Sony Xperia 1 II has 5G and triple rear camera

Monday, Feb. 24, was supposed to be the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Sony was scheduled to launch new Xperia smartphones. Due to coronavirus fears, the MWC was canceled, but Sony still had its press event, albeit only in the form of an online stream. At the event,

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's best pop culture moments

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday at age 87. The absolutely awful news will of course usher in lots of worthy look backs at her illustrious career. However, in addition to being a beloved Supreme Court Justice known for her fiery dissents,

How to help protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat until the election

The stakes of the 2020 election just got significantly higher.Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a fierce advocate for justice and equality, died on Friday at age 87, which means her seat on the Supreme Court is now vacant.Per a statement from the Supreme Court,

Icon, champion, Supreme Court Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

At a time of great conflict, stress, and uncertainty in the U.S.,Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday, sending her supporters into a state of shock on social media.Ginsburg,

The LG Wing is a dual-screen wonder

Mashable tech reporter Brenda Stolyar gets her hands on the new LG swivel screen phone.  Read more...More about Tech, Smartphone, Mashable Video, Lg, and Lg Wing

The 10 best free family movies on Amazon Prime Video

Hoping to gather 'round the TV for a fun family movie night? Look no further than Amazon Prime Video.The streaming service is loaded with popular titles for viewers of all ages. Whether you're searching for a superhero origin story for the tweens, longing for a comedy for the young ones,

6 returning TV shows to keep us sane this fall

There's a new season of PEN15, Fargo, and some surprising new picks. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Pen15, Fall Shows, and Entertainment

How 'Julie and the Phantoms' gave a voice to diverse actors

Executive producer and director Kenny Ortega talks about how he set out to make a show with a Latinx lead and a diverse cast. Read more...More about Entertainment, Music, Netflix, Mashable Video, and Dirty Dancing

7-year-old Simone Lim is Oceania's adorable new Pokémon champion

Simone Lim is the very best, like no-one ever was, and now the adorable seven-year-old Pokémon trainer has a championship title to prove it.The Pokémon Oceania International Championships were held in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend, with the finals for all divisions taking place on Sunday.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 return sets up big action for the future

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for Season 10, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead.There are two kinds of season and mid-season premieres that happen in The Walking Dead. There are the exciting ones that start everything off with a bang,

There's a new hub for student dissent: college meme groups on Facebook

Nearly 60 years ago, Jack Weinberg, a U.C. Berkeley student whose arrest spurred the era-defining Free Speech Movement, made a simple, somewhat tossed-off, comment to a reporter: "Don’t trust anyone over 30." In the process, he helped further ignite a generational wedge that sticks with us today,

苹果医疗健康注入新力,Divya Nag加入医疗技术团队

据最新消息,苹果邀请了医疗设备领域后起之秀Divya Nag加入其医疗技术团队,Nag是Sctheranost […]


7 月 15 日消息,苹果公司股价今天在美国时间下午收盘之后达到了 52 周新高,收于 96.45 美元,股价上升了 1.23 美元,或 1.29%。苹果当日的股价曾一度达到 96.89 美元。苹果上一次 52 周新高是 7 月 7 日的 95.

A Peek Behind The Scenes At Disrupt SF

Can’t make it to Disrupt SF? Want to see what exactly the team is doing behind the scenes? Watch this shaky, inaugural video by our new drone, Jitterz, as she flies around the back stage area, through the presentation space, and out into the Hackathon/Start-up Alley room.

ICREACH: 美国情报部门的“谷歌”

根据《The Intercept》获得的解密文件。  

谷歌发警告:欲享受千兆光纤网络 请务必简化审批程序


[图]LG G4打破“最长自拍接力”世界记录

LG G4作为Android阵营的诸多旗舰机型之一,除了强悍的硬件性能和拍照能力之外,你是否还知道该机甚至打破了世界吉尼斯记录。在6月13日举行的活动中,打破了去年在美国创造的“世界最长自拍接力”世界记录。

[图]联想设计副总裁展示复古风格的ThinkPad Retro笔记本

联想企业形象设计副总裁David Hill分享了一款复古风格的ThinkPad笔记本。该笔记本设计语言源于1992年设计师Richard Sapper的创意风格,并搭载全新高性能硬件,假设搭载即将发布的Windows 10系统。

TrendForce:2015年Q2惠普全球笔记本市场占有率21% 重新夺回第一名宝座



如果T2没有指纹识别(罗永浩已经承认),那么意味着锤子还将推出T2 Pro,而后者可能直接搭载骁龙820处理器。


在5月10日的发布会上,除了小米Max之外,小米新的系统MIUI 8也将跟我们见面。今天是母亲节,小米联合创始人@小米洪峰在微博上表示,MIUI准备了两份礼物也送给妈妈们,礼物将在下周二的MIUI 8发布会上正式送出。有 ... ...

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