There's a new hub for student dissent: college meme groups on Facebook

Nearly 60 years ago, Jack Weinberg, a U.C. Berkeley student whose arrest spurred the era-defining Free Speech Movement, made a simple, somewhat tossed-off, comment to a reporter: "Don’t trust anyone over 30." In the process, he helped further ignite a generational wedge that sticks with us today,

Billy Eichner roasts everyone in magnificently mean Kimmel guest host monologue

Give Billy Eichner a talk show (that's filmed indoors), you cowards.Eichner's first night as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (or as he put it, "another night of entertainment in our disease-ravaged fascist state") gave him the opportunity to do what he does best: be wonderfully,

Elon Musk endorsing Kanye, then reconsidering, is the world's shortest love story

It only lasted for three days. When Kanye West announced his candidacy to become President of the United States on July 5, Elon Musk was quick to proclaim his "full support."But when a Twitter user pointed out to West's anti-abortion and anti-vaccination comments,

6 of the best cordless lawn mowers for your garden

You can fill your garden with a wide range of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees, but it's still going to look tired if your lawn is out of control. There is no amount of water features and hanging baskets that can make up for an ugly lawn.

The overwhelming whiteness of Netflix's 'Stateless' undermines its good intentions

Something about Stateless doesn't sit right. Debuting globally on Netflix today (following its Australian broadcasting premiere in March), the six-part limited series paints a moving portrait of immigration detention in Australia. One of the world's largest refugee safe havens,

Facebook takes down network linked to Roger Stone, Proud Boys for ‘inauthentic behavior’

Facebook routinely bans profiles and pages from its platform for trying to cheat the system and fake engagement or mislead users.But it’s not everyday that one of those networks is run by President Donald Trump’s former associate, Roger Stone.In a post on its website today,

Earth won't immediately cool off if we slash emissions

The amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a record high in May. That's because humanity kept emitting a prodigious amount of carbon, even through the worst pandemic in a century. But if civilization does begin to significantly cut emissions,

9 excellent recent novels to read this month

Summer is in full swing, and while plenty of things are looking different these days, one that hasn't is the joy of a good book. You may not be reading it on the subway or a beach like normal, but the pleasure of drifting somewhere else still holds strong appeal,

The best podcasts to fall asleep to, for every type of insomniac

I never thought listening to vivid descriptions of crime, murder, and World War II would be the solution to my chronic insomnia. But, here we are.Nowadays, falling asleep can feel like an unending nightly battle with our phones and always-on culture.

Google to new Huawei owners: Use our apps at your own risk

Huawei device owners who want to use Google services like the Play store and Gmail are basically out of luck.The Android OS maker published a post in Google's Android Help forum Friday titled "Answering your questions on Huawei devices and Google services," as Gizmodo spotted. Apparently,

'Westworld' hid three secret new trailers on its dystopian tech website

No fans love a trail of breadcrumbs more than Westworld fans. And in the run-up to the show's Season 3 premiere, HBO is taking full advantage of the fandom's dogged treasure hunter mentality.One fan has unearthed three new trailers for "Westworld III," which premieres on March 15.

Sandisk 在台湾发表 Extreme PRO USB 3.0 优盘与 Ultra 双用优盘

分类: 外围设备Sandisk 今天在台湾推出的两个新的优盘产品,分别是高速大容量的 Extreme PRO USB 3.0,以及有两个头,可以分别插计算机和手机的 Ultra 双用优盘。Extreme PRO USB 3.

Nexus手表?谷歌、LG合作开发智能手表 今年六月有望发布

继合作生产Nexus 4和Nexus 5之后,谷歌和LG又在智能手表开发上走到了一起。合作上,双方可能依然使用Nexus方式,即谷歌控制软件各方面,LG来生产硬件。另外,该产品很有可能在今年六月谷歌举办的I/O大会上首次亮相。

荧光棒算啥 举起手机就能high翻的演唱会


O2O相对论: 8个值得回味的案例

事实上,真正的o2o没那么复杂,除了巨头外,还想动辄搞生态链塑造闭环帝国的不如回家洗洗睡吧。那创业者到底还有没 […]

Razer Nabu 手環將於 12 月 2 日在北美開賣,其他國家陸續推出

唯一一款以電競玩家為市場規劃的智慧穿戴設備 Razer Nabu 智慧手環在今年初發表後,終於要在 12 月 2 日於北美搶先開賣,首批將以黑色款式,陸續還會推出綠、白、橘三色,北美建議售價為 99.99 美金,預計陸續在各國推出。

马云:给农村淘宝点赞 很骄傲与你们同行

这是通往甘肃成县和武都村庄的山里,因为属于地震频发带,滑坡、泥石流频发,村民都选择居住在土质稍微稳固的山顶上。从县城到村里,虽然只有五六十公里, 但村民们往往要走上2、3 个小时,而村里每天也只有一辆 ... ...

视频演讲: Docker与UCloud DataBase的融合实践

Docker因其轻量易用、资源隔离、易于部署等特性而成为了今天最热门的云服务产品之一。UCloud在Docker上的实践应用时间已经超过了2年,期间积累了不少宝贵经验。本次演讲将主要分享UCloud在UDB(UCloud DataBase)上应用Docker的实践经验,同时还将披露更多关于UCloud产品研发和运营中的细节,其中涉及Docker和PaaS层云数据库结合的优势,Docker模式下云数据库的架构、运维部署和网络设计,以及UCloud在实践中积累的其他经验。 By 吴斌炜

Patronising sign at train station explains why you should look up from your phone

Modern society, hey.Those youth are too damn busy checking their social media profiles, buying random crap on eBay and taking Instagram selfies on their smartphones to interact with society. Everyone except the baby boomers are screwed. SEE ALSO:




美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)于近日放宽了对于学生和大学的限制政策,预计今春还会推出新的规定。在昨日于新奥尔良举办的无人机展(AUVSI expo)上,FAA主管Michael Huerta宣布了该机构将会积极推动减少对于商用无人机飞行限制的消息。有趣的是,FAA甚至与英特尔携手,在首个被批准的无人机飞行区表演了一出集群灯光秀。

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