Mo'ne Davis: Get to Know Little League's Biggest Star

Mo'ne Davis, the 13-year-old pitcher who has become a Little League World Series sensation, is set to take the mound again on Wednesday night. Her team from Philadelphia plays a squad from Las Vegas on ESPN at 7:30 p.m.

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Girls Who Code Expands To Get More Young Women In Computer Science Majors

The computer science gender gap struggle in Silicon Valley is real. A mere 17 percent of Google’s tech workers are women. It’s 15 percent at Facebook. Similar stats can be found at most of the larger tech companies.

Funding means TechFuture Girls computer clubs now available for free to schools

HP has pledged a stack of cash, along with BT, National Grid and Oracle, to help girls aged from 10 to 14 learn new computer skills.Read more:

Jewelbots Is A Friendship Bracelet That Teaches Girls How To Code

Jewelbots, a programmable friendship bracelet that debuted on Kickstarter last week, is on a mission to make coding popular among pre-teen girls. Jewelbots surpassed its $30,000 crowdfunding goal in the first 19 hours. In the past five days, the campaign has pulled in over $70,

The New 'Girls' Season 4 Teaser Will Make Even the Haters Chuckle

We won't see a new episode of Girls until 2015, but creator, writer and star Lena Dunham just made the wait for Season 4 of the HBO hit a little easier.In a newly released teaser trailer, fans and hate-watchers alike get a tiny peek at the show coming together,

Meet Black Girls Code, The 2014 TechCrunch Include Grant Recipient

TechCrunch is excited to announce Black Girls Code as the recipient of the first TechCrunch Include Grant of $50,000.

Youth For Technology’s 3D Africa Program Wants To Get More Girls Into STEM Subjects

Non-profit Youth For Technology wants to encourage girls in Africa to get into science and engineering through 3D printing. The group is currently running a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo and will use the money to help cover the costs of of buying equipment for schools. The program,

The 'Mean Girls' mobile game will be so fetch

You will soon be able to sabotage Regina George without buying Swedish nutrition bars designed for weight gainMean Girls is getting its own choose your-own-adventure mobile gameMobile game designer firm Pocket Gems is reporting working with Paramount Pictures, according The Hollywood Reporter.

Female Entrepreneurs Want To Inspire Young Girls With Miss Possible

Looking around their engineering classes at the University of Illinois, Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves noticed something was missing — other girls. And so like good engineers, they set out to solve that problem. The recent graduate and college senior invented Miss Possible,

Google Gets Thousands Of Girls To Program The White House Christmas Tree Lights

The 92nd annual White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony is getting a tech twist this year. Over 300,000 people, mostly young girls,

For Aspiring Female Engineers, A Square Meal Of Code

Last year, high school student Michelle Nguyen had all but given up her hope of becoming an engineer. A Senior at Mission High School in San Francisco (which did not offer a computer science class), she thought she had to be smarter, more privileged,

Stop tattling on people smoking weed, Toronto police warn in cheeky tweets

Marijuana became legal in Canada on Wednesday, and authorities are still trying to get used to it.Toronto's police have been pretty blunt about the matter, telling people to stop tattling on their neighbours for smoking weed or possessing pot plants.SEE ALSO: Pass the poutine:

What you should do if a DNA test suggests you’re Native American

Elizabeth Warren's announcement that she took a DNA test to prove she has a Native American ancestor likely inspired countless people to pursue genetic testing to investigate their own family lore. Yet there's a reason why the Democratic senator's declaration was met with harsh criticism,

What's up with the Razer Phone 2? — Technically Speaking

Tech reporters Jake Krol and Matt Binder talk Techtober and the Razer Phone 2. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Razer Phone, Technically Speaking, Techtober, and Tech

'Orange Is the New Black' to end next season

Orange Is the New Black will conclude after its seventh season next year. The prison drama based on Piper Kerman's memoir of the same name was one of Netflix's first original TV shows, premiering in the summer of 2013.SEE ALSO:

Razer Phone 2, Photoshop for iPad, Netflix's big win: The latest in tech news — Technically Sp

This week, on Technically Speaking: Jake Krol and Matt Binder discuss the latest tech headlines, including Techtober, Photoshop coming to the iPad, and Netflix accounting for 15% of the internet's data. Read more...More about Ipad, Netflix, Mashable Video, Photoshop, and Razer

Student says she gave cookies containing grandfather's ashes to classmates

A student in Davis, California has claimed that around two weeks ago, she and a co-conspirator gave nine classmates cookies containing her grandfather's ashes.At least some of the students were aware there were ashes in the cookies before they consumed them,

Tesla's Gigafactory plans in China just moved forward in a big way

Back in July, Tesla announced it had signed a deal in China allowing it to build up to 500,000 vehicles a year there. Now Elon Musk's company has acquired the land to build its manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

Nobody Wants to See Your Excessive Hashtags on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. Plus about a novel's worth of hashtags to go with it.Social media-savvy illustrator Djordje Djukanovic of Belgrade, Serbia knows a lot of people who don't have a clue as to what they're doing on Instagram.

Join the Global Discussion at Social Good Summit 2014

Global meetups play an integral part in the Social Good Summit. Along with the main event in New York City, people convene around the world to take part in the global discussion about how communities are using the digital tools of today to build a brighter future. This year,

Johnny Clipboard: Manziel Won't Start for Browns (Yet)

The NFL's most entertaining training-camp storyline reached its conclusion on Wednesday morning when the Cleveland Browns named underdog hometown hero Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback to begin the regular season against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 7,

2014年3月操作系统份额:Windows 7大涨,Windows XP仍未跌破27%大关

据外媒报道,日前Net Applications发布了2014年3月全球PC操作系统排名,数据显示:微软最新的操作系统Windows 8.1市场份额为4.89%,而Windows 7以48.77%的份额仍位居第一位;OS X目前的份额为7.57%;Linux为1.49%。





联手国际顶级品牌 魅族OPEN战略加速



▲ 耀乐团的三位成员王璐、张敬豪与冯宣元(自左至右)  首都机场高速辅路边的一间排练室内,耀乐团 (YAO)的团长兼DJ王璐正在摆弄着iPad mini,在多数人还把iPad当打游戏看漫画的玩具的时候,王璐已经开始用它帮自己编曲。

Malaysia Airlines Steward Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger

A woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a crew member on board a Malaysia Airlines flight.On Aug. 4, the female passenger was flying on MH20 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris when she expressed her concerns to the crew about flying with the airline due to the it's involvement in two air disasters.

[组图]沈阳一家商店摆出乔布斯蜡像推销iPhone 5s

苹果前 CEO 乔布斯和他的现实扭曲力场已经离我们而去,我们也只有观看以前的发布会来感受他演讲的魅力。不过去和乔布斯的蜡像合影倒也是一个变通的方法。

Study Says Half World's Wildlife Has Vanished Since 1970. Is it Misleading?

Humans are causing populations of wildlife around the world to decline at a rate much higher than previously thought, according to a study released Tuesday by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).See also:

The Robots That Could Fight Ebola

The U.S. government is looking into ways to use robots to save lives from the Ebola virus. Robots may not have feelings, but they have amazing immune systems, and experts have already pinpointed nine possible ways to put them to use. Read more...

Asp.Net MVC Razor视图引擎与My97DatePicker插件的结合 - Pete-Jones

1 using System; 2 using System.Collections.Generic; 3 using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; 4 using System.Linq.Expressions; 5 6 namespace Sy...

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