeon' designed limited edition sneakers to accompany the release of TWIX’s new Cookies and Creme TWIX. Wearers have the option to rip off the top layer of the sneakers to reveal an entirely new design underneath inspired by the candy. Read more...

Walmart somehow beat Amazon's sale pricing on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6

TL;DR: As of Feb. 21, the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is on sale at Walmart for only $599. It normally retails for $899, so you'll be saving 33%. Hey, so remember back in January when Amazon put the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro 6 on sale for just $640?

Vizio added Disney+ to its SmartCast apps, and these Vizio TVs are on sale

Vizio will not let Samsung or LG rest.

This smart watch runs on body heat — Future Blink

While you're out and about, your body heat powers PowerWatch’s abilities without needing to charge. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Smart Watch, Future Blink, Tech, and Innovations

You are your own Valentine. Buy yourself a 4K TV on sale.

A nice TV is really one of the best gifts you can buy for yourself. This stands true even if you've been focused on Valentine's Day gifts for your person.Giving yourself the option to get away from the day's events in your own cozy makeshift movie theater is absolutely an act of self-care.

Explicit plastic surgery before-and-after photos exposed in unsecured database

Plastic surgery is more mainstream than it's ever been, but that doesn't mean patients are dying to have their cosmetic laundry aired in public.Security researchers at vpnMentor discovered that about 900,

美拟定冒险太空计划 引爆核弹粉碎近地小行星




Picdeck Is Like TweetDeck for Your Instagram Feed

One of the great things about Twitter is that there are dozens of third-party apps, such as Tweetdeck, which enable you to organize and sort your timeline into multiple feeds. This way, you can keep a close eye on specific users, groups or topics in real-time.Instagram's power users, however,

2,996 塊 LEGO 組成!超大型 LEGO 神盾局母艦將於 3 月推出

為配合電影上映,LEGO 經常都會推出各款以電影作為主題的產品,例如之前的 Iron Man 系列就大受歡迎。

Valve's Steam Link: A $50 PC Streaming Console Coming this Fall

Been waiting for an officially endorsed Steam Machine? Well, here it is, sort of—the Valve Steam Link. It's a tiny, $50 micro-PC that seems to do absolutely nothing but pipe PC games in over a local network via Steam-in-home-streaming.Read more...

不需良辰百种方法 下代 Apple TV 这样便好

全新 Apple TV 目前已经上市,有很多期待这款设备已久的用户现在已经在体验了。此前我们也已经看过媒体对这款设备的评测,他们对今年的 Apple TV 更新也是赞不绝口。

Windows 10版英特尔电脑棒上市 150美元

不知道大家是否还记得,英特尔曾经推过一款 U 盘大小的电脑棒 Compute Stick,用户可以随身携带,只要有屏幕,通过 HDMI 接口连接,你就拥有一台可以办公的电脑。  

Pick up Halo: Spartan Strike and more, for 10 cents

Microsoft’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Deals in the Windows Store allows you to get popular games, music, movies, and apps for just 10 cents. Thanksgiving Eve is the 6th day of deals with Halo Spartan...The post Pick up Halo: Spartan Strike and more, for 10 cents appeared first on WinBeta.

CES 2016:索尼推出“彩虹色”Walkman新品A26

在去年的消费电子展(CES 2015)上,索尼曾为我们带来完全重塑后Walkman新品ZX2。而这款售价高达1200美元的高端音乐播放器,显然主要面向音乐发烧友群体。不过在今年的消费电子展(CES 2016)上,索尼又为我们带来带来了糖果般色彩的高分辨率音乐播放器新品,它就是Walkman A26。


- 双方将在伦敦时装周2016年秋冬系列秀场上展示独特联袂之作 伦敦2016年2月10日电 /美通社/ -- 国际羊毛局(The Woolmark Company)欣然宣布,英国设计师克里斯托弗-里博(Christopher Raeburn)成为其2016年度最新合作设计师。克里斯托弗-里博的2016年秋冬系列(AW16)女装秀场将以美丽诺羊毛为主打,在即将到来的伦敦时装周(London Fashion Week)上将标志性的纯羊毛标志(Woolmark)品牌和美丽诺羊毛带上最闪亮的舞台。 (图片:http:

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