General Catalyst leads $6 million investment in team productivity startup Range

In case you haven’t heard, VCs are loving on workplace software as of late and productivity tools that help teams collaborate seem to be a particular frothy area of investment. A smattering of top VC firms and angels including General Catalyst, First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta,

R&D Roundup: Ultrasound/AI medical imaging, assistive exoskeletons and neural weather modeling

In the time of COVID-19, much of what transpires from the science world to the general public relates to the virus, and understandably so. But other domains, even within medical research, are still active — and as usual,

Original Content podcast: ‘The Platform’ offers a gruesome metaphor for capitalism

“The Platform” is not a subtle movie. That’s true of its approach to horror, with intense, bloody scenes that prompted plenty of screaming and pausing from your hosts at the Original Content podcast.

Startups Weekly: SaaS companies feel the churn but hope for a brighter tomorrow

[Editor’s note: Want to get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that startups can use by email? Subscribe here.]  There are a few online productivity stocks booming, and a few popular remote-first product companies still announcing funding rounds amid a huge new wave of unicorn layoffs.

New guidance on SBA loans means most startups are still excluded from $349 billion stimulus

Under new guidance issued by the Small Business Administration it seems non-profits and faith-based groups can apply for the Paycheck Protection Program loans designed to keep small business afloat during the COVID-19 epidemic, but most venture-backed companies are still not covered.

Why telehealth can’t significantly flatten the coronavirus curve—yet

Eli Cahan Contributor Share on Twitter Eli Cahan is a medical student at NYU on leave to complete a master’s in health policy at Stanford as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. His research addresses the effectiveness, economics, and ethics of (digital) health innovation.

Cultivating adaptability is a pandemic coping skill

It’s clear that the people who can let go of their past plans and embrace the new environment ahead will thrive.

This Week in Apps: Zoom has issues, Pinterest founder’s new COVID-19 research app, record Q1 spendin

This the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting apps and the wider mobile app industry, more leaks about the new version of iOS, Apple bought Dark Sky, and more.

Married co-founders are a startup’s secret weapon

“If I was running Clearbanc by myself, it probably would have gone off the cliff eight times at this point,” says Clearbanc co-founder Andrew D’Souza.  “If I were running the company by myself, it would be half its size,” adds Michele Romanow, Clearbanc’s other co-founder.

The six strategic stages of seed fundraising in 2020

Seed fundraising is rarely easy, but it certainly used to be a lot less complicated than it is today. In a simpler world, a seed investor (or maybe two) would lead a round, which meant that they would write the terms of the deal in a term sheet and then pass that document to their […]

Why startups are raising more venture debt as VC dollars near all-time records

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. As I write to you, SaaS and cloud stocks are busy setting fresh all-time highs and as we’ve seen,

一季度全球超高清电视市场份额出炉 中国占51.8%

目前,全球超高清(Ultra High Definition)电视市场的竞争格局发生了巨大变化,中韩两国的市场地位逐渐提高,曾领跑市场的日本的市场占有率则明显下降。


极客 写道 "1992年7月20日,因特航空148号航班在接近法国斯特拉斯堡国际机场的孚日山脉坠毁。96名机组人员和乘客中有87人遇难。那么我为什么要在编程博客上写这么可怕的事故?因为事故的原因(英文,中文译文)。

Apple Releases iOS 8.1 Beta 2, OS X Yosemite GM 2 to Developers

Apple on Tuesday issued a second GM candidate for OS X Yosemite. The company also released a second beta for iOS 8.1 for developers.The releases come just a week after the first GM candidate for OS X Yosemite and the first developer beta for iOS 8.1.See also: Two Weeks Later,

上周热点回顾(10.20-10.26) - 博客园团队


Kid watches ‘Star Wars’ for the first time, appropriately freaks out

You might show your love of Star Wars with a T-shirt or a poster, but that's boring compared to expressions of pure joyThis 3-year-old's reaction to watching Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time is priceless: He reads the introduction carefully and is especially psyched for the "Storm Woopers,



Samsung 新專利曝光!手機背面加入觸控操作功能

Samsung 在手機技術研發上一向都走在前線,比如他們在去年的 Galaxy Note Edge 及今年的 Galaxy S6 edge 上就率先採用曲面螢幕,之後其他廠商的手機亦相繼仿傚。

2-year-old pulls off some sick doughnuts in his toy Corvette

This kid is a natural at throwing down some rubber on the roadTaking full advantage of his toy Corvette's rear-wheel-drive, this 2-year-old learned it doesn't take a ton of horsepower to show off his impressive driving skills.

Amazon now lets you save movies and TV shows for offline viewing

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can now watch Transparent without an internet connection.Amazon announced Tuesday it is now letting users download movies and TV shows for offline viewing on its Amazon Video iOS and Android apps.


欧美性风气相对开放,类似的偷情网站越来越多。(资料图片)核心提示:Gleeden 根据这些会员资料,以平均数据,描绘出外遇者最常见的形象:39 岁的男性,射手座,身高 181 公分,棕发,栗色眼睛,住在巴黎或近郊,担任 ... ...

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