SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is now in Florida to prep for its first flight with astronauts onboard

SpaceX has moved its Crew Dragon commercial astronaut spacecraft to Florida, the site from which it’ll launch in likely just two to three months’ time if all goes to plan.

Mangrove Capital’s Mark Tluszcz on the huge mHealth opportunity and why focusing on UX is key

Mangrove Capital Partners’ co-founder and CEO Mark Tluszcz is brimming with enthusiasm for what’s coming down the pipe from health tech startups. Populations armed with mobile devices and hungry for verified and relevant information, combined with the promise of big data and AI, is converging,

These leaders are coming to Robotics + AI on March 3. Why aren’t you?

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI brings together a wide group of the ecosystem’s leading minds on March 3 at UC Berkeley. Over 1,000+ attendees are expected from all facets of the robotics and artificial intelligence space — investors, students, engineers, C-levels, technologists and researchers.

DSP Concepts raises $14.5M for its Audio Weaver platform

DSP Concepts — a startup whose Audio Weaver software is used by companies as varied as Tesla, Porsche, GoPro and Braun Audio — is announcing that it’s raised $14.5 million in Series B funding. The startup goal, as explained to me by CEO Chin Beckmann and CTO Paul Beckmann (yep,

Shopify joins Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra Association

After eBay, Visa, Stripe, and other high-profile departures, the Facebook-backed cryptocurrency collective Libra scored a win today with the addition of Shopify. The ecommerce platform will become a member of Libra Association,

Anomalous data can lead to growth opportunities

Julian Shapiro Contributor Share on Twitter Julian Shapiro is the founder of, a growth marketing team that trains startups in advanced growth, helps you hire senior growth marketers and finds you vetted growth agencies. He also writes at

Why Dropbox shares are soaring after it reported earnings

While the broader SaaS category has seen huge valuation gains in recent quarters, Dropbox has not. But perhaps the environment is changing for the company with its latest results.

Equity is not always the answer

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week was a fun combination of early-stage and late-stage news, with companies as young as seed-stage and as old as PE-worthy joining our list of topics.

General Catalyst leads $6 million investment in team productivity startup Range

In case you haven’t heard, VCs are loving on workplace software as of late and productivity tools that help teams collaborate seem to be a particular frothy area of investment. A smattering of top VC firms and angels including General Catalyst, First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta,

Married co-founders are a startup’s secret weapon

“If I was running Clearbanc by myself, it probably would have gone off the cliff eight times at this point,” says Clearbanc co-founder Andrew D’Souza.  “If I were running the company by myself, it would be half its size,” adds Michele Romanow, Clearbanc’s other co-founder.

The six strategic stages of seed fundraising in 2020

Seed fundraising is rarely easy, but it certainly used to be a lot less complicated than it is today. In a simpler world, a seed investor (or maybe two) would lead a round, which meant that they would write the terms of the deal in a term sheet and then pass that document to their […]

Police: 2 Dead After Car Runs Through Crowd at SXSW

The reverie of SXSW in Austin, Texas, was violently interrupted at about 12:30 a.m. local time on Thursday morning when a car drove through a crowd outside several nightclubs. Two people were killed at more than 20 injured,

HTC Launches New Flagship Smartphone, the HTC One M8

The HTC One just got a big refresh. HTC launched the 2014 model of its flagship phone, called the HTC One M8, at an event in New York City on Tuesday.The new One has a similar design to last year's model, but it also features a number of upgrades. The screen size increases to 5 inches from 4.7,

Apple iPhone 6 case shows up in leaked video

The case in the video is larger and slimmer than the iPhone 5S that is by its side and suggests that it will have a 4.7in screen that will be able to rival various Android device manufacturers.Read more:


一些技术人士认为该问题由苹果 iCloud 安全漏洞导致,建议和苹果技术支持联系,尽快重置 iCloud 密码以及安全问题,并开启两步验证登录的方式以加强安全性。

[图]最低16美分 .edu教育电子邮件地址被公开售卖

拥有教育机构的电子邮件地址往往意味着在很多场合带来便利,比如众多企业会为 .

【无节操】日本研发“美图还原”软件 网友:自拍界灾难

[摘要]这款软件与其说是还原“美颜”,不如说是丑化“美颜”。   “新推出了美图还原APP,能一秒消除大头贴、PS、美图效果,将变大的眼睛、变小的脸庞、变滑的肌肤瞬间打回原形。

迷你 Zano 航拍直升機 追蹤自拍 Selfie 專用

航拍機越來越普及,不少喜歡拍片的朋友都會添置一部,行山時偶爾都會發現有人在郊外使用。隨著技術日漸成熟和平民化,迷你便攜的航拍機亦開始出籠,Zano 就是其中一款。


首屆「香港數碼生活嘉年華」及「添馬紅酒佳餚節」由昨天開始一連 5日在中環新海濱舉行。看到免費入場之餘還有大量優惠產品同美食,依莉詩放工後就行了一轉。The post 添馬紅酒佳餚節慘變小食亭!

保时捷推出电动概念跑车 Mission E ,特斯拉的竞争对手来了

还认为“电动汽车” = “特斯拉” ?,这个很多人脑海中的等式可能很快就要被颠覆了。继宝马330e、奥迪 e-tron quattro 之后,在法兰克福车展开幕前夕,保时捷也展示了自己旗下的 Mission E 电动概念跑车。

分體易過借火!金屬機身唔算熱!Microsoft Surface Book 現場速試

今晚 Microsoft 舉行記者會,除了一貫預計到的產品外,臨尾仲殺出一部「殺手鐧」Surface Book。

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